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Project Runway - 7/30/08

A strangely casual Heidi enters the runway, in jeans and a cute top. The winning and losing designer's models enter the Runway, and Suede said that Suede loves Tia and Suede could never leave Tia, and my hopes that Suede would start talking about Suede in third person are dashed. Heidi then announced that Tim is bringing the contestants out on the town, and when Tim showed up, Blayne called him Timlicious, and I hate Mr. Tan even more. It's raining, so Tim had everyone put on rain boots and ponchos, and they went to a Double Decker Tour Bus. Their challenge is t design an outfit for a night on the town inspired by NYC at night. There will be four stops, and at each stop, some of them will get off and get time to take pictures to inspire their outfits.

Suede, Daniel, Leann, and Jennifer got off at the first stop.

Stella, Kenley, Blayne, and Keith got off next, and Blayne looked for a tanning salon. Ugh.

Korto, Kelli, and Joe were off next, followed by Terri, Emily, and Jerrell.

There was some mad photography, except for Stella, who couldn't figure out how to use the camera, and then got pissed because Keith walked in front of her. She is so annoying.

In the morning, the designers had half an hour to serve as their inspiration, and then they got to shop with $100. It is their first trip to Mood, and they are excited to be able to choose their own fabric. Stella was confused by the store and wanted assistance, yelling like crazy.

Back at Parsons, the designers get until 1 AM to work on their garment, and immunity is at stake.

Suede continued to talk about Suede in the third person and I just want to tune Suede out. Some of the designs looked really interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing them finished. Stella chose blinders on a horse as her inspiration and she was hammering grommets onto her outfit, and it annoyed pretty much everyone. Tim's check in came, and he was worried about Jennifer's finishing, and worried that Keith's dress had no shape, and he worried about Kenley's fabrics and thought they looked costumey. Terri's open back dress worried him, too. Tim loved Leann's skirt, though she had no top yet. He urged her not to overwork it. Emily's photograph was amount movement and energy. Tim said that her dress was just a black dress with a great big corsage and he thought it was not likely to go over well with the judges. Blayne told Tim to "Holla at Your Boy," and Tim attempted to understand that piece of slang and failed pretty much. Stick with "Make it Work," Tim. Stick with it.

The next morning, there was some very unfortunate fashion seen on the designers, from Blayne's yellow picnic blanket shirt to Keith's quilt square headband, and Stella's weird tights. Keith's model had to drop out and the previously eliminated model is back in for him, and Tim called it a "Make it Work Moment." There was some furious stitching at the end, but it seemed like almost everyone finished a garment.

Runway time! Heidi is back at home in her minidress, and her thighs get the air they must crave, after the previous jeans. Sandra Bernhard is the guest judge, billed as NY night life afficiado.

Keith's Dress: I actually ended up liking the dress, and it was very different. He definitely put a lot of work into it. The thing was covered in tiny squares of fabric, and it had a lot of movement and spunk.

Blayne's Dress: He did a black dress that looked like it vomited a rainbow off one side. Not so sure about that choice.

Joe's Dress: Really neat and conveyed the photo well. We didn't see any of it in the workshop, so it was a surprise.

Emily's Dress: I did not like this one. It looked like something Barbie would wear.

Leanne's Dress: The skirt is fabulous, and the top was understated enough to let the skirt pop. I couldn't see if the top was well made, but the bottom certainly was.

Jennifer's Dress: The dress looked like something out of the 70's. Think maternity tunic 70's, though, not Disco 70's. Her model looks like she had a paunch, and that's not a good look.

Jerell's Dress: His fabric was incredible, but it looked more like a prom dress than an evening out in NYC dress. Still, it was nicely done.

Kelli's Dress: This thing had a ton of things going on. Fringe, a corsety top, perhaps suspenders, and a pencil-type skirt? Not my favorite from her. Her inspiration was Mad Max/Fire Hydrant, so maybe it worked in that light.

Daniel's Dress: It looked a little odd and strangely amateur. I don't know about that one.

Kenley's Dress: I am sorely disappointed. Her dress had a big bubble skirt and the fabric looked like something you would put a slipcover over. Very early 80's. The tulle in the skirt was just strange.

Suede's Dress: It was a pretty neat shirtdress, and looked well made.

Stella's Outfit: She did fitted pants and a silvery vest-shirt. It was very well made and looked like something someone would wear. Nice. I hate to say it, but maybe she IS as rock and roll as she claims to be. I dislike her personality, but I think I can forgive her the garbage bag "dress" for this.

Korto's Outfit: I'm sorry, she lost me as soon as she said "my jumpsuit." Jumpsuits should be relegated to science fiction and prisons. It was boring and all black and I didn't see where her inspiration came in.

Terri's Outfit: I really hated the fabric she used at first, but it kind of grew on me upon viewing. The flared pants underneath were interesting, and it was different.

After scoring, Keith, Kenley, Emily, Terri, Jennifer, and Leann were in the bottom and the top.

Kenley's dress was called "very 80's, Joan Collins, Power-Bitch Dress." The judges actually liked it. Yipes. Ok.

Michael said that Keith's dress looked like toilet paper caught in a windstorm. Heidi said it had no shape, and Nina called it sloppy.

Terri's dress was called fierce, sexy, and in control. Sandra said it had attitude. Heidi loved the look, and Michael thought it was appealing.

Nina called Emily's dress a Carmen Miranda moment. The ruffle was called distracting.

Leanne's Dress (ok, skirt and blouse) was quite well received. Heidi said she would wear it in a heartbeat.

Jennifer's clock inspiration was not seen in the dress. Michael didn't like the hem, and Heidi said it was matronly. Nina called it ok, but on the boring side. I think she is in trouble.

Terri is swiftly pronounced safe, and Kenley is the winner. I wish it had been Leanne, because I kind of hated Kenley's dress. Leanne is also safe, and Keith's toilet paper dress is also safe. Emily and Jennifer and in the bottom two. Jennifer was safe to attempt to get her surrealistic view across in a different challenge, and Emily was aufed, though she still stood by her mess of a dress.

Do you think the right design won tonight? Did you like Kenley's ... thing?

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