Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 9.16.09

Phoenix Auditions

Mia is joining Mary and Nigel.

Shorty and Biggy - They got lost on a shortcut on the way from Tulsa, OK, and they seem fun, but can they dance?  The answer to that would be... not really.  Shorty isn't bad, and Biggy had some funny moves, but I wouldn't call it really good dancing. Nigel said they are entertaining, but he thought that Biggy was wobbling more than popping.  Laughing all the way, they put them through to choreography.  What?

Sasha Mallory - She was put through to Vegas in Season 4, and is trying again.  Her family is with her and behind her all the way.  She's very appealing in her look and I kind of like her eclectic contemporary style.  Loved the song she danced to, and wonder what it is.  Anyone?  Is it Adele?  Nigel thought some of it was very nice.  Mia thought it had some nice moments and was a really strong solo. Mary thought it was beautiful.  To Vegas with her!

Katie Muth and Ellie Soto were briefly shown and sent to Vegas.

Allison Becker - She had Spinal Meningitis as a baby and she's deaf as a result.  She certainly has some moves!  She feels the music very well for being deaf, and she has some great leaps and lines.  Nigel thought she had beautiful movement, and beautiful flow, and gave great face and passion in the eyes.  He said her technique is not as good as he would like, but he would never guess she is hearing impaired.  Mary's cousin is deaf, and broke into tears and called Allison an inspiration.  (I think Mary's cousin might have killed herself... not sure from what she was saying).  Mia wondered what inspired Allison to dance if she couldn't hear the music, and Allison said "It's music, I just hear it differently."  Good answer.  She's through to choreography.

Willem de Fryes & Jacob Jason- They compete in Same Sex Men's Latin Dancing.  They were a whole lot better than last season's auditioners in the same genre.  Mary is really proud of them and thought they showed great emotion, passion, strength, and technique.  Mia celebrated their courage.  Nigel thanked them for showing him how good the genre can be, but wants to see them dance with girls... on to choreography.

Jonathan Merona gets the final audition of the day.  And I am confused.  He skipped around with sticks and cheerleader letters... I found myself confused.  I think he was doing some really bad version of Bollywood.  Nigel said he's not right for the show, and Mary agreed, though it was entertaining.  Mia said it was all over the map, and thinks he should figure out one state to dance in if he comes back.

Anya and Pasha worked the dancers through to choreography.  Biggie gave up.  Jacob and Willem and Allison all did admirably in the choreography.  Shorty was done, but the others got through to Vegas.

Day 2!

Jarvis Johnson is a ball of energy who really needs serious dental work.  He did a whole lot of sticking his tongue out and did some crazy back drops and then danced his shoes right off and did my daughter's favorite dance move of slapping his own behind before totally failing at doing some breaking.  Nigel called him a dancing fool. Mary called it frantic.  Mia loved when he danced out of his shoes and slapped his own ass. Mia gave him a no, but Mary wanted to see choreography.  Nigel also put him through to choreography. 

Brandon Gordon and Nicole Peterson were so not good.  Brandon did a lift, but it was just kind of awkward and weird.  Mary called them aliens and Mia said she was confused.

Montage of bizzare dancers.

Kelsey White brought an en to the strange with her contemporary.  She was quite lovely. Nigel left the stage when she admitted that she had been kidnapped by aliens "once," and yelled from offstage that she should be going to choreography.  The others agreed. 

Jonathan Legacy Perez started dancing at 15, and learned on the street, from a skating rink, breaking.  He's amazing and I hope he gets through because I like watching a good breaker.  He did this amazing backwards walking thing on his hands with his body right down near the floor.  Incredible.  He assisted Lauren choreographing last year, and Nigel wants to see him do other things.  Mary called him great, and Mia called him stupid.  In a good, Mia way.  He's on the Vegas.

During choreography, Jarvis collapsed and was attended to by paramedics.  He had an asthma attack. Kelsey didn't do great in choreography and she's not through, but Mary told her to try again.

Next week?  Boston!

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