Wednesday, July 2, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - 7.2.08

Cat is looking very mod tonight, and I hope that she just has her hair up. Looks like. Joining Nigel and the ever annoying Mary tonight are Tabitha and Napoleon. There is no padding tonight because each couple has to do two dances! So, getting right to it -

Joshua and Jessica 1st dance (Jive, choreographed by Tony Meridith and Melony) Jessica looks good in the period costume. I enjoyed them a whole lot more than last week, and I think the jive suits them well. Will is made of rubber and does a flip at the end right before a really neat lift to end it. Tabitha says that she felt the fight, and Napoleon said that he could see her bring it. Mary said that she saw a lot of missed connections, and she was disappointed in Jessica. Nigel thought that Will had his weight in the right place, but Jessica was a bit too high up.

Comfort and Thayne 1st dance (Broadway choreographed by Andy somethingorother) They work well as a couple, and Comfort was blazingly sexy. I loved the move where he dragged her across the stage. Tabitha agreed that the new couple was very well done. They acted really well together. Napoleon liked the flirtiness from Comfort and the coolness from Thayne. Mary said that she was proud of them. Nigel thought it should have been all about aggression and passion, and he didn't see it. He said it wasn't good enough.

Kourtni and Matt 1st dance (Hip hop choreographed by Cicely and Elisa) They didn't seem to be hitting anything hard, and I think it was a little soft. They danced well, but it didn't look like hip hop. Tabitha and Napoleon thought it was groovy, so maybe I am completely off base. Napoleon thought it was good for them, but not good as hip hop. Mary said even though it was slow, it should have made made her scream. I'm glad it didn't, though I am sad for Kourtni and Matt. Nigel said he wasn't sure if it was the choreography, the dancing, or the style, but he said it was like hip hop on sleeping pills. I would agree with that assessment.

Chelsea and Mark 1st dance (Jazz choreographed by Mandy Moore) It was quick and they move so languidly. I think I am a little in love with Mark. Tabitha loved the flirtation story, and loved their acting skills during the dance. Napoleon loved their chemistry. Mary screamed (I muted). Nigel said he didn't feel that it was fast, because the routine just worked. He thought that they were magic together, and I agree.

Kherrington and Twitch 1st dance (Pasa Doble choreographed by Tony and Melony) It was so fantastic. There was a lot of "aggression" there, and Twitch was a very compelling matador. It started with a lot of cape work. Napoleon and Tabitha thought that there was a slow build, but then it caught fire. Tabitha said that Kherrington looked like a matador, and Twitch started off like a calf. Mary thought it was full of passion, but the dancing was just ok. Nigel thought that Twitch had his shoulders a bit high and tight, but loved Kherrington's acting.

Katee and Joshua 1st dance (Contemporary choreographed by Mia Michaels) This is the kind of contemporary that I don't like, that is just a lot of flailing around and running. No thank you. I guess it was good, but I just don't like it. And Katee's hair was the most tragic thing about it. Nope, Mia. That was a miss for me. Napoleon and Tabitha loved it. Mary loved it, and loved the monumental stillness. Nigel thought that they were outstanding. Humph. Well, I can't like everything, right.

Courtney and Gev 1st dance (Hip Hop choreographed by ) Courtney was hitting it pretty hard and had a good attitude. They had good chemistry to me and worked well together. I don't like when people dance with hats on and you can't see their eyes. Napoleon didn't think Gev was keeping up with Courtney, and I agree. Tabitha thought it was a little too bouncy instead of poppy. She was also feeling Courtney. Mary said she felt it 50/50. She didn't think that Gev worked it hard enough, but thought that Courtney was killing the routine. Nigel thought it felt like Cinderella getting ugly, and didn't buy it.

Joshua and Jessica 2nd dance (lyrical jazz, choreographed by Mandy Moore) They have a shirt to use as a prop, and Will is going for Skin to Win, and it was really passionate and sexy as a dance. This is the first time I have believed them as a couple. I still think Jessica may be the weakest female dancer in the competition. I am sold on Will after this dance, though. Holy smokes was that sexy. Tabitha thought that the shirt usage was clever, and said that while she enjoyed watching Will dance without a shirt, it was his lines that made him really shine. Napoleon said that he felt like Jessica was holding Will back a bit, and I agree. Mary screamed, I muted. She puts them both on the Hot Tamale train, and I wish that it didn't matter so much to the contestants to be on that ridiculous train. Mary snuck another scream and I missed muting. Blast. My poor eardrums. Nigel loved Will and again urged Jessica to get out of her own way and she needs to realize that she is a great dancer.

Comfort and Thayne 2nd dance (Smooth Waltz, choreographed by Edward Simon) The dance is about long lost love, and it was touching and Comfort again looked gorgeous. There was a fantastic really long lift which she had beautiful lines in and Thayne did a nice job executing. The landing was a little rough, but I forgive them. Really nice job, to me. I'll remember that. Napoleon said that he doesn't know much about waltz, but he loved it. Tabitha loved Comfort, but thought that Thayne felt a little phoney. Mary loved it, and she is a Waltz expert. She screamed and screeched and cackled, so she must have loved it. Nigel thought it was smooth and tremendous. Nigel liked that Comfort took out her eyebrow piercing, and said it transformed her.

Kourtni and Matt 2nd dance (Mambo, choreographed with Alex Desilva) There was a really impressive lift sequence right in the beginning, and I impressed with Matt's hips. Kourtni isn't really all there for me, and that's a shame because I normally like her. The whole thing ended up being kind of so-so, but I think Matt did pretty well. Tabitha wanted more sexy from Matt, and Napoleon wanted it to be more down and dirty and sexy. Mary thought Kourtni was hot, but didn't like them as a couple. Mary said that they were too bouncy and also needed to get down. Shows what I know. Nigel thought that they didn't have their weight in the right place and wanted Matt to be more butch and macho, but it was a good routine overall.

Chelsea and Mark 2nd dance (Foxtrot, choreographed by no one mentioned) I am so drawn to this couple. I don't know about the technique, but they are so danged likeable. Tabitha said that poor Chelsea had a feather in her mouth for a good portion of the routine, and she just kept going, and that's why she loved them. Mary said it was a really hard routine and they hit it. My husband said that he would kill himself if he was married to Mary's voice. Nigel thought that Mark was a bit on his toes, and needs to pay more attention to the technique. Mary tortured him with her cackling, and he looked pained. I muted.

Twitch and Kherrington 2nd dance (Contemporary, choreographed by Mia Michaels) They are dancing on a bed. It is a dance from the male perspective of a breakup. Twitch is also going Skin to Win. Not complaining. This is a more emotional routine that I can get behind. They did an amazing job dancing around each other and using the bed and rose petals, and it gave me chills. Twitch had some serious vulnerability and I loved it. Kherrington was really good too, but this was all about Twitch. Tabitha calls it Awesome x 6. Then adds a couple. Napoleon calls it storytelling at it's best. Mary said that Mia outdid herself, then hoot-screamed, followed by a cackle. For heaven's sake. She said it was powerful and dynamic and believable, and I agree. Nigel claims that Mia was inspired to choreograph the routine from her relationship with him, and says he wouldn't mind one of the bodies shown on the show tonight. Twitch looked embarrassed. He said it was beautiful, and puts them in the top. I think this was an amazing routine, and gives me my faith back in Mia after the first (in my mind) stinker.

Katee and Joshua 2nd dance (West Coast Swing, choreographed by Benji - assisted by Lacey!) Katee's hair is toned down, so thank you hair department. Much better for me, and I loved the cartwheel from the both of them, and it was a spunky number. Napoleon and Tabitha loved the incorporation of character, but thought that Joshua looked like a peppermint. I am not sure about the ruffles on Katee's bust. Mary screamed and I missed my mute again. Double blast. Nigel thought that it was not as good as Benji and Lacey's West Coast Swing, but he liked their versatility. He didn't think that the cartwheel was a little rough, but loved Katee's hip bump.

Courtney and Gev 2nd dance (Broadway choreographed by Andy Blankenbueller) They are playing tourists in New York. Courtney looks really cute, and Gev looks kind of Jimmy Olsen. I think they sold it, and Gev had a fantastic flying leap. Napoleon and Tabitha thought that they were believable. She wanted them to follow the music's feeling a little better. Napoleon thought that Gev found his niche. Mary bared her formidable teeth and thought it was great. Nigel said that they seem like underdogs and made a short joke. He wanted Gev to open up in his chest a bit more. He thought that Courtney's round kicks were not high enough. He didn't think it was brilliant, but thought they gave it their all.

My top for the night are Mark and Chelsea, Comfort and Thayne, and Kherrington and Twitch. Courtney and Gev are up there, too.

I think Matt and Kourtni are in trouble, and I think Will and Jessica should be in the bottom three also, to get rid of Jessica. I don't know who will round it out. If I had my druthers, it would be Katee and Joshua because of that first mess. Not sure, though.

Robert Murane is going to be dancing tomorrow! I think he is the contortionist, so I am looking forward to it.

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