Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 9.30.09

New Orleans!

Adam Shankman and Lil' C are joining Mary - Nigel is absent.

Shelby "Skip" Skipper does New Orleans Bounce style.  It certainly is different.  He's made of Jell-O or something!  He was very entertaining.  He even taught Cat some Bounce before his audition.  Mary is impressed with New Orleans Bounce and with Skip.  Adam says he is an expert in New Orleans Bounce, but then admitted he knew nothing about it, but he loved it.  Lil C loves the showcase the show brings and thought it was Buck.  They messed with him and told him he wasn't going to choreography before sending him to Vegas.  I like him.

Jonathan Litzler has done all sorts of styles.  He has amazing acrobatics, and he seems really likable.  Adam said it was one of the best auditions he'd ever seen, and even without the tumbling, it was impressive.  Lil C called him a perfect blend of weight, energy, space, and time.  Mary called him fabulous and gave him his ticket to Vegas.

Alison Nance was barely shown but was wonderful.  Calvin Turner, Jr. gave me chills.  Edward Spots had amazing legs and lept like a gazelle.  All three are through to Vegas.  Deservedly.

Eric La Blanc is hyped up on 6 energy drinks.  That sounds like a recipe for heart palpitations.  He can do animal sounds.  But can he dance?  Oh, look, it's another Boom Boom Pow.  He has some moves, but I don't know how unique he is.  He had the judges laughing.  The men outvoted Mary, and sent him to choreography.

Montage of great, nameless dancers.

Justin Kenney was in a bad car accident and had some bad head trauma, but has recovered.  He does hip hop and breakdancing, but can't do a lot of head tricks because of the trauma.  He is super entertaining (and I love his eyes) and I love him.  Mary was impressed with him.  Lil C loved him.  Adam thought he rocked it out.  He's through to choreography, to see what else he can do.

In choreography, Justin struggled.  Eric had another Red Bull before choreography, but is going home.  Justin is getting his chance in Vegas.  I'm happy, because I really like him.

Time for Day 2.

Kimalee Piedad and her partner (who was not auditioning) did some truly astounding lifts.  Mary loved her.  Lil C loved her.  Adam loved it, but was curious to see what other styles she can do.  She was trained in ballet, but can do other things, too.  Adam wanted to send her to choreography, though Mary wants her straight to Vegas.  Lil C agreed with Mary, and she's through to vegas.  First theatre arts specialist through to Vegas.

Micah Mixon is a popper.  He had some good moves.  Mary thought he had some pretty good moves.  His gliding impressed her.  Adam liked him, and Lil C thought he had a great core.  He's through to choreography.

Lloyd Ballard tried to rock the Travis hair, but he was kind of painfully bad.  Adam wished Nigel was there.

Montage of really awkward and terrible, and list of things the judges hate.

#1: Hats over eyes
#2: Reaching out to nowhere
#3: Self-love - rubbing yourself too much
#4: Men's booty shaking

Adam demonstrated.  Love it.

Jakob Karr had some incredible control of his body, even though he looked like he'd just come from junior high gym class.  He did this back flip that made me take notice.  Mary told him it was really fantastic and gave it a shriek.  Adam was impressed by his strength, his motivation, and his everything.  Lil C liked the way he stretched the music out.  To Vegas with him!

Diana Drexler found out that her grandfather died when she was heading to the audition.  She decided to stick it out and I am glad.  It was a very engaging dance.  She broke down in tears afterward.  Mary said it seemed effortless, and Diana told her that there is a lot of effort, calling herself an old lady.  Adam brought up her grandfather's death, and he said that she didn't bring the heaviness to her dance, and said her grandfather would be proud.  She's on to choreography.

After choreography, Micah is not through to Vegas, but they want him to keep working and come back.  Diana is going to Vegas, and I am glad.

Next week, Salt Lake City!

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