Tuesday, May 5, 2009

American Idol - 5.5.09: Rock Week

(Note - I just got back from the hospital and have 6 stitches in my left ring finger from a foolish kitchen accident, so I might not be as verbose as normal)

I'm not the only one with accidents today! There was some set malfunction on the stage, so the contestants didn't get a proper run through. Oops.

Slash is the guest mentor tonight, and he had them practice at full volume with a band. That's cool.

Adam (Whole Lot of Love) - He sounded a little hoarse in rehearsal, but I think this is a fabulous song for him, and he's got his Rocker costume going in full effect. I thought he got kind of whiny sounding, and I didn't love it. The Adam lovers are going to adore it, I'm sure... Randy loved it. Kara called him a rock god (she matched him in a studded leather jacket). Paula called it a whole lot of perfect. Simon joked that it was understated, and said nobody can top it.

Allison (Cry baby) Holy cow, she sounded good in rehearsal. She sounded amazing in performance, too. I'm so happy that she made it though last week. I think she looked great, and Adam's hair girl did a great job coloring her hair. This is engaging, and so good. The song was perfect for her. Randy said she can sing her face off, but didn't love the song on her. Wrong. Kara said that Janice is the right choice for her, but wish that she'd sung a different song. Paula liked it a lot. Simon says she's come so far, and thought it was terrific, but worried she was trying to sound like Janice too much. Then she talked back to Simon. Not sure about that choice. Simon said (before break) that he was happy to see her stand up for herself.

Kris & Danny (Renegade) I freaking love this song. I worry that Kris is going to have troubles on his own song, because his voice is softer than this calls for. Danny was able to bring it, and sounded quite good. They sounded really great together in the harmonies. Danny did much better. Randy agreed with me - that the harmonies were right on. Kara said they sounded better together, but the song was weird, because they are not renegades. Paula congratulated th production staff for coming up with the idea of duets. Simon said that Danny was better. Ryan reminded everyone that they didn't have a proper dress rehearsal.

Kris (Come Together) Good song choice. I was worried about Kris for song choice, and this is a good one. Yay for Kris! I really enjoy him. Randy loved when he was playing on the guitar, and he enjoyed it. Kara said he was the softer side of rock, but didn't think it was a great performance. Paula called him an artist, but said he needed a little more energy. Simon didn't like it that much, saying it was rather like eating ice for lunch.

Danny (Dream On) The beginning sounds good, but I worry about where he is going at the end with those crazy power notes. Those are hard even for Steven Tyler. And yipes... he went off a LOT on the first long held note. It was just not good. Did he just scat? I'm cringing here. The end was a mess. People are having seizures in my living room from that ending. My friend thinks he is dressed like an accountant. Randy said it was a'ight for him, and gave him an A+ for effort. Kara thinks he took too much of a chance, and then said that early Aerosmith was songs lke Crying and Crazy. Not so much - those are later - WAY later - than Dream On. Paula loves him, even though it was terrible. Simon said the last night was like a horror movie. Agreed.

Allison and Adam (Slow Ride) Allison continues to have really bad ennuncation. This song is on Rockband, so I like to sing it. Allison's voice is lower than Adam's. Adam is wearing Beetlejuice pants. they sound quite good together, but the song is just kind of boring. My husband says this whole show needs more cow bell. At the end of the song, there was much hugging. Nice duet, but I wish they'd chosen a diffent song. Randy called it the bomb, baby. Kara said the duet was right. Paula said they should do a duet together on their eventual album. Simon says they win in the battle of duets. He said Allison was given a chance to stay in the competition by Adam... I disagree. I think she was much better than him tonight.

I'll be voting for Allison and Kris. I want them both to stay. Gokey deserves to go home after that mess. What did you think?

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bye bye gokey, goodbye!