Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yay for a New Season - Project Runway!!!

The designers enter quickly an I couldn't keep up. I immediately dislike Blayne and his tanning addiction. Suede talks about himself in third person and looks like he is trying too hard to look different. After they have all gathered, up to the roof they go to meet Heidi and Tim! No challenge yet, just a good ol' celebration.

Keith is self-taught, and I kind of like him. Kenley is super cute. Daniel draws inspiration from nature. Those are first impressions.

Very early in the morning, Tim had everyone rally the troops for their first challenge. Their first challenge is a repeat of the first season (which I tragically did not watch). Austin from the first season is guest judge for this one, and each person gets an envelope. Everyone has $75 and half an hour to shop in a grocery store (I assume the envelope was money). Some people are getting produce, some people are getting other items. I would have gone with other items. Trash bags, mop heads, shower curtains, plastic cups, kale... Can't wait to see what they come up with.

Each person got a card with info about their model when they got to Parsons.

Stella is upset because her garbage bags are garbage. Shocker.

Blayne is even more annoying when he starts talking. He sniffs constantly and calls his design girlicious.

Tim urged Stella to make it work, and wanted the people with tablecloths (and there were lots of them) to give wow factor. He was really disappointed in the amount of tablecloths that people chose.

Make it work, everyone. Make it work. God, I love Tim Gunn.

There was a mad rush to cover up table cloths. More materials were revealed.

Blayne was the first one done and he was annoying about it. Stella flipped out about her trash bag issue some more.

The next day, Stella was feeling a little better. The models arrived and Blayne had fit problems. Jerry's outfit was stark and weird. There was a mad dash to get everything done before the runway show, in true PR fashion.

Man, Heidi just has legs that go forever. She's so gorgeous. Joining her judging are Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Austin.

Emily: Tablecloth, balloons, napkins, and bouncy balls: The dress was kind of cute. She called it
Jerell: Tablecloth, lawn chairs, cocktail umbrellas,koosh ball: I love this dress. Very cute
- Tablecloth, meringue cookies, coffee filters, marshmallows. The candy convering was neat, but the shape of the dress was weird.
Korto - Tablecloth, Kale, Bell peppers, cherry tomatoes: I don't like the fit, but the thing stuck together with kale on it, and that's a feat.
Jennifer - Paper towels and lipstick: cute idea, good fit.
Daniel - Plastic cups and muslin: love this dress. It is innovative and really well done. The fit around the chest was off.
Terri - Mop heads and tablecloth: The top is crocheted out of mop heads, and that is impressive. the skirt was so so.
Suede - Table cloth, dog waste bags. It still just looks like a tablecloth that someone went crazy gluing plastic to to me.
Stella - Garbage bags. Still looks like garbage bags.
Joe - Oven Mitts, fusilli pasta, tomato can labels, muslin. The skirt swung really well, and I liked this outfit.
Kenley - Dodge ball, lawn chair, tablecloth: neat.
Jerry - Shower curtain, tablecloth. It was horrible like a maternity dress gone wrong. Really wrong.
Wesley - Tablecloth, flyswatters, plastic cups. This dress is neat. A little too much table cloth, but nice
Blayne - Drawer liners, shoelaces, jump rope and potholders. She looked like someone had thrown a playboy bunny in the garbage, pulled her out, and kept what stuck. Ick.
Kelli - Vacuum bags, bleach, dye, coffee filters, thumbtacks and notebooks: Her dress was neat. I could have done without the coffee filter bodice. I mean, not without, but done differently.
Keith - Tablecloth, laundry bags, and car shade. It looks good, but it is still a tablecloth.

Daniel, Jerry, Karto, Stella, Kelli, Blayne are in the bottom, or the top. The others are all safe.

Daniel's dress gets good marks for creativity.

Michael Kors thought that Jerry's dress looked like a handiwipe, and it was just all wrong.

Karto's tomato-full dress was given good marks and the judges liked it.

Stella is in trouble. Her dress was called a yawn.

Kelli's creativity was lauded, even though my husband said it gave her pancake boobs.

Heidi called Blayne's outfit Playboy Bunny gone grunge, and I cheered that she saw the same thing I did. They said it looked diaperish.

Karto is the first one to be safe, and Kelli is the winner of the first challenge, and I am glad. She was so creative with the bleach and dye. Daniel is safe, as is Blayne (boo). Stella survived her garbage bag garbage, and Jerry's slasher-like "dress" was his downfall, and he is the first one aufed.

Who are your initial faves this season?

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