Thursday, July 3, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - 7.3.08

Results Night!

The group number is set to Money Money from Cabaret, and that's always fun. Mark got another fun acting part. It was cute, though not my favorite group dance. It was choreographed by Tyce Diorio.

Cat's look is much nicer tonight. Almost Egyptian. The stylists have fun with her, that's for sure.

There is a little recap about bad auditions, and how mean Tyce was during auditions. I don't know that was necessary. Kind of out of place and weird. Maybe it was padding to make up for the lack of it last night.

Finally getting to the meat of the matter, Twitch and Kherrington and Katee and Joshua are up first. I am reminded how much I loved that bed dance, and I might just have to rewatch it. I really really hated Katee's hair in the Mia Michael's routine, and they could have brought more to the West Coast Swing. It was fun, but was it enough? After psyching them out a little, Cat reveals that both couple are safe. Twitch looked like he was going to faint. Or kick Cat in the shins. Not sure which.

Next up are Kourtni and Matt, Courtney and Gev, and Mark and Chelsie. Kourtni and Matt are quickly sent to the bottom 3, and I think it is deserved. Courtney and Gev join them there, and I don't think that is as deserved, but I wouldn't be sad to see Gev go, sadly. I like him, but I think he hasn't shown himself as a dancer all the way yet.

Comfort and Thayne and Jessica and Will are up last. Jessica is safe for another week at least, because Comfort and Thayne are in the bottom.

Before seeing solos, I worry about Kourtni and Gev. We'll see how the solos shake down before I make final predictions.

First, though, it's time for contortionist extraordinaire, Robert Murane. I don't think he would have done well in the competition with different styles, and he knew it, but he sure is an incredible popper, and I am happy to see him again. Nigel said that he also loved Philip Chbeeb, and he wants a dance off between the two of them. That would be awesome. Make it happen, producers. Might happen in the finale.

It's solo time. Kourtni did a convincing solo, and I liked her commitment, even though I hated her hair and her outfit.

Matt's solo was pretty good, too, but I don't know if it was enough to save him.

Courtney did an impressive amount of pirouettes, and she is cute as a button, but I don't know that her solo was strong enough, and I would be sad to lose her, so I hope it was enough.

After his solo, I really hope not to lose Gev because he is so good and different from all the contemporary boys in the competition. He brought his all to his solo, and it was amazing.

Comfort also brought everything that she had to her solo, though I wish she hadn't worn the hat. It could have been stronger, though. She seemed to do the same thing over and over again.

Thayne's solo was a little so-so, and I worry for him. He stayed up on the stairs too long, in my opinion.

Ok, after the solos, I think Courtney (sadly) might be in trouble, and it's between Thayne and Matt for me. We'll see if I am right.

During the deliberation, One Republic performed, and I like them, but I have to admit, I fast forwarded because it was getting late. (I have to say, and regular readers won't be surprised by this declaration, if you want to hear really good falsetto, go listen to some Erasure. I had to say it.)

Results are in, and Nigel said that they had a really hard time deciding. They were not unanimous. Courtney and her pocket sized cuteness are staying, and I am glad. Nigel didn't like Comfort's solo, but she is safe. Kourtni is gone this week, even though her solo was pretty darned good. I suppose it's been coming for a couple of weeks, though.

As for the guys, Gev proved himself in his solo, and he is safe. Matt has not shown improvement in the show, even though he is really good, so he is gone. Couples remain intact this week. Goodbye Matt and the weird ninja thing.


Anonymous said...

I was doing a search trying to find out who was voted off last night and found your blog. I really appreciate all the info. Fifteen minutes into the show my power went out and I missed the whole rest of the show. Bummer!!! :-(

But, I saw on the show web site mention of Nigel being rude to Robert Murane and I noticed you didn't mention anything about that here. What did he say and do you think he was rude to him? Just my luck to lose my power and miss the whole thing. I like Nigel but from watching all the shows with British judges I've learned that they can sometimes be a little rude.

Astrid said...

Glad that you enjoyed it! Nigel being rude to Robert was pretty much a dig at him because he gave up in Vegas. When they were discussing the possible dance off between Robert and Philip Chbeeb, Nigel asked him if he was planning on chickening out again.

I don't think it was necessarily rude, just a dig.

And I don't know if it is the British judges trying to be like Simon, or if it is just a more forthright and honest manner of speaking... cultural? I don't know. In Nigel's case, it seems genuine, and I don't mind it.

beth said...

hi, me again, your new fan. I kinda agree that he was a little rude. I mean the dude shouldnt have given up, but then again why did he audition in the first place? He must have known that he couldnt do choreography before.. I think it was to be 'discovered'. That being said he is pretty amazing and id love to see a dance off too!