Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finale Part 1 - Hell's Kitchen: 5.7.09

After a ridiculously long 12 minute season recap, highlighting Danny and Paula, it's finally time to get down to business. It's Hell's Kitchen's answer to Restaurant Wars. The final 2 get down to planning, and have a little champagne party. Paula thinks that if she drinks enough champagne, she'll wake up refreshed in the morning. I wonder what kind of champagne that girl has drunk. I think she's trying to get Danny so drunk that he's got a hangover in the morning.

It worked. Unfortunately, Paula also had a hangover. She looked much more able to function in the morning, at least. Paula wants candles in her restaurant, and Danny wants mounted fish. That didn't get good reviews from the designer. Paula wants to call her restaurant Sunergy, and Danny wants to call his Velvet Hammer, or Susan Marie (after his mom). I'd go with the second one.

Paula will be working with Chef Gloria, and Danny will be working with Chef Scott.

The final 2 are off to Atlantic City, and to advise things while they are gone, Ramsey brought back 2 people for each of them... Paula's mother and sister, and Danny's father and girlfriend. That's different. They have 5 minutes to talk to their loved ones about their restaurant vision before taking off on their planes. Paula is nervous that her mom will make everything pink like her childhood bedroom. Yipes. Poor Paula.

Paula wanted real candles, but the fire marshall wouldn't let them have them behind the bar. There were some nice looking electronic candles, and her sister decided that was ok. Danny's girlfriend made some decisions, but it seemed to work out ok when they had web-camera conferences with the chefs.

Meanwhile, at the Borgata, there was more champagne and excellent suites, and a huge gathering of future workers for Paula and Danny, along with their future possible boss. Ramsey showed the Boss Man the Final two's menues, and had him pick what he would order off of each menu.

And then they had to cook it. In 45 minutes. Challenge on, and in an unfamiliar kitchen. They both seemed to do well.

The executive chef from one of the other restaurants at the Borgata tasted their first dish. He thought that Paula's mushroom salad was a little too dressed, and didn't think that Danny's jerked lobster tail tasted much like lobster - and gave the win to Paula on that round.

Another executive chef came out to taste the second course. He thought that Paula's soup was delicious, and Danny's salad got a yummy stamp of approval. He said it was a tough call, but went with Danny. I wonder if that was a fix so that the vote would come down to the final dish.

The Big Boss Man came out to judge the third course. Danny's dish took it, and he won.

What did he win? Don't know yet. I'm guessing first school yard pick of older contestants to help them. Because you know that's coming.

Back at Hell's Kitchen, Paula was ok with the fake candles, and Danny got some really tacky mounted fish, which he was happy with. Ok then.

One last challenge - "key ingredients they both need" are under domes on a table. It's the expected eliminated contestants. It was kind of creepy, and someone's going to get stuck wit Lacey. Andrea, LA, Ben, Carol, and Giovanni will make up their brigades.

I was right. Danny got first pick, and picked Ben. Paula picked Andrea. Danny picked Giovanni, and Paula picked LA. Danny picked Carol, and Paula got stuck with Lacey. On the same team as Andrea. That ought to be a mess.

And we won't see it until next week!

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