Thursday, September 10, 2009

Project Runway 9.10.09

Heidi greeted the designers and told them that their challenge involved making the dreams of 13 women waiting in the workroom come true.  Turns out, their clients are their models, for a model event.  They will have $100 and only one day to make the look.

Epperson's model was all over the place in her requests.  Many of the other models were also kind of indecisive.  Louise's model really wanted red, and Louise didn't like that.  Shirin's model wanted a royal blue satin jumpsuit with gold rope.  That, right there, shows why models are models and not designers.

Back in the workroom, everyone got down to work.  When Tim came around for his look-see, he worried that Althea's belt might look like a cumberbund, but liked the idea.  Christopher had a really bright green color and almost a drop waist.  I'm not sure I liked it.  Epperson's look was coming along really beautifully, and he seemed to be getting a lot of his models wants in it.  Qrystal's dress looked messy, and Tim worried it looked like she'd been rolling around in bed.  Logan didn't want his dress to look like a smurf prom dress, and worried about the lace, which he hadn't worked with before.  Tim admitted that he had a conundrum.  Carol Hannah's dress worried Tim, too.  He thought that the top looked like she might be robbing her model of her youth.

Thought the challenge is only one day, Epperson had time to call his family (on the Sidekick, natch, sponsor sponsor...)

 Ra'Mon was working with a hammer just before the models entered.  Johnny was sure his model didn't like the dress, but I think she just was nagging him.  Althea's outfit looked fun.  Logan worried that people would be looking at his model for the wrong reasons.  Nicolas was worried about the detail work.  Shirin and her model spent a lot of time staring at her garment on the mannequin.

The next day, they have 2 hours before the runway show.  I was really digging Irina's fabric and wanted to see more of it.  Logan was worried that his look was unlike anything he would normally do, but thought that his model would like it. 

Nicolas predicted that Epperson and Johnny were going to be in the bottom. 

Runway Show

Mark Bauer, Zoey Glassner, and Jen Rate are the strangers on the judges panel with Heidi.

Qyrstal's dress was a yawn.  Black, asymmetric short dress with rando gathered.  Didn't like the back so much. 

Nicolas's dress looked really nice, but the way the model walked made her look slightly pregnant.  Seriously, if she had shown up on a red carpet in that, bump watches would be popping up all over the world.  That bit is a shame, because I really liked the look of the design on his model other than that.

Irina's outfit was a really interesting print and an unfortunately boxy and giant gold bowed jacket.. I wish I could just have the dress.

Gordana's dress was really cute but the color was a little too monochromatic with the model.

Shirin's dress was a really great color (a deep bright blue) and I liked it.  Not sure it was anything unique, but it was pretty.

Logan's dress didn't do much for his model's bust line, but it was different.  It looked a little prom dress to me.

Christopher's dress looked like a bright green lamp shade or tootie roll wrapper.  Good to know that he thought his model liked it.  Maybe she could take it home with her. 

Epperson's model worked that dress and it was very interesting.  I thought it made her look hippy, but I can appreciate the construction.

Johnny's dress looked good on his model and he seemed to think she liked it.  Nothing super special to me.

Althea's look was really weird.  It made her model look really boxy and thick.  I really really didn't like it.

Louise made a very interesting dress for her model with an Elizabethan collar.

Ra'Mon's model seemed to really love her dress, giant boob flower and all.  She gave a happy pose at the end of the runway.  It gets a resounding eh from me.

Carol Hanna's dress was really interesting.  I liked the layering.  The bottom looked like a textured leather.  Really cool.  The top was a neat purple.

Louise, Irina, Christopher, Nicolas, Gordana, Shirin, and Ra'Mon are middle of the pack this week.

Carol Hannah's dress got really great marks.  The judges loved the juxtaposition of the two fabrics (as did I). 

Logan's model liked her dress, but the judges all thought it looked like cheap, tacky, prom.  Logan admitted that he almost changed the skirt into a pencil skirt, and the judges agreed that would have been a good idea. 

Epperson's model wanted a lot from her look.  The judges seemed to love the dress, and one of them called Epperson a craftsman.  Heidi wanted more perkiness from the boobage area. 

Johnny got resounding blahs.  One of the judges said that the world doesn't need more of that dress.  Heidi thought it looked bridesmaid. 

Qrystal's dress was called plain and old.  Heidi said that it aged her about 10 years, and for models, that's like dog years.

Althea's model walked well.  Heidi wanted to buy the outfit.  The other judges agreed.  I don't see what they are seeing.  It looked like formal shorts to me.  Not ok. (But I'm no designer)

Epperson is in, and Althea is the winner.  Maybe you have to see that thing in person.  Huh.  Did any of you like it?  Carol Hannah is safe.  Johnny is safe, from the bottom.  In the end, it was down to Qrystal and Logan.  It is Qrystal's time to go, and I am so glad to not have to spell her name again until the reunion show!  By-bye, funky spelling girl.

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