Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol - 5.13.09: Results Show

Ben Stiller and another guy who I don't know and Hank Azaria and maybe Jonah Hill? introduce the fact that the American Idol desk is going to be in the Smithsonian. And to plug the unnecessary Night at the Museum sequel. What a shameful unfunny waste of a bunch of funny guys.

Just over 1,000,000 votes separated the top 2. Wow. Randy's wearing a very purple sweater, Kara's got lacy shoulders, and Paula looks like she walked out of a western boudoir.

The Ford Music Video was to Break My Stride, which I have a fondness for, because I remember seeing it on Solid Gold. Yup. I remember seeing that on tv. The Ford video was kind of lame. Oh well.

Alicia Keys told America that Keep A Child Alive is another great charity, and has done a lot of good, and introduced a Rwandan boy to sing The World's Greatest, and he learned the song in English in a week. He was energetic. I fast forwarded, because I started watching the show late. Kid's got moves, though.

Danny joined Seacrest on the stage, and we got to see clips from Danny's visit home. And we remembered Jamal, who I hope to see again next year. There were crying and screaming young cheerleaders, and a girl in pajama pants and a sparkly top and a boa running wildly after the motorcade. Danny brought Jamar on the parade with him, and it's awesome. Yes, I hope to see Jamar next year. (That heart made with hands ad campaign loves Danny, too). Seacrest dimmed the lights, but no results were given.

Kris was next out on stage with Seacrest. He was surrounded by screaming fans, and hopped off the stage to get hugs from fans, and I don't know if the security detail liked that much. He performed that song from Once for his fans, and I fell in love a little. He's such a genuine guy. He and his dad shared some fantastic hugs. All together now - awwwwww! Again, lights were dimmed, but to no avail. It's to the couches with him, to wait wait wait.

Time for Jordin Sparks! She's singing the first single off her new album, Battlefield, and unfortunately, this battlefield isn't love, it just feels like it, and she advised to don armor. Not bad, and she looks good, but fast forwarding. I was kind of bored, and she hit some vocal rough patches, imo.

Adam was last on stage, and (as has been on the internet, no, I'm not linking), he got rushed by a topless female fan on stage during his visit home. He did the weather girl's makeup on the local news, and was mobbed by screaming fans. The ones we saw on tv had shirts. Some of these girls put Sanjaya's Crying Girl to shame. He went to his old theatre group, and met with some kids there, and it was really cute. He performed at a football field, and sang the national anthem for soldiers. He did not screech it, so I appreciated it quite a lot. Lights were dimmed, and to the couch with him.

First, it's Katy Perry with Waking Up in Vegas. She was wearing an Adam Lambert cape in the beginning. Wonder who she's rooting for? She's really not good live. At all. Studios are kind to her. I prefer her doppelganger Zoey Dechanel's voice. I don't like that Katy follows the Lady Gaga philosophy about pants (or lack thereof). And fast forward.

Finally, a real reason to dim the lights. And the first person in the finale is .... KRIS!!!

I just squealed. Seriously. Weeeee!!!! GO KRIS!!!

And joining him is....

Adam. No surprise.

This ought to be interesting. These two guys are about as different as two singers could be.

The judges seem stunned, because they have been counting on a Danny vs. Adam finale since the beginning. I know that Danny will get a record deal, so I hope he does well. Maybe he can get into acting and play Robert Downey, Jr's kid brother. They can sing together. That would be awesome.

(Have you heard Robert Downey, Jr. sing? He's wonderful)

And I missed the swan song, because it ran over. I'm so happy about Kris' inclusion in the finale, I don't even care so much.

Did I mention it? GO KRIS!!!!!

(And I hope the finalist song a)doesn't suck and b)isn't completely skewed to one guy's style)

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Ed said...

Thanks for the cheesy Solid Gold flash-back; "Ain't nothing gonna break-a my stride..."