Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finale Alert: Hell's Kitchen 5.14.09

After last week's choosing of brigades, Paula and Danny brought their teams to learn the menu. Danny did a lot of cursing when talking to his group, maybe in order to give himself more credibility. Paula worried that Lacey would be a problem, asked her if she could do the dessert station, and Lacey said "I could, sure, but I'm going to be asking for input." Then, we were "treated" to a barrage of Lacey's finer moments. I really wish she hadn't come back.

Prep began, and Lacey got some hand holding. Even with that, the brulees got curdled and they had to redo them. I think she did it on purpose, because there was a sly grin when she was prepping the new batch.

I wonder if the producers have brought in certain people for sabotage. That would be devilish.

Each chef had to present their menus to Ramsey. There were 3 appetizers, 3 entrees, and 3 desserts. Featured on the show were:

Paula - Appetizer: Homemade pasta with eggplant caviar. Ramsey loved it.
Entree: Halibut with pearl onion and pancetta. Halibut was dry, they need to watch that.
Dessert: Banana Creme Brulee. Ramsey says it's more like scrambled eggs, and it need work.

Danny -Appetizer: Arugula salad with crispy duck breast.The duck was undercooked, so watch it
Entree: Pan seared fillet with baked potato. Ramsey thought it looked phallic.
Dessert: Poached pear with marscapone mousse. It was a little undercooked for Ramsey.

Ramsey called their menus very close in quality, both contemporary.

On to the dining rooms. Ramsey loves Paula's Sunergy. Danny's Velvet Hammer (which Ben thought sounded like a porno) was relaxed... and the fish? Weird. Ramsey thought it was kind of countrified in the flooring. Andrea admitted to preferring Paula's kitchen. So do I.

And the kitchen is open.

Each kitchen will serve 15 tables with 50 diners, going head to head. Their family and friends are in their dining rooms, too.

Danny got the Yes Chef rolling, and that made Paula's team take notice. Not enough notice to actually speak up and acknowledge the order. Paula is not as good at running the brigade. Andrea overcooked a scallop, and then Lacey turned it over to try to hide it from Paula. At least Ramsey caught the gaff.

Over in Danny's kitchen, Carol was getting backed up on lobster. Ramsey had a tete-a-tete with both Danny and Paula, telling them to get a grip.

Andrea has never cooked halibut before. What? Insane. Lacey was thrilled to see Andrea having a tough time with the fish. And in Danny's kitchen? Potatoes were holding things up. Paula managed to get on top of Andrea and the halibut issue, but then.. Giovanni sent up a super salty sauce for monkfish, and Ramsey caught it. As it turns out, Giovanni doesn't care who wins and just wants to go home. Nice attitude.

Lacey is on garnish for Paula, and she is completely out of it, and can't remember anything, and blamed Paula's menu for being too complex. Why is she here again? She's useless. She doesn't belong in any kitchen anywhere. She acts like a two year old. Everyone else jumped in and basically took over Lacey's station.

Danny's team was working together, and midway through, Paula caught her stride and did a good job. Both of them ended up doing a very good job. This is going to be a close one. Danny finished first, but Paula wasn't far behind.

Ramsey said "the winning chef ... lives in Florida." Paula got excited for a minute, and then remembered that Danny also lives in Florida. This is obviously going to take more deliberation.

Danny talked himself up back in the dorm, calling himself a culinary prodigy.

Ramsey told them he is proud of both of them, and called it the most difficult decision ever. It's the "will my door open" moment. Too much drama and recaps, but Danny won. I worried that as he leapt up and down on the top of the staircase that he was going to topple down the stairs or off the balcony.

Luckily, that did not happen. They both were amazing chefs, and I'm sure it was close.

I just hope that Danny's restaurant at the Borgata doesn't have mounted fish on the walls.

Danny's picture went up with pictures of the other winners on the new Hell's Kitchen wall of fame.

The fake fireworks were laughable, but it was a good season.

What did you think?


Jeannie said...

I love your recaps! We only tuned in just in time for the door opening. I thought Danny was going to fall down the stairs, too!

I can't believe they brought back Lacey, and that she may have tried sabotage. And, the other guy who you said just wanted to go home, why be there then?

Glad for Danny though, he seems like he will be good.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a very good reality show.I thought all these contestants on Hell's Kitchen Episodes were not serious pros.this show deals with fantastic job.