Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol - 5.12.09 : The Top 3

300th Idol Show tonight. And I've seen every one. Is that impressive, or sad?

Two songs tonight - Judge's choice and personal choice

Danny Gokey (Paula's Choice: Dance Little Sister by Terrance Trent D'Arby) I've never heard this song before, and with Danny's "woo"s, I'm not so sad about that lack of musical knowledge. It seemed to showcase Danny's shouty qualities. I think I prefer him a little softer, or at least with more variety. Randy said that Danny jumped it off right. Kara said the song was great and hit Danny's vocal money spot. She worried about Danny girating too much. Paula loved it- song and dance. Simon thought the dancing was a bit desperate, but liked the vocals. He did not like the saxaphone solo.

Kris Allen (Randy and Kara's Choice: Apologize by One Republic) I really like thissong. And Kris is at the piano. Archie sang this song last season, and I think that Kris' range is nicer, and he sang it with more genuine feeling than Little Archie did. He had a couple slightly bum notes in there, but I liked it anyway. He knew when to use his falsetto and when to get out of it, and it was a heartfelt performance. I liked him on the piano. Go Kris! Randy congratulated his own song choice, and thought it was a very nice performance. Kara said it was competent, but didn't hit it out of the park, and wanted more personal touches by him. Paula said there was one bum note there "that was loud," but then said she was proud of him. Simon said what I have been thinking for seasons and seasons (to Kara) - you can't choose a song for someone and then complain about them doing the song. She shouted back at him that he has never arranged a song in his life. Simon then congratulated himself on his own song choice to Adam, which we are about to see.

Adam Lambert (Simon's Choice - One by U2) Simon called Bono himself to get permission to do the song. Adam is bathed in blue light. He's just smurfy. I'm glad that Simon chose a softer song for Adam.... until he went shrieky. I think this is actually the worst I have ever heard Adam. After he left the soft part, he went crazy and I hated it. I wonder if Bono will be calling Simon up and taking it back.. probably not, because everyone fawns all over Adam. Randy yo-yo-d, and said that Adam is the hot, but he didn't love what happened to the melody, but still loved him. Kara called him a strategist, loved the changes, and then busted out a terrible British accent to mock Simon. Paula said it was one brilliant song, one superb performance, and one American Idol she's staring at. Simon called his song choice brilliant, and loved the performance. Of course he did.

You know what I want to hear Adam sing? Endless Night from Lion King. See? Broadway. He would be astounding at that. U2? Never again, please. Do yourself a favor and watch that video. One of my favorite songs ever.

So what happened to Idol Gives Back this year? Well, they didn't do a special, but Carrie went to Angola to see what's been done because of the previous donations.

Danny Gokey (Personal Choice - You Are So Beautiful) Is he trying to validate my friend's nickname for him of Danny Hokey? I don't know - he sounded good, but I am kind of over Danny. I much prefer this to his first shout-fest, though. That's for sure. I didn't like the backup singers. I thought they made it cheesey. It would have been better more stripped down, with just Danny. Give me simple, nearly a capella... that would have been better. Randy yo-yo-d and loved the arrangement, and thought that Danny showed some mad vocals. Kara said that everything he missed in the first performance, he hit on this one, and called it stunning. Paula called it stunning and thought he brought magic to it. Simon wouldn't have done the arrangement he did, and wanted just him and the piano. He did think, however, that it was a vocal master class. I would agree with that. Vocally, he was astounding. But I just wanted ... less. Just give me Danny, no gospel (please!), and let it be.

Kris Allen (Personal Choice - Heartless by Kanye West) Interesting choice. He's got to be better than Kanye, because I pretty much think Kanye sucks. I ... I love it. I love it. Talk about changing a song up! He Mrazed the song up. (I should say Kris-ed it up, I suppose) It was fantastic, and showed off everything I love about Kris. Randy said that Kris did better than Kanye and better than The Fray. Kara wanted to know why he didn't do something like that with Apologize. (Maybe because he didn't want to do the same thing twice? hmmm). Paula called him brave and relevant. She got in a stupid dig at Simon that I'm ignoring. Simon thought that the first song choice was lame, and he had written Kris off, until he heard that performance. I repeat - Go Kris!!

Adam Lambert (Personal Choice - Cryin' by Aerosmith) I kind of think he sucked up this song, too. He missed notes in my mind, all over the place, and went all screachy. I hated it. I wish I had been listening to Steven Tyler. I think the problem with Adam is that he has the range, and he just feels like he has to use it all over the place in every song. Randy said Adam is one of the best ever on the idol stage. Of course he did. Because the judges love Adam. Kara doesn't know how he hits those high notes and is able to speak the next day. Paula thinks he should be collecting frequent flyer miles for his high notes. I think. It was kind of blabbery. Simon said he isn't going to suck up as much as the others. He still thinks that Adam deserves to be in the finals and wants everyone to remember to vote.

I'll be remembering to vote for Kris. (02, 08)

I think that it's a forgone conclusion that Adam is going to be in the finals, and I hope that Kris joins him there. I just adored Kris tonight.

And you?


mydogteaser said...

I love reading your blog as I watch the show as I am usually in total agreement with you. I love your comments.

I hate, can't stand, detest, and despise Adam. He is so not an American Idol, but I know he is going to win. I loved Kris tonight and even though Gokey is a local guy, he was not good tonight. I had originally predicted Gokey and Adam to be in the finals, but I now hope Kris is there.

Astrid said...

Thanks for the comment!

I think the problem with Gokey is that he has just gotten smug and hasn't grown at all.. He's good, but didn't really surprise me as much as I wanted him to.

Adam, as I've said, would be awesome on Broadway. HAS been awesome on Broadway. His vocal quality is great for the stage, but I can't stand when he goes shrieky. And I really thought he was lackluster tonight. Hate that the judges drool on him.

And Kris? I started out forgetting him consistently. He's made me remember him in recent weeks, and remember him in ways that make me want to hear him on my radio. So, I am really rooting for him to win.

Now, back to voting. I normally only vote a few times, but I am redialing repeatedly tonight, all for Kris.

JenFen said...

They are all talented in their own right but the two I look forward to watching perform and to see what they do as artists are Adam and Kris so I would really like to see those two in the finale next week. Kris has been a favorite from early on and I loved his performance tonight.

Emily said...

Adam makes me want to YACK! Seriously, why does he have to stick his tongue out and screech through every song?

Wouldn't it be awesome to have Danny and Kris in the finals????? That would really stick it to the judges.

Anonymous said...

I thought Adam was so screechy last night in both songs. Couldn't hardly listen to the Aerosmith one. I really like Danny though and personally loved his second song. Kris is good too though. Tough one...