Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hell's Kitchen: 7/8/08 - Finally the Finale!

The show started with yet another season recap. Because last week's wasn't enough. It's like a recap of the recap. Blessedly, it was much shorter than last week's 10 minute extravaganza of a recap.

When we left off last week, the two finalists were on the brink of their decision between having dumb or dumber on their team (that would be Jen or Matt) Petrozza picked Jen, and she is all puffed up about it, thinking that she was chosen last because she is such a strong leader and neither of the finalists wanted her to outshine them in the kitchen. Yup, Jen. That's it. It's not because you have an attitude worse than a cat dumped in a bathtub. Not at all.

Christina took Matt, glad not to be saddled with Jen, and made the astute observation that Matt is quite good when he's on, and she thinks she can keep him on with some good encouragement. I hope so.

Petrozza and Christina bond with their teams, and share their menus and visions. Jen is bitter about not being in the finals. Matt is skeptical, until Christina butters him up by saying that Matt's rissotto is her inspiration for hers, and he glows under the little white lie. Like last week, Christina seems more focused than Petrozza.

Christina's design is still a bit concerning, and she basically says to get it done, and Petrozza's upholstery is not done yet, and he is freaking out.

In a stunning move, Jen asked Ramsey for a letter of recommendation ("With all my strengths, minus the mouth" Yes, she actually said that.) As if he had been prodded by the producers, Matt sang silly songs and went a little nutty. Jen also went a little nuts because Petrozza called her sweetheart. Jen seems unable to look over her ego and keep her head in the game. I would not be at all surprised if they were coached to try to sabotage.

It comes time for Ramsey to try the dishes. (Each only shows one dish from each course)


Appetizer - Trio of Beef Sliders (mini burgers) Ramsey wanted them to be a little different from each other.
Entree - Grilled NY Strip Steak with Herbed Compound Butter and succotash. Ramsey thought the presentation would be better, slice up the steak and "show you care."
Dessert - Tropical Sundae. He loved it, but thought that the presentation could be slightly improved.


Appetizer - Lobster Strudel Vanilla sauce? Ramsey thought it was overcooked and curdled
Entree - Filet Mignon with Caramelized Onion Risotto & onion rings Ramsey thought the risotto was too stiff, and suggested a different presentation.
Dessert - Vanilla souffle with whiskey creme anglais. Ramsey called it brave and loved it.

About the menus, Ramsey commented that Petrozza went a little high end and dangerous, and Christina was a bit safe and could ramp it up a bit.

Seeing their dining rooms, Christina's restaurant looked lovely. I want to sit in the comfy chairs right now. It looked great. Ramsey called it very LA. Petrozza's restaurant looked a little odd to me, but Ramsey liked the flowers and thought it was rustic, and said he felt like he was in the Hamptons.

Service time!

(Jen got pissy about Bobby saying it was time to Man Up. She said "What about Woman it up?" Dude... it's an expression. Lay off.)

Both kitchens seemed to start off well. Christina took Ramsey's suggestion and gave the sliders different toppings, and it looked yummy. Petrozza's didn't start out so well. Bobby's first dish was cold, and at least he caught it. They looked better the second try, and the customers liked it. Back in Christina's kitchen, Louross was having issues and getting backed up, and Christina asked Matt to help him out. Matt was asking about every freaking little thing like he had never cooked before ever. They seemed to catch on.

In Petrozza's kitchen, they ran out of blue cheese, which was at Jen's station, and Jen wouldn't take any responsibility for it. Then, the strudel was running low, on Bobby's station, and that was the other appetizer. Not good. Petrozza took some time, but decided to do a lobster risotto instead with Bobby's suggestion, and it went over well with customers.

Though Christina's kitchen is getting entrees out, she had a lukewarm steak returned. Not good. That was Corey's station. Then Matt's risotto caught on fire. Christina got assertive and fixed the problem.

Petrozza's kitchen had timing issues, and there seemed to be silence. He couldn't get things plated, and was reluctant to ask for help, but he finally did.

Matt's weaknesses resurfaced and his fish was raw, and then he mumbled under his breath that Ramsey needed to shut the f* up. Not ok. Ramsey couldn't let that slide, and he gave Matt a talking to.

Little Miss Difficult in Petrozza's kitchen couldn't get an onion ring out, and kept sending up limp onion rings.

Mr. Incompetent in Christina's kitchen was still sending up raw monkfish, and mumbling about everything. Ramsey had pretty much had enough and wanted to kick him out. Christina told him to refire it, and then he said "Shut the *f* up and let me cook." She had to stand over him to get it cooked right. I don't know that she should have taken that kind of mouth.

The desserts seemed to go out with no problem, and service was completed.

Decision time!

Chef Ramsey was happy with the night - "More highs than lows." That's a good thing. The finalists went upstairs to wait, and Ramsey reminisced about their performance... apparently he remembers things with a blue filter on his vision, if you would believe the video recap of their nights.

Ramsey tells the both of them that they are great chefs, and says he had a terrible time making the decision. He is strangely quiet when he leads them up to their respective doors. The door that opens will be the winners, and the loser's will lead to .... duh duh duh... certain doom!

Just kidding. The loser's won't open at all. But that would be entertaining, wouldn't it? If the winner got a restaurant, and the loser had to battle minions of darkness? Just saying, something they might think about for next year.

And the winner is....


I have to admit that I am a little surprised, but I am pleased. I think that she did a better job planning her menu, and her restaurant design was more appealing. She worked well in the kitchen, and she dealt decently with Matt. She kept him pretty focused, even if he was really really annoying.

Petrozza is an excellent chef, and he did an admirable job, but I think Christina deserved this one more.

Not the best season of Hell's Kitchen ever, but I am happy with the end. I just hope that next season is better!


beth said...

I think my DVR is in love with yours! We watch the same shows! Its funny because I found you googling Lisa squinting or something because I was determined to find out if I was the only one who is insanely annoyed by it! Rock on man, please dont mind that I'm going to start reading your blog!

Astrid said...

If your dvr is in love with my dvr, maybe they can get together and have pilots together....

Glad to have you as a reader, and I hope that you enjoy!

Lyra said...

tehehehe randomly we caught the last half of this show and was so sucked in we had to watch the end. LOL. Not that I watched any of the rest of the show ever, but it was entertaining to watch the end.

what I learned? I never want to be a chef. Looks like a pain in the butt job ;-)