Thursday, July 17, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - 7/17/08

This is the part where I cry. I missed the first 20 minutes of the show and the group Bollywood Routine (I am assuming). I will check it out on YouTube later, but still. *cry*

I began my viewing in time to see the guys dance together to Five Guys Named Moe choreographed by a "mystery choreographer," but not until Cat makes my day by recapping that either Comfort or Kherrington is going home. As it should be. During the mens group routine, I came to see that I am just not a Will fan. He never looks genuine in his emotion. It was a fun routine, with Will taking the lead. Because the judges love him. Cat reveals that Nigel choreographed the routine, and that is fun. I was kind of wondering. It was a good job. And it makes sense that Will was featured then.

So which guys are in trouble? Joshua is safe, and since I think he did an excellent job last night, that is proper. Will is safe, too. I am saddened, because that means one of my faves is going home. Mark is in the bottom 2, and he didn't have a good night last night, but I blame Kherrington and a bad couple of dances for that. Between Gev and Twitch, Twitch is safe. Pocket-sized cutie Gev is in trouble, and I want to cry about this bottom 2. Can't we just boot both Kherrington and Comfort and have an uneven top 8? I would have been just as sad to see Twitch in the bottom 2. This is so much harder than American Idol at this point!

I am ignoring the Snuggle Happy Dance segment like I wish I had ignored the call in segment of AI last season.

Each of the bottom 4 dancers gets to do a solo. It won't change anything, but it's a final chance for the booted dancers.

Comfort is first, and she did pretty well. I wish the solos were longer. Nigel thought that she came back in like a real dancer. Mary thought that she came back strong. Lil' C and his thesaurus thought that she progressed amazingly through the competition.

Mark is next. I really hope that he is safe. He moves so fantastically, and in ways I am not used to seeing. Nigel called Mark quirky and unique with great musicality. Mary said the dances are a whole lot harder than they look. Lil' C called him the most instrumental worker bee from a dancing hive or something like that.

Kherrington has her chance for a solo. Her leaps seemed low, and she again grinned through the whole thing, even though her hair was back. There was a neat part where she raised herself up from the ground using her toes, which was neat. Lil' C said the heat was turned up in the SYTYCD kitchen and she can't get upset about constructive criticism. Mary thought that in Vegas, Kherrington seemed to be in the bottom of the Top 20, but as soon as she took the main stage, she started to shine. Nigel thinks that Kherrington has film star looks.

It's time for Gev. He did his B-boy Solo to Michael Buble, and that was different. He showed amazing strength, and AGAIN, I wish the solos were longer. Lil' C loved the little guy. Mary calls him lovable and the underdog. Nigel called him unique.

Kherrington is going home, and I can't even say I am surprised. Comfort was, though. She was ready to go. I do really love Kherrington, but I wanted more than the grin. She has nice teeth, but do I have to see them all the time? If she brought Mark down with her, I might not have such kind feelings for her. Of course, I also love Gev. Egads, this is hard!

And it is Gev going home. I am happy because I love Mark, but I am going to miss Gev's personality and originality. I would be saying the same things if it was Mark going home. He just couldn't have had a better partner than Courtney, and even Chelsie couldn't save him.

Who will partner up next week? (And when I get a chance to watch the beginning numbers on the show I will blog them)

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Larissa said...

I couldnt agree more, Gev will be missed... and Kherington annoyed me last night...

Im happy Katee is still going strong though :)

I saw this poll around and felt that the results are a bit off, isnt it??


cool blog btw :)