Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - 7/30/08

Can I just say that I love the array of Super Twitch T-shirts Twitch has? It's endearing instead of annoying (and by annoying I mean incredibly lame, like Ruben Studdard's 215 jerseys.)

Cat looks like she's wearing a deconstructed disco ball tonight. Her eye shadow is very silver, too, and that's a bit much, but she's looking kind of Felicity Shagwell. Adam Chapman joins Nigel and Mary tonight.

Courtney & Mark 1st dance (Viennese Waltz choreographed by Jason Gilkinson) There is a story behind their waltz, and they are both good actors, so I have hope. They looked joyful to be dancing together, and seemed to have good flow. I bet that David Cook never thought his song would be waltzed to. Courtney looked lovely in a very flowy dress. It was a little nightgownish, but I can forgive that. Mark got to do a couple really nice effortless looking lifts, and it was very nice. I enjoyed it. Adam really loved the dance and said it was beautiful, and said that Mark's rise and fall was the best he has seen from any guy this season. Mary screeched her support for Australian choreography, and said that she felt a lot of growth from Mark. Nigel thought it was just lovely and romantic.

Chelsie's Solo: Although I cannot stand the Pussycat Dolls song (When I Grow Up) that she danced to, she had spunk, and I like her so much.

Twitch's Solo: He used props, like a gold tooth grill and glasses, and he is just so charming. After his dance, Cat had to try on the glasses, and the teeth. It was odd, though funny. I could do without the teeth.

Katee & Joshua 1st dance (Contemporary choreographed by Tyce Diorio) Reunited! The routine is about undying love, and Joshua did a pretty amazing leap over Katee, who them jumped straight into a split in his arms. This routine really used Joshua's strength. Some of the movements were kind of jerky to me, though. I don't know. I can appreciate that Joshua is super strong, but other than the leap, he was kind of rough. Adam sucked up to Tyce AND Paula Abdul who was in the audience. He said it was the bes thing Tyce has choreographed. I don't know about that. He loved it. Mary thought it was filled with passion, and thought it was the most beautiful thing she's seen on the show. Again, don't know about that. Nigel sucked up to the great choreographer Gillian Lind in the audience, and thought that Joshua was brilliant and unexpected.

Chelsie & Twitch 1st dance (Mambo choreographed by Tony and Melony) Chelsie got to show off her fabulous legs and hips, and I have to say, she is rivaling Season 2's Heidi at this point for me. Twitch did very nicely, too, and looked like he was having fun and not trying to count. Adam wished that Twitch was wearing some color, because his eyes were drawn to Chelsie. He said she was just smoking, and he wanted some more aggression from Twitch, but commended his partnering skills. Mary sucked up to the choreographers, and said that Twitch seemed to be nearly always on time, and that Chelsie was incredible. Nigel said that the choreography was done well for Twitch, though he lost Chelsie for a second, and showed it with his face. Nigel is in love with Chelsie's legs and her footwork.

Katee's Solo: She just can't stop grinning. I want more variety from her, and she is just not my favorite of the girls in solos. She is good, but not the top for me. One note. It's a good note, but it's one note.

Joshua's Solo: I think his solo was really strong, and he had an amazing leaping split that I was impressed with. Dance wise, I think it was better than Twitch's!

Mark & Courtney 2nd dance (Jazz, choreographed by Sonya) The routine is about old French Burlesque. I like the idea, and it could be very good for both of them. They look like they could be in a Tim Burton movie. It worked great for Mark's quirkiness, and Courtney got to be a little odd and sexy, too. I loved it. Adam said it was sick (in a good way), and said that Mark and Courtney together are just incredible. Mary cackled about how weird the love story was, and then screeched that she loved it. Nigel said that you could tell the choreography was all Sonya, and loved how it fit Mark, and thought that the pair of them were a highlight of the night. I agree.

Katee & Joshua 2nd dance (Pasa Doble, choreographed by Jason Gilkinson) Joshua went shirtless, and Katee did too, in a weird kind of S&M looking bra thing. I thought that Katee acted it well, but he dance was a little weak for me. They got some very neat strobe lights, which was cool, and I thought Joshua was good. Adam said that Joshua was brilliant, and he thought Katee would be proud of herself. Mary said it was true magic, and then unfortunately did some screaming. Nigel again sucked up to the choreographer, and SYTYCD Australia. Then he said Joshua was in danger of stealing the show, and Mary cut in with more screaming. Why???

Courtney's Solo: I just love her. She is so cute, and I believe her emotions. For that reason, I like her more than Katee.

Mark's Solo: What can I say about Mark? He did an odd half strip thing with his shirt which was different. I just can't get enough of watching him.

Chelsie & Twitch 2nd dance (Hip hop, choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha) The dance was about two conductors trying to get control of the stick. Whoever had the stick controlled the other. It was definitely different. It was my least favorite dance of the night, and I wouldn't call it hip hop so much. There was nothing I think that they danced anything less than perfect, but I just didn't like the choreography. Adam caught onto the theme and sucked up to Tabitha and Napoleon. He doesn't think there's anything Chelsie can't do. Mary loves Twitch in his style and was impressed with Chelsie. Nigel thought it was inventive and entertaining.

I hope to see Chelsie and Courtney in the finals for girls, because I just thought that Katee was weaker, and I love watching the two C's.and the guys... I want to see Mark because I love him, and I think he was amazing tonight, and he is so unique. For the guys, just purely on tonight's performances, and solos, I think that Joshua might make it over Twitch. I hope that Mark's fan base is strong enough to bring him to the finals. I can't believe the finale is next week! I do love Twitch, so I wouldn't be sad to see him in the finals, either.

Who do you want to see more of?

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