Thursday, September 24, 2009

Project Runway 9.24.09

The men don't miss Johnny much, saying that the competition will be more serious now that he is gone.

Heidi looks fabulous on the runway, and she told the designers that they would be doing something with movie making for their next challenge.  Tim met them at Stage 6, and told them that they would be drawing film genres out of a bag, and create a character's outfit to live in that genre.

Nicolas and Gordana are scared of getting Western.

Irina chose her own because she won and chose film noir.

Logan chose action/adventure, as did Carol Hannah.

Ra'Mon chose sci-fi.

Louise chose film noir.

Althea picked film noir.

Gordana chose period piece

Nicolas chose sci-fi

Christopher chose period piece

That means that Shirin and Epperson are stuck with Western.

Each designer has a dossier for their cinematic genre, 30 minutes to sketch, $150 at Mood, and only until midnight!

Shirin and Epperson both seemed to be going towards women's Western outfits. Shirin goes saloon girl.  Epperson goes higher class.

Logan and Carol Hannah bonded over their sketches.

Ra'Mon was super excited about getting his Borg on.  Nicolas loves how awesome he is in his own mind.

Nicolas has a whole story of a queen who wants to rule the universe from Orion's Belt.  Ra'Mon is doing something for a human-alien hybrid, and he's dying again.  Louise has a missing bobbin, and screams sabotage. 

Tim's check in started with Gordana, and urged her to make her back lower cut.  Christopher's concept is a 1800's Vampire Bride, and Tim loves everything about it except for the sleevelesness of it.  Tim kind of loved Epperson's piece, and said he was seduced by the ruffles. Ra'Mon is doing a jumpsuit.  Time said it could be sublime, or a big hot mess.  Tim likes Louise's subtlety and nuance, but worried that that doesn't show best on the runway.  He wanted Nicolas to exaggerate what he was doing.  He told the whole room to be as ambitious as they can be.

Enter models - for fittings and makeup consultations.  Product placements for L'oreal!

After fitting, Ra'Mon worried that his jumpsuit looked like Kermit the frog gone wrong.  He decided to rework it.  His model looked like she wanted to cry.  Louise sewed through her finger and soldiered on.

The day of the Runway show, panic ensued.  Nicolas pines for a glue gun.  They had two hours with their models, who also had to get hair and make-up done.  Gordana decided to make some accessories.

Runway Show

John Varvatos, Zoe Glassner, and Arianne Phillips (Oscar nominated costume designer) are on the panel with Heidi.

Irina's film noir dress was kind of fabulous.

Carol Hannah's outfit was kick ass. 

Shirin's saloon girl thing was kind of cliche.

Christopher's dress was still sleeveless and I didn't love it.

Nicolas' Sci-fi piece was kind of hot.  The hair and makeup worked beautifully with it.

Althea's film noir was really slick.  Her model was working it.

Ra'Mon's dress looked like it might fall apart at any moment.

Louise's dress was a bit of a rumpled mess.

Epperson's outfit didn't look very Western to me, but it was well done.

Gordana's flapper dress was really fun!

Logan's battle scarred jumpsuit was pretty fun.

Logan, Carol Hannah, Shirin, and Althea were safe. 

The judges liked Gordana's dress, but didn't think it was special.  Zoe kind of hit it when she said "I see your hands, but not your eyes."  Nicolas's story was amazingly complex, and they loved the drama of it.  Louise's film noir character was going for a person from the 40's dressing like she was in the 20's.  It was uniformly considered not strong.  Christopher's story was of a runaway vampire bride, and the judges thought he had some great detail and wow factor.  Ra'Mon's character's name was Lola, and the judges liked the story, but did not like the dress, because it looked like something out of Swamp Thing.  Heidi called it a hot green mess.  He admitted that he had to change his design at the last minute.  Epperson sold his character and he managed to do something that would fit but was still modern and innovative.  It helped that his model was kind of slick.

Gordana and Epperson are deemed safe, and Nicolas is the winner.  Christopher is also safe.  It's between Ra'Mon and Louise to go home.  In the end, it was a shocker to me that Ra'Mon is out!  I thought for sure Louise's rumpled mess would have been the end of her.  At least Ra'Mon took bold chances.  

Do you think the right decision was made?

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