Thursday, March 5, 2009

Survivor Tocantins: 3.5.09

After Tribal, Coach was not pleased, calling it a dark, sulky, sultry night. He denied that Brenden is a better leader, and said that Erinn is the cancer of the tribe. Because she disagrees with him. In the morning, Brenden called a pow-wow. Tyson scowled and squinted that he doesn't care. Coach tells Brenden that he would enjoy being leader and would step in if Brenden gets voted out, but Brenden is the leader now. Coach thinks that he looks stronger than Brenden because he's used to being in the wild, and called everyone else inexperienced children. In confessional, of course.

Over at Jalapao, everyone was worried about Taj having to spend time on Exile, but she was snug in her secret alliance, and spoke to Stephen about it. He's pleased about "stumbling ass backwards" into an alliance.

Problem is, Brenden hasn't had a chance to talk to Sierra about it yet. He says "This could be pretty heinous."

Reward Challenge

Each tribe member has a pole with weights on it over their shoulders. Two men and one woman will be weight bearers. The other tribe gets to choose who takes the weight.

The Reward is a Camp Raid, which allows the winning tribe to take two items from the looser's camp.

Spencer, Stephen, and Sierra sit out.

The weight bearers for Jalapao are Joe, Taj and JT. For Timbira, Debra, Brenden, and Tyson do the job. What, not Coach? Surely he must be strong enough to withstand it! Guess not.

Joe and Brenden get the first weights. JT and Tyson got some in the next round, followed by another for Brenden and some for Taj.

It continued.. Brenden was given 200 lbs. The record (on Pearl Islands) for this challenge was Rupert, with 220 lbs. Brenden did not break it. He is out. JT got up to 220 and held it. Tyson dropped out at 140. Joe and JT then dropped out.

And now it's up to the women. Taj and Debra are up. Both have 80 lbs to start with. Up to 100 and they were sweating. Debra is first to drop, and Jalapao wins it. They picked Sierra to go to Exile, and luckily, Sierra picked Taj. Brenden hoped that Taj can explain the secret alliance to Sierra. I hope so, too.

Timbira was worried that Jalapao was going to take their beans. JT and Joe showed up, and Tyson admitted that he wished he could punch them in the head. The worries were founded. They took one sack of beans, and a water bucket. They did not take both bags of beans because they worried about possible future switch ups, and didn't want to shoot themselves in the foot.

Back at camp, Sandy didn't like that strategy and said that they were cooking "fartin' beans." Sydney said it is really starting to wear on her, because Sandy always repeats things at least three times. It would annoy me, too. Sandy doesn't like Sydney, because Sydney's using her looks to get the boys to like her. Sandy then made some inappropriate jokes about how maybe she should flash her boobs to get boys to like her. Please, no.

Over on Exile, Taj got the Clue.

Every Few Days, you get mail from this place
If you find it, you'll ask
Why the long face.

Is it just me, or is this way easy this year?

Taj took the opportunity to inform Sierra about the Secret Exile Alliance, and Sierra is totally on board, saying that she's clawed her way up to the top of the Food Chain from the bottom.

Timbira is feeling pretty confident, and is habing a good relaxing day. Debbie said that they need to play and have a little fun, so they don't start getting morose.

Tyson donned a loin cloth and did a little dance. It cracked Debbie up. Erinn felt like she couldn't connect with anyone, and worried that it was because of a terrible break up that she had gone through before leaving home. Tyson said that he has written Erinn off, and is looking forward to the inevitable freak out when she gets voted out. He's an ass. It makes me root for Erinn, superfluous n and all.

Immunity Challenge.

One tribe member at a time will race out, retrieve a puzzle piece, and race back. This is repeated until every puzzle piece is back. They have to do a puzzle and rotate it to reveal a phrase. Taj said that she is not a good runner, and so she sits out.

Joe got a good head start on Coach, and JT was a knot expert. Sydney, not so much. She lost the lead for Jalapao. JT made up a lot of time, and brought back the final piece. Both teams started on the puzzles pretty much at the same time. The puzzles wer close, but in the end, Timbira won. I was sad, because I want Coach gone. Still... it was due, I suppose.

So, who is going home? My hope is for Sandy. Sydney looks like she's feeling nervous.

Jalapao wondered if the beans were cursed. Joe told Sydney he was happy to be getting rid of someone who's name rhymes with "Andy". The others were in the water, and Taj thought that Sandy has been stronger in challenges than Sydney. No one seems sure. JT and Stephen had a talk but didn't seem to decide anything. Back together, Sydney asked what others liked about the game best, and she said it was the sneakiness, because she doesn't get to be sneaky at home. Not sure that was the best thing to say, because it made others question her loyalty.

Tribal Council

Probst asked Sandy how she recovered from that first impression, and she said she is just herself. Spencer says she's like a mom. Sandy called out Sydney's flirtiness and Sydney admitted that she wears JT's boxers sometimes, because it's hot. Stephen says that Joe and Sydney flirt more than she and JT. Taj admits that Sydney is gorgeous, and says that it's ok with her. Did Taj say too much? "I'll be ok, with or without their attraction." Sydney says she's used to it, because she's a model. Um...

After the votes are tallied, someone voted for Joe. Who voted for Joe? Taj. Interesting.

And it's Sandy gone. I'm happy. I'd like to see more of Sydney's substance, since she's gotten so little screen time thus far.

Next week, it looks like the Secret Alliance might be in jeopardy, because some people are not so secret. Come one. Can't people pull off something awesome? Please?

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Ed said...

I was also confused with Taj's vote. It looks like it comes out next week though.

And I agree, the not-so-secret secret alliance would be a shame to loose. A for effort, though...