Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - 9.23.09

Boston!  It's the first audition city I've been to personally, so that makes me kind of happy.  There as a funny point where a Cat tries to say "Park the Car in Harvard Yard" Boston style, and then we find out that Tyce is joining Mary and Nigel for the city.

Teddy Tedholm and his argyle pants looks a little like a way geeky Benji who needs a shave.  He looks more like a mime on speed at times than a dancer. Tyce seemed to be digging him.  I could see him growing on me, and boy had some serious rubber body going on.  He set Mary to cackling.  Nigel called him a great performer with lots of subtlety.  Mary wasn't sure if he was crazy or brilliant, but decided on crazy brilliant, and clever.  Tyce said he is like his pants - unique.  To Vegas with him!

Jean Lloret thinks he is unique.  The beginning of his routine was pretty darned weak, but when he got into the breaking, he did some things I've never seen before, with amazing muscular strength.  Without even any discussion, he gets his ticket to Vegas. 

Snippet of awesome Kimara Wood, who looked like he was about to take flight.  He is flying to Vegas, that's for sure.

Ice Cream scooper Channing Cooke is a beautiful All American girl.  She had some great extension, but her choreography was a little literal to me.  Nigel noted that she calls herself a Tomboy, and she made some goofy faces to prove it.  He said she has beautiful quality to her work.  Mary loves how strong and athletic she is, but she can also be feminine.  Tyce wanted more, but loves her.  She's on to choreography.

Ryan Pacey was a tiny premee, but is now 6'8".  He was doing some tapping, and he doesn't come close to the other tappers they've put through so far, but he does have good rhythm.  Nigel said there are times when he looks ungainly, but he has educated ankles.  Nigel wants to see him with a partner.  Mary liked his use of crescendo in the tapping.  Tyce loved the feet, but worried about flaily arms.  He's through to choreography, where I predict he will end his run, unless there is a freakishly tall girl.

Russell Fergeson is trying to be the first crumper through to Vegas.  He has some serious moves.  I kind of love him.  Nigel stole the words from Lil C and called it buck.  He thinks that individual crumping is a little too one dimensional, and he wants to see him in different styles.  Mary asked what else he is trained in, and it is extensive - classical ballet, modern, tap, jazz, and African.  Tyce called it filthy and dirty and said that Russell is one of his favorites in Boston.  To choreography with him.

Then Tyce farted in Mary's face, which caused her to cackle.  *sigh*

Febrezio Jenkins, aka Breeze is another B-boy, but not your stereotypical b-boy.  I can't decide if he fell or if it was planned, but if he didn't mean to fall, he covered it well.  He used his belly in choreography interestingly.  Mary cackled.  Of course.  Turns out his fall was not planned, and he did a great job covering it.  Tyce didn't think he should go to choreography, but Mary and Nigel decided he should.

Pretty quickly in choreography, Breeze had to drop out because he'd hurt himself in the fall.  Would anyone else make it?  Tall Ryan is out (and I am not surprised).  Channing is through to Vegas.  Russell will join her there. 

Day 2 time.

Married couple Karen and Matthew Hauer are red hot latin dancers.  Mary called them one hot tamale, and said they look like movie stars.  Tyce loves them, too.  Onward, to Vegas!  It's the first time a husband and wife team are through to Vegas.

Gene Bersten thinks he is the best and sexiest thing ever to hit the stage.  He's doing latin dancing without a partner, which is tough.  He's a little too proud of his sparse chest hair.  He is doing a pretty good job with the moves, but I'd like to see him with a partner.  Mary told him his moves are good, but thinks his facial expressions are too fake.  Tyce agreed with Mary.  Nigel appreciated his musicality.  He's on to choreography, so we'll see him with a partner.

Paul Magliato did some pilates in the park in wayyyyy too tight electric blue leggings.  He calls is style movement invention.  I called it spastic.  Nigel said it looks like he was ice skating at times.  Paul is 46 and is too old for the competition, and Nigel wanted to know if he wanted real critique.  Nigel said it was not really dancing, and Mary said it looked crazy and she was laughing for all the wrong reasons.  Tyce wondered if he was serious, and he was, and that's kind of sad.  Paul said that people stop to watch him dance... I think they stop because they are worried he is having a seizure.

Montage of super bad, and Tyce's alter ego, Dr. Evil.

Kevin Hunte, aka K'Bez is the last dancer of the city.  He's auditioned before and didn't get through, but he's hoping to make it this year.  Mary wondered what he'd been training in since his last audition, and he's been doing contemporary.  Nigel thought he had good musicality.  Tyce thought he was lying about the contemporary training because he didn't show it.  He's on to choreography.

Time for choreography.  K'Bez is through to Vegas, and so is Gene.  I think they both deserved it.

Next week - Atlanta!

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