Wednesday, May 6, 2009

American Idol - 5.6.09: Results Show

I don't know what was up with Seacrest in the mosh pit with Queen Lights on him, but it was a bad idea all around. Then he had to make his grand staircase entrance. Also a bad idea. I don't like that staircase. I don't think the stage manager does, either.

I am totally stoked about both No Doubt and Daughtry. And Paula is performing, too!! Cool. Ought to be fun.

The Ford Video was kind of lame again this week. The music fell kind of flat, like their paper cutout selves. Something missing in it, not sure what.

And now, Slash is playing lead guitar for the group sing of School's Out. Adam did a good job, and Kris tried to keep up, but I think that Danny sounded shouty. At least they seem to be singing live tonight. Allison also sounded kind of bad. She looked hot, though. And Slash is all kinds of awesome. I think these four don't sound very good together. Something about their voices just don't mesh well. It was kind of a trainwreck.

Slash got to plug his album, but mysteriously. It sounds like it's going to be kind of like Santana's collaborative albums. Might be good.

Seacrest asked the Final 4 how they were feeling, and Kris said he was stunned to be there, and Simon said they don't need humble anymore. Adam professed his love for rock. Danny listened back to himself from last night and said that his own Aunt muted him. He said he couldn't stop laughing and thought it was his funniest moment on American Idol. He blamed acoustics for his gaff. Um, no. Allison said that she didn't want to talk back, but felt that she had to. I agree with her.

Paula! I do enjoy Paula's music. After last year's collaboration with Randy, she's got an album coming out. My hubby is excited. I wish that the electronic effects had been left out. She is probably lip syncing, that's for sure. She's got a microphone hooked up to a weeble, wobbling but not falling down. She did some leaping around on dancing boys, who flipped her around like a ragdoll. Even though she was totally lip syncing, the dancing was really nifty and I could dig it. I don't like her non-performance outfit, which looks like a snakeskin thing with a very large large necklace.

And now it's No Doubt! Gwen has put a slightly new spin on Just a Girl. I don't love the new thing, because I love the old thing. I'm glad to see the band back together, though. I liked Gwen's solo stuff, but I love love love No Doubt. I can even forgive Gwen for naming her son Zuma. She's astounding on all levels. The vocals tonight weren't great... but, she's Gwen. I think the camera man lost her for a second. That was distracting, swooping all over the place randomly. I love that the drummer (Adrien?) was in a tutu.

Why are we here again? Right... results.

But first, let's take a look at some past finalists on their home visits upon reaching the Top 3. I miss Blake Lewis and wish he was doing more. He's so cool. Do any of my lovely readers have his album? Worth having? And, oops - I'd forgotten about Syesha.

Finalists are announced in random order tonight, with stools for the lucky three.

Ryan recaps everyone's comments before revealing anything. The first one safe is .... Kris!!! Awesome!!! I'm so happy he made it through. He looked stunned. I think he expected to go home. Good for him. I just love him. So does his wife, who looked about ready to storm the stage.

And before we find out who joins him, it's Daughtry time! I loved Daughtry when he was on Idol, and I love the first album.. I'm guessing I'll love the second album, too. I don't love his funky chin-framing facial hair, but I can forgive him for it. I love the tone of his voice. It's so gosh darned GOOD.

Is Kara wearing something from the Jettson's??? Just wondering.

Chris lamented that there were no instruments allowed on his season, and then was presented a plaque in honor of selling more than 5 million copies. nice.

So, back to the nitty gritty...

Adam is in.

It's down to Allison (please please please) and Danny O'Shouty Gokey.

And Allison is going home.

I am so sad right now. I wanted her to be in the top 2. Danny did not deserve to go on after last night. It was so dreadful.

I wish Allison the best, and hope to hear a whole lot from her in the future. She's wonderful. She sometimes looks like a troll doll, but she's my favorite troll doll.

And I'm happy to get the chance to hear her recap song. She gave the performance her all and rocked it out. Just like she did last night. And that's why more people should have voted for her.

Now, I'm really rooting for Kris.

The way I look at voting is "Would I want to hear this on the radio?" For Adam, though he is supremely talented, I don't think I would like to hear him on the radio. On Broadway? Absolutely. Danny, maybe... but not if he ever - and I mean EVER - makes noises like he made last night ever again. Not even in private. And Kris? I just find his voice and style appealing. I would like to hear him on the radio. I'd like to hear Allison, too.


Is next week judge's choice? I think it's Judge's Choice and Contestant Choice, historically...

How do you feel about the Top 3?


Jami said...

Woohoo! Very pleased with the results because it's what I voted for in our pool--so I get two points for tonight.

Kris all the way!

Lanny said...

AI is on at a bad time for our house, and we're among the last living Americans who don't have a dvr...I LOVE that I can keep up with everything on your blog. And I love your delivery! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm happy. Even though Danny didn't do well on Tues. he has done well consistently the whole time. I want him to win.

Oh, and did you see that So You THink You Can Dance premieres in a few weeks? Yay!!