Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hell's Kitchen: 6/1/08

(This is the first part of a two parter) The show started with a recap of the season up to this point, and I am reminded of the people I had forgotten already. I still wish Jen hadn't been so freaking obnoxious as a person, because she really did cook some yummy looking dishes.

Still, though, this season has just been so disappointing. I don't know if it could have gotten down to any other final three. That does not mean that they are the best cooks out there, but I think they are the best in this group. And I think that the final two is good.

Finally time for the show to begin.

Christina and Petrozza have to design their own dream restaurants. Christina has a much easier time coming up with a menu than Petrozza.

(I am again appalled at these supposed top level chefs smoking like chimneys. I get that it's stressful, but can't they come up with some other outlet, instead of one that will deaden their palate?)

Petrozza meets with the designer and can only come up with the fact that his food is rich. Christina has a much better vision, and has a lot of set ideas. Petrozza wants flowers and flowers and flowers. He has a bit of a manic look to him.

Christina wants black t-shirts under black suits for the waitstaff, and hates the celedon green chef jacket, which of course is what Petrozza chooses.

Petrozza is still talking like he's high on something when he is talking about his menu, and Christina is much more focused.

They are called into Ramsey's office, and he says he is wondering if he has the right finalists. There was a dramatic commercial break and Petrozza looked like he was going to drop dead. Back from the break, he says he is sure that he has the right finalists. Christina hilariously quipped "Chef, Petrozza's old, his heart can't take it!" Then, Ramsey says he is taking them to NYC to see one of his other restaurants. On the way to NYC, Ramsey takes a stroll down memory lane with the two of them. Christina has won 9 challenges, and that's a record. Pretty cool.

Once they get to NYC, they see their names on a billboard in Times Square. They are also going to Dubai, and Christina doesn't even know where that is. Crazy. They head to see the London NYC restaurant, and meet the head chef there. They get nice executive chef uniforms, and are told that they are going to be cooking their signature dishes right then, as a final challenge. Christina is not phased. Both of their menus sound good.

Petrozza is cooking Filet Mignon with caramelized onion rissoto with a red wine sauce. He made a green onion "paintbrush" that was really cheesy.

Christina is cooking Dry Aged NY strip steak with herbed compound butter, sweet corn succotash, and roasted fingerling potatoes. Sounds yummy. She is feeling just a little cocky.

The truth is in the tasting. The judges are his five executive chefs from restaurants from around the world. The first person to get three votes wins.

The first judge votes Petrozza, the second judge votes for Petrozza, the third judge votes for Christina, the fourth judge votes for Christina, and it's all tied up. The final judge is going to be overseeing their potential job at the London West Hollywood, and so the pressure is on. He chooses Petrozza, and Christina's winning streak in challenges is over. As his reward, he gets to choose first for his team, and they get to choose from all the people from the whole season.

Enter Whoopie Goldberg, apropos of nothing. Apparently she's a fan. I don't think she has a movie to promote, so it must be out of genuine interest.

Back at Hell's Kitchen, they see their dining rooms, and Christina hates hers, with white window treatments and stripes. She liked the stripes on the wallpaper in the sample, but on the whole wall she hated it. She said that she wanted to vomit, and then Petrozza's fireplace needed more room, so she yielded to having it encroach into her dining room a little.

She talked to the designer and seems to have come to a compromise to fix the ugly.

In the morning, it's time to pick teams. Bobby, Ben, Corey, Matt (in a really really stupid hat), Louross, Jen (looking less than thrilled to be back, and swears that she is better than the final two, and wants to show Ramsey that she is better. Ugh).

Petrozza chose Bobby, then Christina chooses Corey. Petrozza's second choice is Ben, and Christina's is Louross. The final picks (between the predictable undesirables Jen and Matt) will have to wait until next week.

Because it's all about the dramatic pause.

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