Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yay for a New (Fall) Season: So You Think You Can Dance

It's back, and I don't care if it hasn't been very long - I am thrilled.

A hilarious montage of "falls" was shown in homage to the "fall" season. 

The first city up for auditions was LA. Adam Shankman joined Nigel and Mary on the judge's panel for LA.  (And is it just me, or does Cat sound like she's lost her voice?)

Cole Clemans was up first, and decided to do some sort of performance art with no music.  It was totally bizarre, and he looked like he was wearing his grandfather's old wife-beater, died banana yellow.  So so so not good.  I'm not even going to go near the hair... oh, but I have to!  It's like Flock of Seagulls meets mohawk.  So bad.  The judges told him he was unique, but ... no.

Mollee Gray is from Utah, and has been a principal dancer in all of the High School Musical movies, and I smell heartwarming story of the season - her family moved out with her to LA with nothing but airmattresses.  And her mom's name is Thursday.  The girl's has some interesting moves, and she's engaging to watch.  Adam said during her audition "She is so in the show," and I agree.  She does look very High School Musical, though... she is only just barely 18.  Adam is a huge fan, and loves her happy energy.  Mary called her adorable and thinks she has a ton of potential and thinks she will be a sponge.  Nigel likes her confidence after her audition, but thought her audition was a little too manic and wanted more personality in it.  She's on to Vegas. I would be stunned if she isn't in the Top 20 (or whatever it ends up being)

David Hovhannisyan and Amanda Kirby (did we see  her before?) and Brandon Dumlao were short snippets of Vegas worthy dancing...

Ryan Kazprzak is back, and so is fellow tapper Bianca Revels (who swore she wouldn't be back this season, but she is, and I'm glad)

Ryan is up first, and he showed how to do an a capella dance routine.  Tap is the way to go.  Adam told him he is an artist and said it was the best and most unique audition he's ever seen on the show.  I don't know about that, but he is quite wonderful.   Nigel said that he has seen growth in Ryan.  He's going to Vegas (did we expect anything else)?

Bianca follows him up, and Nigel asks for a tap battle between her and Ryan.  She agreed, and Ryan said that tap dancers don't call it a battle, they call it trading.  She has some seriously fun moves.  I want both of them to go on.  I love seeing some really amazing tap.  It was so entertaining, and I think Adam nearly had a fit.  She's on to Vegas.  I love it.

Last dancer of the day is very over confident Christopher Aguilar, who got his own fake movie trailer made for his intro.  He is channeling Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and calls his movie that he wants to produce Drum Song.  Would have been better if he hadn't fallen on his first tumbling pass and landed on the fronts of his ankles... ow.  He kept going, I'll give him that. But it just all looked so generic... the judges gave him jazz hands, which was funny.  Adam said it was awkward to see a man dancing a traditionally female part.  Christopher said he wanted to change the character from female to male and see if it changes the story at all.  Adam said it would absolutely change it, and it was just technically weak.  He's not going on. 

Montage of some unseen and very happy Vegas-bound dancers....

Time for Day 2!

Amber Williams has another story... her mom was paralyzed during surgery when Amber was a child.  She's another 18 year old.  She had a beautiful smile and a great face, not to mention great lines.  She drew me in.  i got chills. Nigel said that she is so light on her feet, but wanted more personality and charisma.  Mary loved her technique and her lightness.  Adam was blown away.  She's going to Vegas.  I'm thrilled. 

(If Beyonce's Halo is this season's happy song, to be played over and over again, I am not happy.  It doesn't seem right)

Alexie Agdeppa was really compelling, and I wish we had seen more of her.  Paula van Oppen gave great face, in addition to her great dancing.  Quick bits of dances shown, but on to Vegas they go.

Christina Santana is dancing a salsa with some hip hop pop and lock in it.  She was really interesting (her partner was not auditioning).  I liked the combination.  It was interesting.  I think they were strongest on the straight salsa, though.  Nigel wanted to know why her partner wasn't auditioning, and said he was bloody good.  He said that Christina gave everyone a smile, and called it thrilling.  Mary liked it a lot, too.  She got Nigel's vote when she said that she also does belly dancing.  Adam was in awe of her core strength, and to Vegas she goes!

Montage of terrible.  and I mean really terrible. 

Final dancer of the day is Phillip Atmoore, and he's another tapper.  He was Ryan's roommate on tour doing Fossey.  He gave some dirt on Ryan - who apparently has a happy face tattoo on his butt!  Funny.  And he's another fantastic and compelling tapper.  He has more of a traditional style than Bianca or Ryan, I think. Just wonderful, though.  Nigel called it superb, and said this might be the Year of the Tapper.  To Vegas with him!

Though we saw no dancers being sent to choreography, 10 dancers were sent to Vegas after the choreography round.

What did you think of the first audition night?  Next week - Phoenix!

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