Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hell's Kitchen: 9.8.09

Everyone wishes Suzanne had gone home, and the other girls talk to her about her team work (or lack thereof).  She vows to change.  We'll see.

Ramsey introduces the cheftestants to their challenge - Crepes.  Each team will produce four crepes.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.  They have an array of ingredients and 20 minutes.

Suzanne set busily about kissing everyone's ass.  She was trying to be a team player, but just looked like a suck-up.  The men, on the other hand, were having serious difficulties with the actual making of crepes.  The women weren't doing much better.  Sabrina said that there was no "walla" for her.  I do so hate when people say "walla" instead of "voila."

JP will be helping Ramsey judge. 

The men did a bacon and egg in a crepe.  It sounded good, but the crepe was not good.  It was Van's.
The women did a salmon with some herbs and honey and did much better on the crepe.  Ariel brought one point for the women.

The women did pepperjack, bacon, and shrimp with black bean salsa.  It was too spicy for them, and Tenille was disappointed.
The men did a ham and cheese with avocado.  That sounds wonderful.  Andy brought that point for the men.

The men made scallops, crab, and goat cheese ... yum.  Good job, Kevin.
The women made fillet, onions, and some quail eggs.  Suzanne couldn't stop talking about how much she loves crepes.  Blah blah blah blah blah. Got good points, though.  Dinner is a tie. 

Dave's crepe looked like poo on the plate.  It is a cream cheese and mixed berry crepe.  Ramsey even said it looked like crap, literally.
Sabrina made poached pears and chocolate ganache with grand marnier, and it was delicious.  That's a win for the women.

They are adding escargot, frog legs, and crepes to the menu for service.  The men have to prep both kitchens.  The women are going to one of LA's best French restaurants for lunch, with a surprise in store.

What's their surprise?  They get to learn how to mime, make-up and costumes included.  Their meal looked so good.  Suzanne, of course, was wearing a beret.  Because she's pretentious like that.  The men got boiled cow tongue, bagette, and head cheese.  Dave did not want to eat it.  Andy gobbled down the head cheese.

In final prep, Andy managed to slice his fingers on the mandolin.  Not good.  He is off to get stitches on three fingers.  Ouch.  (I had a knife accident last spring, with 6 stitches in one finger, and that was horrible... Poor Andy).  He managed to make it back in time for dinner service, but he had no idea how to make the new items.  Dave stepped in and helped with the risotto, which Ramsey declared to be delicious.  Sabrina didn't do as well for the women.  Her risotto was unseasoned.  He actually brought the men's over to show her how it should be done.  Her next try was much better, and Ramsey worried about her reliability.

Andy is slow and incapable of making crepes.  Kevin took over and made better crepes.  I worry that Ramsey doesn't know how much help Andy is getting.

The women seem to be communicating much better, until everyone was ready to do 1 minute... except Suzanne, who wanted 6 minutes, then 8 minutes, then 5 minutes, then 6 minutes.  She blamed the oven. 

Andy was relying on Dave more on the risotto, when he needed to be doing the meat.  Amazingly, he managed to do both... Ramsey told him he's a 10,000 times better cook with one hand.

Suzanne continued to screw the women over.  She was slicing lamb before it was ready to go out and letting all the goodness seep out of it.  So not ok.  That's basic.

And Andy?  He's making salad.  And tossing it on the ground for fun.  He was drowning it in dressing, too.  Gah.  He blamed his dexterity, but Ramsey brought up Dave as the example of someone who can cook with one hand. 

Suzanne was finally ready with the lamb, but it wasn't cooked right.  Sabrina again wasn't seasoning things enough for Ramsey's taste. 

The men would probably have been better off if Andy wasn't even there.  Ramsey agreed with me, and kicked him out of the kitchen.  Andy thinks that Ramsey yells just to yell, and I kid you not, he said that no one needs to be a, and I quote, a "douche-nozzle" to get things done.  I think Andy just has no clue how to cook.  Ramsey continued his run and kicked Suzanne and Sabrina out, as well.

He put Ariel and Tenille on new stations, and off they went.  They had help from Sous Chef (and former winner) Heather.  The men picked it up with Van, Kevin, and Dave and everyone finished service.

Suzanne and Andy were put up for elimination (deservedly).  Andy was going home, and Ramsey told him he has a big heart and needs to stop panicking.  Then he pulled Sabrina forward, and told her and Suzanne that they needed to pick it up.  He told Suzanne to take her jacket off and... go to the blue team.  That's a whole bunch of pissed men, now.  Tenille did a happy dance.  No dance was seen from the men.

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