Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hell's Kitchen: 9.29.09

Dave is not happy with Tenille for throwing Van under the bus, and doesn't trust her.  Kevin enjoyed watching the self destruction.  Ariel and Suzanne chain smoked away their anxieties at being in such trouble.

Ramsey met them in the kitchen for their first individual challenge.  The focus is on the presentation.  The editorial staff for Bon Appetit are helping judge the challenge.  They have to create a delicious, visually stunning dish.

Suzanne was making a salad, and Tenille's fish broke in half, so the plating on that wasn't as great as she wanted.

The Bon Appetit staff will be judging purely on looks first. The top two will be tasted by Ramsey and the Editor in Chief.  Dave totally folded under the pressure of having to name his dish and sounded like an idiot.

The scores put Tenille in last place, followed by Suzanne.  The highest scoring dish was Kevin's, and it was beautiful.  Ramsey didn't look too happy to announce that Ariel is the other one in the top 2. 

Ariel produced a sage and prosciotto wrapped John Dorey.

Kevin's is a pan seared Carribean fish.

In the end, it was a tie and they both won.  They will get to join Ramsey and the Editor in Chief for a Bon Appetit photoshoot at a wonderful restaurant, and both of their dishes will be featured in the magazine.  Cool.

The losers will be doing community service and cleaning a roadside (Hell's Kitchen has adopted a highway).  Dave is not looking forward to hearing Tenille bitch about losing.  He didn't have to wait long before she started complaining about how not right it was.  She certainly does know how to complain.  When they were done with the road, they had to steam clean the red carpet.  Dave's wrist was not doing well.  His cast was wrapped in ice. 

Kevin tried to convince Dave to leave the competition, because it would be getting rid of probably his stiffest competition, but Dave seemed bound and determined to stick it out.

During prep. Kevin decided to take charge, which annoyed Suzanne.  Ramsey told them that he wants them all determined, wants them to finish service, wants them to be on top of their stations and on top of their games.  Here's for hoping.  The menu will also feature the two winning items from the challenge.

Dave is on cold apps, Tenille is on hot apps, and Suzanne is on fish.  Kevin was on garnish, and Ariel was on meat. Immediately, animosity caused problems.  They got on top of it and got the first table out.  There was an onslaught of diners all at once.  There were a lot of dishes to go up at once.  Tenille was sure of her risotto, but Ariel told her it was mush.  She said it was fine, but Ramsey did not agree.  Try it again.

Ramseyhad to send incomplete tables out, and Tenille continued to overcook the risotto.  Turns out, Kevin's prep was bad, and the starting rice was overcooked.  Ramsey was not happy with Kevin at all, and was all over him.  They finally got it right and went out.  Service sped up considerably.

Entree service started, and then Ariel sent up pink chicken.  NOT good.  They fixed the problem and got the chicken out - only to have Suzanne have her chance at sending up raw food.  Her John Dorey was raw.  So not good. Ramsey looked about ready to throw a cutting board at her.

It was kind of a mess.  Tables were not getting sent out together, Ariel tried to send out raggedly butchered lamb.  He called her out into the dining room and yelled at her.  How embarrassing.

Ramsey seemed about ready to close the kitchen, but they managed to limp across the finish line.  Ramsey said it was one of the worst services in a long time, and they started off well.  Since they didn't come together as a team in service, they have to come together as a team to put two people up.

Suzanne is a big fan of herself.  In the end, they came up with Ariel and Suzanne.  Finally, it was Suzanne and her enormous ego going home.  I don't think anyone will miss her.

At this point, I'm rooting hard for Dave.  How about you?

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