Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Next Food Network Star - 7/27/08

It's down to Lisa, Aaron, and Adam! Who will win?

The show started with a little segment from each finalist about who they are and why they want to be here.

Lisa is annoying beyond belief, and I don't think I would watch her show.

Adam seems so sad about the closing of his restaurant, it really drags him down. He needs to be all that he can be and not dwell. I know, easier said...

Aaron is very likable and I hope that he can bring his personality to the finale, because he is special.

It's final audition time! They get a fully produced pilot of their potential show. It is going to be shot on Rachael Ray's set, and it is produced by Gordon Elliot. Their pilot is 4 1/2 minutes.

First, they get a few moments to set a pitch out for their show.

Lisa is first, and she brought in all sorts of props to show her ideas. First pitch was "Beautiful Basics" (who is not surprised), and it was presented as "this is my show in a box." Gordon looked slightly confused. Her second pitch was "Pure and simple," about Green Living and organics. Her third pitch is Fashion and Food. Ummm. Gordon shot that one down. He was most impressed by beautiful basics, but wanted her to not come off as a smarty pants. ha ha. too late.

Aaron wants to introduce herbs and spices with an educational aspect. Gordon wants his show to be more about him, and suggests the name "Big Daddy's Kitchen," from a nickname he's been given by the other contestants.

Adam's first pitch is to get people's recipes from the internet and then make his version of it. Gordon wants him to chat live with people on the internet and use his comedic ability. Interesting.

Lisa's outfit is fuchsia, which is a bit much on Rachael Ray's set, which is all green, orange, and yellow. It made my eyes hurt. Her first take she went over time badly, and didn't get to finish her dish. She is making a complicated fish dish with a french sauce I can't pronounce, let alone spell. During her second take, she totally dropped the ball and got flustered. She squinted and pursed her lips and used big pretentious words. She seemed to get it near the end, but the colors were still ill-advised.

Adam is up next, with "Hungry in Philadelphia". I like the interaction with the home viewer. It's really neat. The viewer had The Roast Chicken Blues. He had a lot of steps and had to answer questions real time from the viewer while still trying to get everything done. By his final take, he seemed to get it down pat, and Gordon said "That felt like a show!" I think I would like his show. I certainly like the idea.

It's time for Aaron to show his personality. He got a little repetitive and nervous and had a terrible time getting it down, but his last take looked decent. We'll see how it comes out in the end. He was not excited about it, and thought he did not get it right.

It's time to see their pilots! Lisa is wearing her chandelier-crystal necklace which seems to be a favorite of hers. Not mine.

Before viewing the pilots, the other finalists were brought in. Nipa was wearing a very silver pillowcase. I have seen lots of Indian garb, and that didn't look nearly as nice as any of the things I have seen. Yipes.

Lisa's Beautiful Basics is up first. Squinty and pretentious, she made sure to let the viewer know that she started making her impossible to spell sauce. She did an ok job, but I would never watch her show. Just wouldn't. At this point, it's a matter of principal. The committee was impressed.

Adam's Hungry in Philadelphia is next. He was funny in introducing it, and the name is a play on Sleepless in Seattle. He came off as personable and funny and I loved the interaction with the viewer. He came up with some of his own terms, like Faux-B-Q, and he was great. I want to try his chicken. His show, I would watch. I would go out of my way to watch it. Onto the dvr it would go. The committee said it was a joy to watch and he looked at ease. Susie said that she learned a lot from his pilot, and Bobby said that everyone would like to try his chicken. Yes, please.

(From a commercial for a new show Ask Aida that was on during the break, I am dubious that Adam wins... her show looks a LOT like his pitch. Humph.)

Aaron's show is interesting. He managed to get his personality out their and look at home on camera. I want to make those plantains, even if he did use a Paula-worthy amount of butter in them. He just might win this. He was funny and his dish looked good and unique. He did do a bit of awkward gesturing with his knife at the end, but other than that... Bob and Susie said that this was the Aaron they love and were waiting for.

I would be happy with either Aaron or Adam winning. Lisa I just want to see slipping and spilling her sauce all over herself again. Since I can't find it on YouTube, I'll just smile thinking about it. Call me mean if you want to, but that was the most human I have seen her acting during this entire show.

Ok, I have a friend named Brook Johnson, and she is NOT the President of the Food Network, but I just had to laugh at the coincidence.

Each of the finalists gets to speak about win or lose, what the experience has meant to them. Nothing ground breaking here, just the same old. The winner is ....


I am not surprised, but I wish that Adam got his own show, too. I guess I'll have to check out Ask Aida. I hope that Adam comes back and gets his own show, too. Since last season's winner. Amy Finley, has disappeared off the face of Food Network, maybe they'll find a spot for him... somewhere.

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