Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 5/27/09

More Auditions!


Nigel and Mary are joined by Tyce Diorio in Miami.

First up is...

Tony Riendeau dancing "Tony Style," like he's a rubber band. It was like geek break dancing. Not good. He thinks he is very good, but he just is not. He fell once, but kept going. The judges were just laughing. Mary said he's the quirky guy dancing badly in the background of dancing movies. Tyce said it was "flush the public toilet with your foot" bad. No Tony Style will be on the show this year. Tony nearly fainted as he left the room. He called the medics. This from a guy who said he is never tired.

Priscilla Marrero did much better. She's got a great face and moves just perfectly. She's very engaging and has great extension. She's lovely. Nigel enjoyed every moment of it, and Mary called her over the top wonderful, and captivating. Tyce said she is just gorgeous, and she makes him happy to be a dancer. She's on to Vegas. From just that audition, I would be stunned if she's not in the top 24 this year.

Ooooh, I loved Janette and Romulo last year. Her hair was more fun with the blonde streak in it. They are just vavavavoom with some great lifts. And look at those hips move! And those feet! Latin dancing amazes me. Nigel said he was waiting for some hot and spicy salsa. Mary screamed and said that they are great. Tyce loved their lifts. They are through to Vegas. Good luck to them.

Jennifer and Jessica Guarez are twins who can't get the talking in sync down, so I'm not sure about how the dancing will go. They are slow, and their "dancing" looks like some bad ... and I mean painfully bad... workout routine from the 80's. They are ridiculous. Nigel said (during the performance) that it was just a nightmare. They apparently only had one day to practice. Mary cackled. Nigel wondered why they didn't actually stay in sync if they meant to be. Mary said she saw something she's never seen before, but not in a good way. Tyce called it tragic. Fun, but tragic. Goodbye, not so wonder twins.

Montage of Tyce giving tough criticism, with some great sound bytes, including a request for the dance police. I like Tyce.

Joseph Smith has his own catch-phrase. Sha-whiz-zammm. I'm not buying it. He can dance, though. He does throw some faces. He reminds a liny bit of Twitch, but not as good. I would like him better if he kept his tongue in his mouth. He also looks a bit like Urkel. Nigel liked him. Joseph suggested they give him some Sha-wammmm. Mary enjoyed him. Tyce thought he was about half impressed. Joseph is going on to choreography.

How did he do there?

He looked good, still pulling faces, and got his ticket to Vegas, Sha-Whiz-Zamming with Cat. 18 dancers went to Vegas the first day.

What will Day 2 bring?

Wislande had an unfortunate accident with her shirt, and decided to go on instead, despite the fact that it really only covered he neck. It looked like she was auditioning for a strip joint. Just so not good. Mary said that the entire thing was "danced" to Nigel. Nigel said there was no performance or personality, and said she danced like a little girl. She said she knew it was garbage, and she wants to learn a routine. Nigel said she needs a better audition to get there. She said that Tyce looked disgusted, but he said more he was just in disbelief... Just not good.

Montage of bad dancers getting rejected. There were tears.

Erik "Silky" Moore is a tap dancer. He wants to bring tap back. He did his audition to Thriller, and that's pretty awesome. He is a very good tapper, that's for sure. He even threw some classic Michael Jackson moves in, and manged to do some break dancing, too. It was pretty cool. He moonwalked. Fun. Nigel said he cleaned up, and threw everything in but the kitchen sink, in a good way. Mary said she didn't want it to end. Tyce called it inspiring. He started tapping to get girls. I like him. He's through to Vegas. Yay.

Paris Torres was Miss Washington. She's got a tutu in gold and black and is dancing to a very light cover of Britney's Toxic. She's got something that I like. Not as much as Priscilla, but she's got a spark. Nigel called it very good indeed. Mary said she has beautiful lines, beautiful feet, and everything they wanted. Tyce thought she did a great job, but wanted more performance. Tyce wants choreography. Mary wanted Vegas, and Nigel agreed, so she was through.

Henry Rivero shone on contemporary, and is on to Vegas, too.

So is Megan Kinney. She really impressed me, actually.

Alex Wong had some impressive height and beautiful lines and went to Vegas, too.

Geo Smith did some African Dance, complete with headdress. He jumped right off the stage. To me, his dance wasn't very African, which, in my experience, is usually more driven into the ground, and he was very high. Mary thought it was great, Tyce liked it, and Nigel wants him in choreography, so on he goes.

Talia Rickars is a widow. She got married at 18, after being with her husband for 4 years. And, 4 years after they got married, he got into a motorcycle accident and died. That's so sad. She is a decent dancer, and danced to a hip hop version of The Tide is High. Interesting. She's got a good face and some good moves. Nigel thought she had to be careful about pulling faces (she did some "MySpace Pouting.") and he didn't think she did enough to show her different skills. Mary also bemoaned lack of substance, but thinks she has potential. Tyce said she has a great face, and was one with the music, and has some great energy. He doesn't think she should go to choreography. Mary does. Nigel also wants choreography, so she's got another chance.

How will choreography go?

Geo is through to Vegas (sans headdress). Talia is also through. Good. She's sweet.

Next city? Memphis!

Nigel and Mary were joined by L'il C, of Crumping fame.

Marico Flake is a police officer and he does a unique style of dance that I can't spell. Memphis Jookin? Anyhow, it was kind of neat. He's got on what I think might be the ugliest shirt I've seen this side of 1982. He is a good performer. Nigel really enjoyed it, and his style. L'il C loved it. Mary also thought he had it all going on. No to choreography... but yes to Vegas!

Dustin Dureau is Howie from the Backstreet Boys cousin, but knowing all the dances (which he taught himself) did not make him popular. He has never met his slightly B-list cousin. His dancing was not in time with the music and was entertaining I guess, but not really a choreographed looking routine. Nigel called him delusional if he thought it was hip hop. And the excuses came out - he just got over the flu and bronchitis. Cue the violins? Mary said there were some really feminie moves thrown in with karate. Tyce said there was no dance there, but gave him advice to try a style that incorporates martial arts with hip hop.

Christopher Carroza has his own style called "Electic" and ridiculous long red dreads, along with a stupid chin framing goatee. He looked like he was doing aerobics. Badly. It was like Jane Fonda. With stupid red dreads. His big baggy bell bottoms looked like a skirt when he danced. Nigel said it looked very Euro-pop Rave Party, and it didn't show he was a dancer. Mary said he was just jumping around. Christopher said he was ready to go home, had a great time, and tried to leave before L'il C got his chance to say anything. Nigel said Christopher was being rude, and Christopher said the judges were being rude and critical. Ummmmm.... that's what judges do, babe.

Montage - Guide to a good auditon with bad dancers. Rule 1 - start with your best move. Rule 2 - come dressed to impress. Rule 3 - connect with the judges. Rule 4 - Always follow directions. More bad dancers. Guy fell off the stage ridiculously.

Caitlin Kinney is Megan Kinney's sister (the one I liked from Miami who went to Vegas). She is also wonderful. Very good movement. Also very engaging face. She's only been dancing for 5 years. Nigel said she was just fantastic. She did gymnastics before dance. Wow - she had hip reconstruction because her femer was all messed up. Wow. Mary called dancing her destiny. L'il C said she was captivating. She's through to Vegas, to join her sister. Yay!

Choreography sent 6 more people though to Vegas.

Day 2 in Memphis.

Anna Dunn is gorgeous, with beautiful eyes. Her father killed himself a little over a year ago, and she uses dance as her outlet for her pain. She moved in a very Mia Michaels way, I thought. Nigel thought she was just too over-choreographed, and she moved her head too much to get any connection. Good point. Mary loved everything except for the head banging. She called her a diamond in the rough. L'il C connected with her, because his father also took his life, and said she needs to connect to the pain to bring the dance to life. She's on to choreography.

Travis Prokop's dad is a football coach, but his dad is still proud of him for being a dancer. Seems like a nice guy. I didn't understand his one leg shorter than the other shorts... one leg was knee length, and the other was up high on his thigh. Nigel said he's a big guy and he needs to strengthen his body a lot because he is so big. Mary agreed. L'il C said he has the grace of a giraffe, but the strength of a hamster. They all encourage him to go get very strong and keep trying. They sent him on to choreography.

It's Gene Kelly guy from last year, I think, Evan. I loved him last year. His big brother is auditioning this year, too, with whoopy cushion accompaniment.

Evan Kasperzak is fantastic, and he got so much height! There's something about him that I just love. Nigel called him absolutely superb, and called his routine beautifully constructed. Mary is happy to see him back. Nigel worries about how he would do in other styles. L'il C called him amazing, but wondered if he could find a bond with another style. He's on to Vegas. I hope he does great.

Lauren and Lydia Guerra are another set of twins. They aren't quite in unison, and were beautiful, but nothing spectacular. Nigel thought that Lydia was a much beter dancer, but Lauren gave better performance. Mary called them adorable, and said they have good technique and good moments. L'il C thought they were very differnt from one another. They are through to choreography.

Ryan Kasperzak was last, and did tap, accompanied by whoopie cushion. He's very entertaining, and quite a fun dancer. Nigel called him terrific, a lot of fun. He asked what other styles he does, and he choreographed his brother's routine, as well as being quite well trained in other areas. Mary said it was just completely entertaining. L'il C loved his solo and the use of the prop, and called it delightful. Nigel wants choreography. Mary and L'il C want him in Vegas, so off he goes. Yay!

Choreography time!

Lauren Guerra is through to Vegas. Anna Dunn is also going through. Travis Prokopp? Also through. Lydia Guerra? Also through. Good. I liked her.

The next cities are LA and Seattle. And... Sex is back. Why won't he go away? That's tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey do you happen to know the name of the song that Lauren and Lydia Guerra auditioned to?


Astrid said...

I looked it up - it was “It’s the Only One You’ve Got” by 3 Doors Down.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much!!