Thursday, July 10, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - 7/10/08 Results Show

The group number is a hop hop routine, and they have glow in the dark stripes on their sleeves and dance in mostly dark for some of the thing. That's neat. It wasn't my favorite routine, but it was pretty good. It was choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon.

Nigel shares the news that Philip Chbeeb has agreed to the dance battle versus Robert Murane on the finale! Fantastic!

Up to find out their fate first are Katee and Joshua and Comfort and Thayne. Unsurprisingly, Comfort and Thayne are in the bottom 3 couples, and Katee and Joshua are safe. Mark and Chelsie and Jessica and Will are up to find out where they stand. After a slightly cruel fake out, Jessica and Will are in the bottom 3. Who will round out the bottom 3? Courtney and Gev, or Kherrington and Twitch? I am 3 for 3 in my predictions, and Kherrington and Twitch are in the bottom.

Before seeing solos, I think that Jessica and Thayne are out. Comfort does pretty well on her solos. I'll make another prediction after seeing the solos.

It's time for a dance company, and it's Revelations. It was beautiful to watch.

Comfort is up first for her solo, and she did a whole lot of running around, and threw in some popping. Not her strongest.

Thayne I thought did a better solo than I expected, but not anything groundbreaking. I still think he's in trouble.

Jessica didn't blow me away either. She almost never does, though, so I am not surprised. I won't be sad if either she or Comfort goes home.

Will isn't going anywhere, the judges are in love with him, and for good reason. His solo was dynamic and impressive. Plus, he went skin to win, and the judges love his abs. Again with good reason.

Kherrington's up next, and she also danced to a OneRepublic song, and included a truly impressive and fast series of pirouettes. The end was kind of abrupt, but I don't think she's going anywhere.

Twitch had a fantastic solo and had some really awesome choreography that was totally unique and all Twitch. He is safe or I'm a monkey's uncle.

After the solos, I think it's Comfort and Thayne. But it might be Jessica. If it's Will or Twitch, I will be floored.

Katy Perry is up next, singing I Kissed a Girl. She looks so much like Zoe Deschanel it's confusing. She sounds much better out of the studio than singing live. That's Katy Perry with the umbrella, and Zoe Deschanel in black. Eerie.

Now for the results. Kherrington is safe. Nigel liked Comfort's solo, and was disappointed in Jessica's solo. Still, because Jessica was so beautiful as Eve in the first routine last night, she is saved. Oh well. I can live with that result.

Nigel told Twitch that he was glad to see Twitch in the bottom, so America could see his solo. I agree. He is safe. Will is told he is superb and would fit in with the dance group that danced earlier. That means Thayne is going home. Nigel said that they wished that they could have kept all the guys and gotten rid of two of the girls. I'm right there with them.

So, my predictions were good, though I wasn't quite sure on the girls. I think it was a tight race for them.

Next week is the Top 10 and the couples get mixed up! That ought to be interesting. Will Mark and Chelsie shine with other partners as well as they work with each other? Will Gev get paired with Kherrington and have to wear stilts to dance? I can't wait to see!

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Her name is Zooey Deschanel, not Zoe