Thursday, September 24, 2009

Survivor: Samoa 9.24.09

Can Evil Russell get any more evil?  Who wants to visit Samoa because of the gorgeous scenery?  *raises hand*

Evil Russell is pleased with himself for getting rid of Marisa and her strong mind.  Russell tries to chat up Cop Betsy.  She says that they should agree to not trust each other, but they can still talk.  I like her a lot.

Bugs attack at Galu.  Yasmeen had the worst of it, to hear her say it.  She said "the hood is not the woods" and complained about pretty much everything. 

Back at Foa Foa, Evil Russell did some talking with Jaison, who he decided would be a good person to have on his side and trust him.  Evil Russell went on the search for the hidden immunity idol, without any clues.

The geico lizard was roasted on a stick, while Evil Russell dug in a hollow tree... and freaking found the freaking hidden immunity idol, and shoved it in his underpants before anyone saw what he was doing.  Evil Russell shared his find with Jaison.  Insanity.  The idol cannot be taken from him.  Evil Russell made a deal with Jaison (supposedly), but admitted that he wasn't going to give it to him, in confessional.

Mike and Betsy got tree mail, and commiserated about being the older ones and therefore targets.  Liz is gunning for Mike.  They have to go to the challenge painted like Samoan warriors, so it should be interesting.

Immunity Challenge

Three members of each tribe will battle to retrieve balls, and pass them up to other members on a platform, who will shoot for baskets.  After each point, places will be switched.  They are playing for Fishing Gear and immunity.

Monica sits out.  The men are in the put first and the women are on the platform.  Lots of wrestling and collisions, and lots of tossing, before Liz got the first basket for Foa Foa.  Places switched (and some women ended up on the platforms, too).  John got a basket and tied it up for Galu.  Before the next round, Probst warned them about keeping it within the rules - not choking and no head butts etc, and no more warnings. 

Ben hit Not Evil Russell on purpose and was evicted from the challenge.  Eric scored for Galu, and the score is 2-1.  Mike took a big hit and stood around being useless for a while, and it was long enough for Galu to hit the basket for the third time and win it for them.

Ben had no problem being the first person ever evicted from a challenge in Survivor history.

As leader of the winning tribe, Not Evil Russell has to pick one person from his tribe to accompany the other tribe back to their camp, and she will return after sitting in and observing their Tribal council.

Medical came and had a look at Mike, who was suffering from severely low blood pressure.  He did not recover after what I think the medic said was 40 minutes, so he was pulled from the game.  They will still go to tribal council.  Ouch.  (and I am now scared for Betsy!)

Over at Galu, Shambo took out the fishing supplies, telling the tribe that spear fishing was her thing.  She took a leisurely swim after not catching anything.  My respect for her just went down some.  She also lost the mouthpiece for the snorkle in the swamp, and informed them that there are lots and lots of fish on the reef.  Monica was not impressed that Shambo discovered that there are fish in the ocean (and didn't bring any back to camp)

Yasmin wasted no time in introducing herself to the Foa Foa tribe and told them that she wants to help them not suck.  Um... shut up.  She went to Ben and talked to him personally about how much he sucks.  Evil Russell hated her instantly (who can blame him, I kind of want to smack her) and promised to make her pay for her behavior.  She then opened her clue for the idol, and then went to Ben and told him that he took some bad cheap shots in the game and didn't appreciate him tackling her in the game.  She is a freaking diva and called him ignorant and a big jerk going after girls.  It's called the game, babe.

Ben, in confessional, called Yasmin close to a hooker, and ghetto trash.  Ben was making himself look bad, and Evil Russell was more than thrilled to see Ben make himself look bad in front of everyone.  At night, when everyone was sleeping, Ben decided it was prime time to chop some wood.  That also made him no friends at camp.  Betsy wondered if Ben was trying to get himself thrown out.

Dr. Mick thinks that Betsy is probably going home, because they consider her weak.  Betsy talked to Ashley and Natalie and told them that they should be going for women's intuition.  Ashley might be swayed.  Natalie was not sure.  Ashley tried to talk Liz into keeping BetsyLiz didn't seem swayed.  Evil Russell still wants Betsy gone, because she threatened him, and he believes since he wants it to be so, it will happen.  I hope he is disappointed.

Tribal Council

Liz lied through her teeth and said it was the best tribe ever and everyone gets along and the visit with Yasmin was cordial and pleasant.  Ben wasted no time in calling Yasmin ghetto trash and Evil Russell didn't like her behavior at all.  Dr. Mick said that Ben doesn't just have teeth, but he bites.  Betsy is concerned because she is the only one who brought her bag.  Ben then told Probst that they didn't tell them that they were playing by "his sissy rules" and he absolutely tripped Not Evil Russell on purpose.  Ben claims that he doesn't start a fight, but is going to fight back if you come to him.  Not sure about that.

Yeah, one big happy family.

I am super sad to see Betsy go.  I was really rooting for her to go far. 

Next week, Jaison looks to be out for Evil Russell, and Shambo is not impressed with her tribe doing pilates in the jungle.  Can't wait!

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Ed said...

I'm not taking Ben's side, but Yasmine needs to go. I don't know who to attribite this to, but there's a saying; "If you keep your mouth shut people may think your stupid, but if you open it, they'll know you're stupid."

Like him or hate him, Evil Russell is the luckiest S.O.B. on the planet.

Shamboo isn't making very many friends, nor is she living up to her namesake: Rambo. Where's the roasted pig, Marine-lady? If Galu looses, she'll be the first one out.

I want Foa-Foa to loose every challenge from now until there's no Foa-Foa. From their leader down, I like Galu much better. Unfortunately, likeable people don't make for good TV...