Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 9.29.09


Lil'C will be joining Nigel and Mary.

Billy Bell started dancing when he was 14, and now he's 19.  He tried hip hop and failed, but did a lot of other styles with hopefully better results.  He started out with a very strong leg extension, and did a lot of flaily leaps, but I can't say I love his style of movement.  Nigel says he has great legs, and great technique, but a sway back, and said his hands sometimes looked like a bunch of bananas.  Billy is at least aware of his sway back.  All three judges were no's to choreography, and nearly broke young Billy's heart, but then they gave him a ticket to Vegas.  Not sure if he deserved that, but oh well.

Amber Jackson is a contemporary dancer, and she's 18.  Some of her movements were interesting.  Nigel wanted her to be more focused on performing for the judges. He said her movement and dancing were tremendous, but her performance was *bleep*.  Mary said she wanted to strangle Amber, because she has danceability, but don't connect.  She's getting a chance in choreography, but Nigel and Lil' C want to kick her butt if she doesn't bring it.

Montage of bloody awful disengaged dancers.

Travis Denison was the guy who psyched crowds up at football games, and auditioned for the Wade Robeson project when it was on MTV.  He may be full of energy, but I thought his dancing was frantic and weird.  He has a really goofy face.  Nigel wondered if Travis is related to Adam Shankman, and they did a side by side comparison, which was kind of hilarious and right on.  They look very similar.  Nigel admitted that Travis' dance was good social fun, but is not competitive.  The others agreed.

Jamal Jackson had a really strong audition that we only got to see part of.  I was impressed.  Victor Smalley rocked a very intricate hair style and some beautiful leaps.  Both are through to Vegas.

Anthony and Antwain Hart are back to audition.  I really think that Boom Boom Pow is one of the most danced to songs on this show currently.  It is danceable.  These guys did a really fun and well choreographed routine.  The judges were so happy to see them back, and applauded their growth.  Nigel nearly sent them to Vegas, but decided to send them to choreography, though he was pretty sure that they would be going on from there.

In choreography, Anthony was doing a great job, but Antwain had a really hard time with it.  Amber no-personality managed to bring it, and made it through.  Anthony also go his ticket to Vegas.  Antwain did not make it this year, though.  That's a shame, because he had some great moves in the audition routine.

Time for Day 2. 

Matthew "Boogie Links" Pollard fancies himself a lady's man.  I think he can dislocate his shoulders at will, and he had some interesting moes, but overall, he just looked kind of creepy.  Nigel said that he is not humanly capable of doing some of the things Boogie Links can do, but he doesn't know if he can dance. 

Jessica Jenson only has one hand.  She had a rare form of skin cancer in her hand and it had to be removed.  I don't know... she might be able to dance solo, but how would you do ballroom with one hand?  She danced to Imogean Heap, and she danced beautifully.  She moved me, but I just don't know if she could do partner dancing.  They are sending her to choreography, and Nigel warned her that she would have to sort out the partner dancing.

Jonathan Bryant has a huge personality.  He's made his stage name Extra.  His dance was all over tha place and the decision to wear a sweater that was falling off all the time and sweat pants that also looked about ready to leave his body ... foolish.  He looks like he is wearing pajamas and got cold.  Lil C told him that he has a lot of emotion, but when he throws it across the room, there is no destination, and it was an arguement instead of a conversation.  He started fighting with Mary when she said he needed structure.  He was jumping all over her and saying that he is dope and has a lot of personality.  Nigel didn't appreciate the cocky smile, and told him that in order to grow, he needs to accept criticism.  Nigel called him very rude, and Jonathan blathered on about not changing himself.  No all around.

Montage of disappointment.

Thomas Hamilton is the final audition of the day.  He was born a crack baby and grew up in special ed with drama at home, and he got a sob story, including music, and interview with his bed ridden adoptive mother (his aunt).  He is extremely well spoken, but can he dance?  If not, the production crew spent a lot of money on his story... It's a good thing that he is a fantastic and passionate dancer.  He did a lot of running around, though.  Thomas was apparently won over to contemporary by Mia Michaels.  Nigel worried that he did too much praise music and it was internal and didn't reach the audience.  I can see that.  Mary is glad to have seen him.  Lil C loves that Mia awakened the dancer in him.  Nigel wants choreography, and so does everyone else.

So, will he make it past choreography?  Well, Boogie Links is out, and so is Jessica.  I still think that she could be an amazing solo dancer.  Nigel said that Thomas had moments, but there were other moments that he blanked.  Still, it was enough, and he's through to Vegas.  Good for him.

Tomorrow - New Orleans!

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