Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Thoughts: Survivor Samoa Cast

The Survivor Samoa cast has been up on for a while now, and I've been meaning to blog about my thoughts, but haven't gotten around to it.  I thought, since tonight is the premiere, it is now or never.  I'll link to their CBS bios.

Ashley (22, Maple Grove, Minnesota, Spa Sales) She looks like a cutie, and she's a self-professed master flirter.  I can see that.  I wonder how she will do when things get dirty and difficult.  I'm not sure about her.  We'll see.

Ben (28, LA, Bar Manager) He claims he's never been rejected by a girl, and while he's cute, that alone makes me want to kick him.  He says he doesn't like whiners and wimps, and neither do I, but I have a feeling he's going to get his full of them.  He does have hunting and fishing experience, so that could help him.  I'd say he has a good chance of going far (and annoying me).

Betsy (48, Campton, NH, Police Officer)  She looks kickass.  She's a mother of four (wonder if she'll take a motherly role in the camp?) and she's gone through a lot because he husband has prostate cancer (in remission).  I'm rooting for her.

Brett (23, LA, T-shirt Designer)  He grew up in Oregon, and he's a fan of the outdoors and a flirt.  I see a trend here.  He has his own company, which is kind of cool.  I won't write him off, but he's not at the top of my pile to begin with.

Dave (38, LA, Fitness Instructor)  I really wish there were less people from LA.  He's got a degree in opera and comes from a family of preachers.  He's counting on the element of surprise to get him far in the game.  I wonder if he's Coach-lite.

Elizabeth (33, NYC, Attorney)  She's originally from Korea (emigrated here when she was 2), she works as an urban planner.  She's not sure if she's going to tell everyone what she does or where she went to school.  I think she wants them to underestimate her, but I wonder if she overestimates herself?

Erik (28, Ontario, California, Bartender) What would Survivor be without a bevy of bartenders?  He loves to chase taken women (though draws the line at married women) and I think that just makes him a schmuck.  I think I will not like him.

Jaison (28, Chicago, Law Student) I don't blame Jaison for the superfluous i in his name.  I blame his parents.  He was named Mr. California by Cosmo, and was on the US National Water Polo team, and rounds that out by playing the piano and the cello.  He claims that he will not hesitate to betray people if it helps him win Survivor.  I think he might be one  to watch.

John (25, LA, Rocket Scientist)  A bonafide rocket scientist!  Cool.  He claims that "winning" is his favorite hobby.  His bio calls him a charmingly cocky genius, and he's a former semi-pro soccer player.  I think he might be this season's answer to Ace.  He finds idiots amusing.  Well, don't we all?  But he admits it.  That could make him annoying.  I think he is going to be quite a character, but I don't know that I will like him much.

Kelly (25, LA, Hair Stylist)  I think this hair stylist has dreads.  Blonde, white chick dreads.  Not a fan.  She calls herself a free spirit with an edgey twist.  I think she looks like a lot of the 20-somethings I see who conform by being "different."  Let's see who's right... I don't see her going far.

Laura (39, Salem, OR, Office Manager)  She has 3 kids and a grandkid!  She's a motorcycle riding conservative Christian and a lobbyist.  Somehow I think she is going to bug me.  She refers to herself as the fit version of Sara Palin.  Gah.

Marisa (26, Cincinnati, OH, Student)  Now here's a beauty!  She grew up in a blended family with 8 siblings and many adopted (doesn't quite make it clear if she has 8 natural siblings and then others who are adopted...), she's been paying her own way since she was 17.  She's worked with impoverished people around the world, so she is used to travel and differing conditions.  I think she could be one to watch.

Mick (33, LA, Doctor)  He looks like the doctor from USA's Royal Pains.  He wants to win to pay off student loans, and I can appreciate that.  From his bio, "He also admits that the quickest way to get him angry is to throw dirt clods at him."  He'd better not let that get out, or I see lots of dirt flinging... we'll see if he comes off as cocky as his bio paints him.

Mike (62, Marina del Ray, California, Personal Chef)  Dude's got a braided beard.  That takes dedication.  He's a former college football coach and says the quickest way to anger him is to move around his kitchen equipment.  I see fights over pot placement around the fire! If they keep him around, they might be well fed.  That's always a bonus.  He's lost 30 lbs and gotten into shape in preparation for the show, and I think he might be another one to watch.

Monica (25, San Diego, Law Student)  What is up with Lawyers and Law students?  She's pretty enough, and she seems smart.  She's played Pocahantis at a theme park.  That's kind of funny.  She aims to play the game like Pavarti and Amanda.  We'll see about that.  She might be one to keep an eye on.

Natalie (26, Van Buren, AK, Pharmaceutical Sales)  Here's your token Southern Belle.  She calls herself competetive and scrappy, and I can appreciate those qualities.  Let's see how she deals in the wild.  If she can handle it, she could go far.

Russell H. (36, Dayton, TX, Oil Company Owner) Two Russells this season.  What's up with that?  I can only bring myself to root for one of them, so that the other leaves soon and I can stop typing the last initial.   I don't know if it will be this Russell that I root for.  The "he proudly displays a missing tooth that he refuses to fix" doesn't seem tough to me, just silly.  He also plans to, and I quote, "show these morons how it's done."  Um... next Russell, please?

Russell S. (42, Glennside, PA, Lawyer)  Another lawyer?  Are they going to have one tribe that's all lawyers and the other one that's bartenders?  That might be interesting.  He's a dedicated husband and dad, and he vows to cut off his dreads if he wins.  That right there is enough to make me root for him.

Shannon (45, Renton, Washington, Sales) Ok, so she really needs to not ever wear that bandana/sweat band like she has in her picture ever again.  Ever.  And she looks like she last got her hair done in the 80's.  I'm pretty sure she's rocking a mullet.  Those bits aside, she looks kind of cool.  She's a former Marine Sergeant, and a former chef.  She admits that she'll have trouble flying under the radar.  I have high hopes.

Countdown to tonight!  Can't wait to see if my first impressions hold up.

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