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So You Think You Can Dance - 7/16/08

Cat could be a Bond Girl in her outfit tonight, very gold and shimmery.

As I blogged earlier, Jessica is out of the competition. She explained that she broke some ribs and fractured some more. Yuck. Poor thing. She's still going to be on tour, after she has time to heal.

Enter Comfort.

It's all about the votes from now on, so the judges are relegated to American Idol status, just there to give their critiques. The lowest number of votes = out, one guy and one girl. Still, Lil C is the guest judge this week.

Couples for this week are mixed.

Courtney & Joshua 1st dance (Hip Hop choreographed by Dave Scott) Courtney is nervous about popping, because she has never done it before. Courtney's character is Bride of Frankenstein, and she did pretty well. There was a hand stand thing she did that was a little weak. Joshua was awesome, and he did some lip syncing to the music, and the routine ended with a cute "electric shock" when he kissed her. Lil C thought that Josh killed it, and thought that Courtney did well, too. Mary thought they had great chemistry, and cackled about how much fun it was, and how Joshua stole the show, and said that Courtney did a respectable job. Nigel commended Courtney's character, but also caught the problem with the leg in the air not going so well, and he loved Joshua.

Everyone will also do a solo in the weeks to come.

Chelsie did a solo to Pon de Replay, and she was in a very cool shimmy dress. It was a good solo, but could have been better. I do love her, though.

Kherrington & Mark 1st dance (Country Two Step choreographed by Ronnie and Brandi) Brandi is all preggers, and that was kind of cool to see her dancing so super pregnant. Their turns in the beginning were not completely in sync, but I don't know if they were supposed to be. The rest of it was pretty good, but I don't know anything about the two step. It was kind of choppy. Lil C thought it was a fun routine, but thought there was a missed turn in the beginning. He liked their characters. Mary thought that Kherrington's arms were loose and the turns didn't connect smoothly. Mark looked really surprised when Mary gave him kudos, saying that it was not his fault if a turn was not met by Kherrington. Nigel accused Kherrington of leading instead of letting Mark lead, and he was proud that they didn't give up, even thought they looked uncomfortable.

Gev's solo: He is so cool. I really love to see him in his own element because he has amazing control and ability.

Comfort & Twitch 1st dance (Smooth Waltz choreographed by Hunter Johnson) The first lift was beautiful, and looked effortless. I still am not feeling a connection from Comfort, but Twitch gave it his all. The lift where Twitch "cupped her butt" as she put it in rehearsals was wonderfully done. Comfort still looked uncomfortable, oddly given her name. Lil C didn't think they were floating well enough. Mary didn't like it. She said it was lacking power. I like it better when she doesn't like something, because at least she doesn't cackle or scream. She said that there was no flow, and the quality of movement was not there, no rise and fall. Nigel thought they didn't look like they belonged in the top 10, but he was appreciative of the final lift, and called it their Dirty Dancing moment.

Courtney's Solo: She is just so likeable. I think she really might be my favorite girl at this point, right up there with Chelsie. She did a gorgeous solo.

Katee & Will 1st dance (Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio) They both got into character beautifully, with Will playing a straight laced guy and Katee playing a ditzy temptress. They had a boat as a prop, since their song was Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat. By the end, Will had ripped his shirt open, because what's a routine if he's fully clothed? It was cute. Lil C thought they were explosive in character and choreography. Mary cackled and screamed, so she must have liked it. She thought Katee was super cute, and Will gave his all and had fun and did great. Nigel said it was terrific and worthy of a Top 10.

Mark's Solo: He redid his solo for Bohemian Rhapsody we saw bit of in Vegas, and I can't blame him. He is awesome and so different. I'm sad it had to end!

Chelsie & Gev 1st dance (Contemporary choreographed by Sonya) I love these two together! The routine was really quite beautiful, and they had great chemistry. Lil C said that they really committed to the routine, and it was great. Mary said that they had amazing believable chemistry, and appreciated Gev's leaps, and the effortless lifts. Nigel didn't think that Gev was passionate enough and thought he might have Courtney on his mind. I wonder if those two are really a couple. Probably not, but they are so cute.

Comfort's Solo: She was pretty good in her solo, but I still think she could have given it more.

Twitch's Solo: He certainly covered the stage. He moves in such interesting ways. He was wearing a SuperTwitch T-shirt, and it was cute.

Courtney & Joshua 2nd dance (Rhumba choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereaux and France) They certainly have chemistry. I thought I caught a couple moments when Courtney looked like she was thinking about what came next. They did beautifully, though. I loved it. Lil C said they took his breath away and he might need his asthma medicine. He also noticed that Courtney was anticipating lifts. Mary whined about how difficult the rhumba is, and thought they did great with hip rolls and keeping balanced, and thought it had subtle sexiness, then she yelled about how fantastic it was. Nigel sucked up to the choreographers, and thought that Joshua was nicely butch. Joshua seemed jealous that Will and Twitch "always get naked on stage"

Katee's solo: She grinned through the whole thing and the song was kind of sad, so I wish he had emoted a little better. But the dancing was nice.

Kherrington & Mark 2nd dance (Jazz choreographed by Tyce Diorio) The routine focuses on showcasing the style of the dance and not a story. I like stories, especially with Mark. They just looked like two people excited to be dancing jazz. I don't really love them as a couple, and that makes me sad because I love Mark so much. Lil C liked Kherrington's turns, but thought that when Mark was getting Kherrington out of the lift it didn't look smooth. Mary said it didn't make her feel anything. I kind of agree and that is sad. She also thought that Mark really benefits from a character, and I also agree. Nigel called it a driving test. They passed the driving test, but it felt passionless.

Will's solo: He was very emotive, and he did an amazing leap that looked like he had jumped off a springboard. He's safe.

Comfort & Twitch 2nd dance (Hip hop choreographed by Dave Scott) They are really competitive with each other, and I think this type of thing works better than a love story. Twitch did a backwards worm at one point (instead of on his stomach, he was on his back). It was a great routine for both of them to show what they can do, and the choreography was really neat. Lil C said it was kind of Buck. I assume that's good. Hey - he just made my week by defining buck: when internal artistry meets physical expression. Now that makes sense. He loved it, and thought it was the best Comfort has been, and I agree. Mary cackled and screamed about how buck it was, and she can't pull that off. She said that Comfort stepped up to the plate and did great, then she did "Not Worthy" bows for Twitch. Nigel said it looked like they were dancing for the joy of it, and it didn't look choreographed. He said this is the first time he has seen evidence of his prior exclamation that Comfort is the best hip hop girl he's seen.

Kherrington's solo: She also grinned her way through a kind of angry song. It was an ok solo, but not great. She is super sexy.

Katee & Will 2nd dance (Pas de deux choreographed by Dwight Roden and Desmond Richardson) It's a kind of ballet, I think? It's a new style for the show. Will is half naked again, and I am angered that they are dancing to Archie's version of Imagine. There was a moment where Katee looked like she got stuck in a spin for a moment, but she recovered well. Will had a couple amazing outstanding leaps, and a beautiful spin sequence. The very end had a spin into a lift and it was so interesting (in a good way) that I want to watch it again. I can forgive them for the Archie song. Lil C thought it was a great routine, and thought that they had commitment and conviction and passion and fervor. Mary said beautiful several times and let out kind of a yelp instead of her full-blown scream. Nigel sucked up to the choreographers again (got to keep them happy and coming back), and he caught one mistake that Katee made (I missed it, but my husband saw it), but thought that they nailed it otherwise.

Joshua's solo: He did the best of the night I think. He did a back flip out onto the stage, threw in some Michael Jackson moves, and a fantastic roundhouse kick. It was powerful and fun, and made me like him even more.

Chelsie & Gev 2nd dance (Jive choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereuax and France) Gev's wearing heels, and Chelsie is very shimmery. It was a great fun routine and their characters were great. I think that there was one missed connection where Gev reached for Chelsie and missed her, but other than that, it was rocking. Lil C said that Chelsie outstepped him, and led, and he thought that Gev needed to kick it up a notch to settle into the style. Mary thought it was great and cackled about how Chelsie was great. She squealed about how she wanted more fun in the dance, but she liked it. Nigel agreed that Chelsie really outdanced Gev, who was sometimes stacatto instead of bouncy.

This is so hard, I don't know who is going to leave!! Probably Comfort, though Kherrington might be in trouble. I hope that Mark and Gev are safe, and I think that Joshua really did a good job. Will and Twitch... I hope they are both safe. I don't feel Will as much, but you can't deny his talent. This is going to be so hard in the weeks to come!

I think that Courtney, Joshua, and Chelsie did the best tonight. Anyone have any idea who is going?

Tomorrow there is going to be a group Bollywood routine! Woot!

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