Tuesday, April 1, 2008

American Idol: Top 9 - Dolly Parton Night!

I'm sure the Idol contestants have been working more than 9-5 on their efforts this week. At least I hope so. Of course Ryan had to go there - "Dolly took 5 with our top 9." I wish I had thought of that one! It looks like they might be doing all Dolly songs! I'm happy about that, because I don't know many Dolly songs, but the ones I do know, I like, and if it was a full out country night, I would be sure to hate most of the songs right off the bat.

Now onto the meat of the night!

Brooke White (Jolene) - She sounded great in rehearsal. The minimal accompaniment works really well for her, and I think this is one of my favorite in weeks from her. Possibly ever. See, this is great, because it's a little peppier, but she isn't flailing around, she's just giving it her all. Now I remember why I liked Brooke. That was amazing. I didn't notice any pitch problems, but I am not really familiar with the song. Unfortunately, we are having a lot of wind tonight, and my satellite fuzzed out what Paula and Simon said... I stand by my own thoughts.

David Cook (Little Sparrow) - His hair is looking better somewhat, I like the shorter bangs, it minimizes the Captain Combover look. I like that he is doing his own arrangement. That shows a lot of musicianship. I am also not familiar with this song, but I really like it. David Cook really knows how to use his voice, he knows his range well, and it shows on this arrangement, I think. I really enjoyed that. Immensely. I'm glad that the judges liked it, too. Go David Cook!! And no, he was not singing about the pictured Sparrow, but I liked the picture.

Ramiele Malubay (Do I Ever Cross Your Mind)
- Finally something peppy! Unfortunately, someone decided that putting a little girl in slightly shimmery short overall dress was a good idea. It's not. Not at all. I think Ramiele did a good job, but I was bored, she is just out of her league at this point. I'm glad that Simon agreed with me, that it was a bit forgettable.

Jason Castro (Traveling Through) - Another peppier song from a normally sleepy performer! I'm liking tonight so far, that's for sure. I think he showed some more initiative with this song, and he did a good job. I mean, it's still his standard standing with a guitar performance, but I was interested this week. He does have such a nice voice. Yay! How funny that Simon said "I'm losing my Season Pass to Dollywood" before giving critique.

Carly Smithson (Here You Come Again) - I like Carly's red pants. She looks gorgeous tonight. I kind of like her singing more of a ballad. She does it well, without shouting or sounding forced. She put a lot of feeling into it, and I kind of think this is one of my favorites from her. Solid, heartfelt, and lovely. Finally something that I will remember Carly for. Simon picked on her clothes, I didn't think that was fair. The shirt could have used some help (another sleeveless shirt), but don't go knocking the red pants, Simon. I'm not a huge boot fan, but I'm also not a huge tattoo fan, so each to their own.

David Archuleta (Smokey Mountain Memories) - Another slow song for David, yawn. We get it, David A, you are good at singing ballads like you mean them. If I am being honest, I find him kind of nasal at times, mostly in the higher rang. I think maybe he likes the people waving their arms in the audience for him. I don't think he is going home this week, because vocally it was solid, but he has to kick it up somewhat, show some versatility, or he is not going to be in this for the run. I mean, it was good, he sounded good, he licked his lips less, but I am so over him. Sorry. The judges were nearly obsequious to him. I am done unless he shows me he can do more than one thing. A one-trick pony is still a one-trick pony, even if the trick is really good.

Kristy Lee Cook (Coat of Many Colors) - This should be her week, given that she is self-professed Country girl. She looks lovely, but I wish she had stood up a little earlier. The song seems a bit odd to wear a beautiful evening gown singing. I would have maybe worn jeans. Or red pants. Can't go wrong with red pants. I have to say, I thought she did a good job. I'm not voting for her, because I think she has been out performed many times so far.

Syesha Mercado (I Will Always Love You) - A totally predictable choice from her, I am saddened to say. In a Grecian looking yellow dress (with a red belt), she Michelle Pfiefers it up on the piano. Her holds at the end of the song were impressive, I actually liked that a whole lot more than I expected to. I loved the understated arrangement of it, without all the insane over the top runs that Whitney Houston did with the song. Better than I thought it would be by far.

Michael Johns (It's So Wrong, But It's So Right) - Ascotted again, Michael is minimally accompanied by only a piano and an electric guitar. I think that someone got the memo and turned down the background singer's microphones. Michael showed off his quite impressive range. It was beautiful. I hope that he does make it as a star, because Dolly wants to write songs for him. Wow.

My goodness, I don't know who I want to vote for tonight, they were all so good.

Definitely David Cook, Brooke, Michael Johns, and Carly. I'll throw a couple to Jason.

Hopefully, David Archuleta , Ramiele, and maybe Kristy Lee Cook will be the bottom three. I'm sure they won't be, but it would be right, in my opinion. (Edited - because I had made a terrible typo and said that David Cook should be in the bottom 3. No no no!!!)

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