Thursday, July 31, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - 7/31/08

Cat is in a different color disco ball inspired design tonight, and it is actually kind of lovely. It's a shimmery blue and I like it. The group routine is set to Bette Middler's The Rose, and the men all got to have open shirts. Thank you, wardrobe department! The lifts were pretty impressive for the most part. I don't know if they were supposed to be in unison, but some of them were kind of staggered. It was really quite a beautiful routine, though. It was choreographed by Mandy Moore.

Cat had some fun tossing her hair in the fan, and I just love her.

(I apologize for spelling Adam Shankman's name wrong last night. I misheard it as Chapman.)

Nigel's plee for people to vote in the November elections seemed to work - the registration at went up 400%. That's impressive.

Adam announced that the winner of SYTYCD is going to have a featured dance role in a movie he's producing. Neato.

Before finding out the results for the nights, the judges got to talk about how much they love all the dancers left right now, and I agree. I don't think there could be a bad turnout in the group. Also, before finding out the results, we get some more padding with solos from everyone. Wish they could be longer solos.

Courtney's Solo: She is so emotive, but I am getting kind go bored with the short solos. I do just adore Courtney, though.

Mark's Solo: Perfect song choice, he danced to Gwen Stefani's Wind it Up. I wanted mych more of it. He is so neat. The song is weird, just like him. I have a soft spot for the weird and quirky.

Katee's Solo: She grinned through another one. I just can't keep these little Contemporary solos separate at this point.

Joshua's Solo: He popped really well and the song had all sorts of changes in tempo, and he kept right up with them. I really am liking him more than Twitch this week. Amazing. Cat announced that he just had his braces off. Call me blind, because I never really noticed them in the first place.

Chelsie's Solo: I hate the dress, but she knows how to use her legs. The dress looks like a showgirl that got inadvertently caught in an elevator, and she just decided to go with it.

Twitch's Solo: Ok, I am in love with him again, because he danced to Don't Worry, Be Happy. He glided across the stage with glee and joy. I think that Joshua's solo was better, but I want to be Twitch's friend.

There was a treat of a crazy good dance routine from a little boy, doing all sorts of break dancing moves. Impressive. I wonder how old he is. He looks tiny, but he is really strong, with one-handed hand stands, etc. I think his name is L'il Demon. Cat talked to him afterwards. He is 6 and has been dancing for 2 years. He's seriously adorable.

Enough with the padding! It's elimination time. But not before a recap of each girl. I don't know who is going home tonight, but I hope it is Katee. I just love the other two so much. They seem spunkier. I admire spunk.

First to safety is Katee, so one of my faves is going home. I am saddened.

Before finding out which girl is going home, it's time to recap the boys. I am more in love with Mark's style than ever. I want him to be my friend, too. Joshua is safe first, so it's between Twitch and Mark to go home.

(I fast forwarded through the musical number ... I have never seen or heard Lady Ga Ga before, and I just want to see the results.)

First the girls... Chelsie is going home! I am glad for Courtney, but sad for Ms. Legs. She is so phenomenal, she will have no trouble finding work. Some of her routines are seriously my faves in the whole season. The Workaholic routine with Mark? Astounding. She's only 19, too. It's amazing. Good luck to her.

Now the men.. unfortunately, it's the end of the line for my man Mark. Twitch joins Joshua in the finals. The only good part about this ouster is that we get to see Mark's clip package. He gives everything to his dance and I love it. He always looks so full of joy to be dancing, even when he's doing weird-ass things.

Sigh. So, I got to keep Courtney but I lost Mark. My pick for winner at this point might just be Joshua... I hope for Courtney, but I really don't think that Katee has that special thing, and Twitch is wonderful but not as versatile. Seeing Joshua leap across the stage with utter grace and then go into a crazy hip-hop routine is so unexpected and breath taking, I think he could take it.

Next week - It's the finale!

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