Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finale Alert: The Amazing Race

The night started with a season recap, including Margie and Luke dealing with language difficulties and heat stroke, Jamie being loud and obnoxious, and Tammy and Victor learning to communicate with each other like grown ups.

The final destination city is Maui, Hawaii, and they have to get to Beach Access 118 when they get there.

Tammy and Victor are off first, but it didn't really matter who got out first, because they all ended up on the same flight. Out of the airport, Tammy and Victor got the first cab, followed by Jamie and Cara, and Margie and Luke.

Once they get to the beach, they have to prep a pig for a traditional island luau, and then carry it 200 yards, then properly cover it to be cooked, before getting the next clue.

They changed into beachwear in the cabs. Jamie and Cara got into itty bitty green bikinis. Everyone talked about how gross it was, but off they went bearing pigs. Jamie and Cara had to drop the pig several times, and were passed by Margie and Luke. Margie and Luke also passed Tammy and Victor. The other two had had a really hard time getting their pigs back up. Cara was totally weak, and so was Tammy. Jamie told Cara "This is how you lose a million dollars." Possibly, it is.. not as much as stopping to pee, but still, suck it up.

Tammy was crying and screaming, but they finally got to the pit, but not before Margie and Luke were all done.

The next stop was the beach at McGregor Point, where they have to search among 100 buoys to find their next clue,on a jet ski.

Tammy and Victor did the covering wrong and had to go back. They and Jamie and Cara finished about the same time, with Tammy and Victor having a slight lead.

Margie drove the jet ski, and she got annoyed at Luke for continually yelling at her. Then, she fell off the jet ski, and Luke fell off too. They still found the clue before the others got there. Tammy and Victor got the clue second.

The next stop is the Surfboard fence off the Hana Highway.


It's the traditional memory task - search through a giant pile of surfboards to find 11 that have pictures that correspond to things along their route, and build a surfboard fence with them in order.

Luke did the task, because he apparently had an amazing memory.

Jamie and Cara again ran into trouble with a cab driver who wasn't sure of where they were supposed to go. He was on the phone with his supervisor who said "You need to tell your people I am not their personal concierge, and I am not going to look for this place for them." Ummm... isn't getting people to a destination what taxi driver is paid to do? I mean, Jamie and Cara might not be the most pleasant people, but still. Finding locations is the job of a taxi driver. Am I wrong?

In the end, they ended up calling the police department to get directions. They got their directions, and then their cabbie stopped for gas. I would be livid if I were them.

Victor and Tammy got the the roadblock and Victor did the task. Luke was doing a great job, and both he and Victor ended up taking pants off because they kept falling off. Luke got one wrong! Oh no!

At least Jamie and Cara's cabbie only got a little bit of gas.

Isn't it funny? The two boards that Luke got wrong on his first try were the last two... Victor did some amazing catching up. He had a different tactic, though - he grabbed all the boards he though were right before trying to put them in any sort of order.

Jamie and Cara finally arrived, and Jamie was doing the task.

Luke was having the devil of the time getting the last two right. Jamie didn't seem to get the fact that not all of the surf boards represented things they had done. Luke was trying and trying and trying and Jamie was catching up to him, while Victor finished the task.. Luke decided to to work with Jamie, and he helped her find the first clue, and she helped him find the last ones. Good on them, I think that was only fair.

And now, it's a race to the finish line. Luke was really down on himself, and Jamie was kicking herself for forgetting the church.

It wasn't even close, as Tammy and Victor took the win. I'd say it was deserved, even though I was rooting for Margie and Luke. Tammy and Victor ran a good race, with only a couple spats that made me dislike them. Tammy found it funny that she won with no pants on. (She's got a t-shirt on over her bikini.)

I have to say, the Chinese-language heavy routes really did favor them, though.

Jamie and Cara came in second, and Jamie tried to put herself down for the final Roadblock, but Cara wouldn't have any of it, and let her know that it was a team game, and they were proud of each other.

Finally, Margie and Luke got to the mat, and Phil wanted Luke to admit that Margie is the bionic woman, and Luke expressed his gratitude for his mother being so wonderful and signing, because apparently, a lot of deaf people's parents don't sign, and he is so happy that she does.

What a good season. I just love this show. Waiting for next season now!

Are you happy with the results?

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