Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finale Alert: American Idol! 5.19.09

Acoustic Rock vs. Glam Rock.. nice, Seacrest.

For the finale, Randy decided to randomly grab the first things in his closet he could reach. Unfortunately, it didn't go well.. It's a lightly plaid jacket, a purple checkered shirt, and a very brightly polka dotted tie. Does this man not have a mirror?

Adam and Kris will each get 3 songs each - their favorite from the season, a pick from Simon Fuller (creator of AI), and the winning single, co-written by Kara. It had better not suck.

Adam's Season Favorite (Mad World) Good choice, because it was my favorite of his for the season. It takes all the wonderful things about his voice, and gets rid of all of the off-putting things (to me). He entered like he was in The Matrix, bathed in blue light, and wandered through the fog that engulfed his feet. He gave me chills on this one. A beautiful job, a perfect choice. Randy said he was glad that he sang something he did in the season. Um, what? Isn't that the task? Anyhow, he loved it. Kara is pleased that he chose this song, because it showed his artistry. (Anthony Hopkins in the audience? Who would think he was a fan?) Paula (who oranged herself before the show) wants Adam to bask in his performance. Simon thought it was a little over-theatrical (and he got mightily booed). He didn't like the coat.

Kris' Season Favorite (Aint No Sunshine) Nice pick for him, too. I would listen to this on the radio. I just love the sound of his voice, and his musical choices. He brought a lot of feeling to the performance, and I think he gave Adam a run for his money. I would have rather heard the song from Once, but this was great. Randy said he can tell what kind of record Kris would make, and thinks this was one of his best performances. Kara said that anyone who can't feel a Kris performance has something wrong with him. Paula said he was a real artist. Simon said he wasn't sure last week if America had made the right choice, but he takes it back after this performance.

Simon thinks that Kris won the first round.

Adam's Simon Fuller Pick (Change is Gonna Come) He pulled out a conservative suit for the occasion, and he sounds great. Then he pulled out the screech. It wasn't the worst his screech gets for me, but I could have dealt without it. He did a good job with it, I have to admit. He pulled out his big voice. Randy said he sang his face off. Kara thought it was the best performance and interpretation of the season. Paula called it the best she has ever heard him sing, and I think she wanted to rush the stage and make out with him. She thinks he's going to be iconic. Simon said Adam is 100% back into the game.

(Hey, Tom Cruise let Katie Holmes and Suri out for the night... poor girl with her ears covered)

Kris' Simon Fuller Pick (What's Going On) Kris pulled out his guitar and made this song into a classic Kris song. I really liked it and thought he brought it. Randy said it's crazy, and said it is a duel. He thought the song choice (or performance) was a little light for the arena. Kara loves that he doesn't waver, and liked it. Paula thought he tore it up and made Marvin Gaye proud. Simon thought it sounded like 3 friend in their bedroom strumming along to Marvin Gaye, and thought it was too layed back for a night like this.

Simon gives Adam the second round.

Adam's Finalist Single - He's bathed in purple light now, and I think this song sounds like the normal finalist suck fest. It's whiney and obnoxious and I think it made him sound really harsh and off-key. Not good at all. Can we just blame Kara? The judges can't criticize the song... Randy said he can sing anything, but this was not his favorite, calling it pitchy in places. Kara said that, as co-writer, she loves to hear her own work. Paula thinks he's brought so much to the stage, and says he can sing anything he wants to sing. Simon complained about the mountains and the hurricanes, and said he isn't going to judge the song, but will judge Adam. That's fair. Because the song sucks. Simon thinks that Adam is going to be a world-wide superstar.

Kris' Finalist Single - Ok, I think I can blame the song. This is a really awful song, and I think it has lost the competition for Kris. It was just painful. I mean, really. Poor Kris. This song is worse that I Want to Be Inside Your Heaven. Oh, Kris. I am so sad about that song. He looked ashamed. Randy said the key was a little high, but thinks Kris is an amazing performer. He thinks the song fits him better than it fits Adam. I think that song would fit in the shredder. Kara said she doesn't want him to be judged on the song (which she is responsible for making), but thinks he is an incredible performer overall. Paula thinks he's done a great job to just get there, and wishes him luck. Simon says his first song was his hightlight, but applauds his growth in confidence. Let's take a moment to notice that no one said anything about his performance of that song. Because it sucks, sadly.

I think Adam's winning it, sadly. I still love Kris and will vote for him, but not as much as I did last week.

And before the show is over (even though it ran over), Carrie Underwood showed up to perform her boot off song, Take Me Home, and she sounded really good, I'll admit, even though she is not my favorite. She looked good, and we got a video montage of some season highlights. Nice.

So, who do you think won it? Who do you want to strangle about the finale song? I think my cats could collectively come up with something more musical, and probably with cleverer lyrics...


Jami said...

UGH!!! That song was HORRIBLE! It was so funny to hear those words coming from Adam when he sang. I'm still holding out for Kris, but mostly because my money is on him (literally.) They are both great, and i'd be happy with either.

Kelliewith3kiddos said...

I voted for Kris 10 times...I thought he sang that last song better than Adam, but it did suck! I didn't like Kris' 2nd song but he didn't pick it so how can he be judged on a song that he didn't get to pick. I think the finale they should be able to sing what they want!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Randy's comment was kind of silly with Kris's second song. He can't help it was a "soft" song, it was picked for him! Same with Simon's comments. I think Adam will win it. I still wish Danny was in the final...