Thursday, September 3, 2009

Project Runway 9.3.09

Can Mitchell rise from the bottom of the barrel tonight?  Somehow, I doubt it.

Heidi meets the designers on the runway, and tells them that they are going on a field trip to a popular Californian destination, and urges them to bring their sunblock.  Tim met them on the beach in flip flops, sunglasses, and a stylish blazer and khakis.  No tie!  He tells them that they are going to be doing a fun and fashionable surf-wear look.  Hair style is very important this week.  (Garnier Fructis, naturally).  It's a team challenge, with teams of 2. Tim pulled names for team captains.  Shirin was a captain automatically because of her previous win.

Shirin picks Carol Hannah
Logan picked Christopher
Nicholas chose Gordana
Mitchell chose Ra'Mon
Althea chose Louise
Qrystal chose Epperson
Johnny got Irina.

They have 20 minutes to brainstorm, chat with the surfer girls, and decide which of their two models they are going to be using.  They have $50 and only 15 minutes to shop.  Madness ensued.

Some of the teams are working well together. Others are not so much.  Epperson is treating Qrystal like an assistant, but reminds himself that she is the team captain and so backs off.  Mitchell and Ra'Mon have entirely different aesthetics and Ra'Mon is feeling like he's the captain.

While they were working, Tim brought a message from Heidi and the judges.  Each team has to create a second look.  Yipes!  It has to be an avant garde design that coordinates with their surf outfit.  (So I guess the second models will be used).  They are going back to Mood the next day with $200.  Tim suggested that one person from each team should stay and work on their original look while the other one goes to Mood.

Qrystal continued to be insulted by Epperson treating her like a child.  Mitchell was feeling overwhelmed by the sewing. 

Tim entered, calling himself the Prophet of Doom. Carol Hannah's model (Erika) is filming a commercial, and Carol Hannah had the opportunity to pick a new model.  She chose to switch to Valerie, so Erika is going home.

Mitchell is totally taking a back seat to Ra'Mon, and Ra'Mon is not pleased about it. 

After the Garnier consultations, Tim did his look-see.  He worried that Qrystal and Epperson's convertable look might end up looking like panties.  He didn't get the connection between Mitchell and Ra'Mon's beach look (Greek Goddess) and Avant Garde look (superhero wetsuit).  Ra'Mon scrapped the jumpsuit, and went with a new idea that he didn't share with Mitchell.  Qrystal and Eppreson continued to clash.  Christopher and Logan were working super well together and thought that the win was in the bag.  That could be trouble. 

With 35 minutes left before Runway, Ra'Mon decided to hand dye his neoprene.  Tim came and told him he wanted to make sure that both models were wearing something. 

Runway time!

Rachel Bilson, the top guy from BCBG and other things, and Nina joined Heidi for judging.

Qrystal & Epperson:  Beach look.  Very sweet and beachy.  Surf ready?  Not sure.  The Avant Garde look was ill-fitted and looked like a hoochy mamma gone wild.  Really terrible.

Johnny & Irina: Beach look:  kind of sweet, and I think it was beach ready.  Avant Garde Look:  Looks like one of those braided rugs.  In brown.  With a giant poofy explosion on one shoulder.  Not so good.

Mitchell & Ra'Mon:  Beach look:  quite nice and flowy.  Not surf ready.  Avant Garde Look:  Really weird. Don't know what to say about that.

Shirin & Carol Hannah:  Beach look :  Actually beach ready!  A very sweet bikini and a fabulous coverup.  Avant Garde look:  Very neat.  I liked it a lot.  Looked like a lot went into it.

Althea & Louise:  Beach look:  Somehow, it got some of Louise aesthetic into it, and it was kind of fun.  Avant Garde:  They did one of those mullet dresses that I don't like so much.  Looked like a bad 80's prom dress

Nicholas & Gordana:  Beach look:  They did a macrame bathing suit.  And it looked really cute.  And the pants were wraparound pants, which flowed beautifully and looked very comfortable, except for the fact that the pants are about 8 feet too long.  Avant Garde:  Looked like a wedding gone bad stripper.

Logan & Christopher:  Beach look:  They made a hat which was cute, and the rest was also fun.  Avant Garde:  Very avant garde!  It was nicely done.

Althea & Louise, Logan & Christopher, and Shirin & Carol Hannah were the middle of the pack and were safe.

Qrystal & Epperson and Nicholas & Gordana are in the bottom.  They are chatting with the top tier first.

Johnny & Irina did a good job, according to the judges.  They loved the macrame in back.

Mitchell & Ra'Mon got good marks for a lot, though Mitchell admitted to doing almost nothing except for the non-visible bathing suit.  They actually loved Ra'Mon's avant garde dress with the dye job.  Huh.  Shows what I know.

Bickering continued between Epperson & Qrystal in front of the judges.  The judges liked how well the top fit on the beach look, but hated the other thing.

Nicholas & Gordana got good marks for the very pretty macrame top, but the ill-fitting pants were a mess, and the garter belts, cutouts, and idiocy of the avant garde thing was reviled by all.

Amazingly, to me, they loved Ra'Mon's look so much that they gave him the win.  Nicolas & Gordana and Irina & Johnny were safe.  Epperson was sent to safety. That left Qrystal and Mitchell.  Although his team won, Mitchell is out.  I think they made the right decision.

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