Thursday, July 24, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - 7/24/08

It's stormy here again tonight, so I am hoping for an uninterrupted viewing....

The group routine was really neat and used the strengths of people well. I really hope that Mark is safe tonight, by some miracle. I know he is probably not going to win, but I just want him for one more week. Please?

I really like Cat's Grecian dress. She could have just stepped off the set of a remake of Clash of the Titans.

Nigel made a plee for people to vote for the thing that matters most.

Onto results.

Katee is up first, and she is safe, as it should be. Will is up next, and his is one of the bottom 2 guys. (Man, I hope that he goes instead of Mark!!!!) Comfort's turn. She is predictably in the bottom 2 girls. Mark is up next to hear where he stands. Cheers and a happy dance!!! Mark is safe this week, and he looked more shocked than me! Happy, but shocked. Chelsie and her marvelous legs are up next, and she is safe, which puts Courtney in the bottom 2. I'm sad for her because I adore her and she looks so sad, but I don't think she has much to worry about, as Comfort ought to be going home. Twitch is in the bottom 2, and I am stunned. I would have thought it would have been Joshua, since I tend to forget about him. Poor Twitch started crying when he heard. I really hope it is Will going home. Even though the bottom 2 is set, Joshua is sent out to review how he did last night. Courtney got to come out next and recap, already knowing that she is in the bottom 2 gals. Poor kiddo, she's so adorable. I hope that she is safe.

The professional dance tonight is ballet. It would be neat to see some ballet in the competition. Might be too hard because of how specialized and technical ballet dancers have to be. Can you imagine Twitch trying to go up on point? But the ballet was beautiful and impressive.

(Ignoring the happy dance segment)

Comfort's Solo: It was pretty good. I do think that Nigel is right - she's not much of a choreographer.

Will's Solo: He played with the edge of the stage and looked like he was performing a love routine to IT. I thought his solo was really weak and disjointed and I hope that he goes.

Courtney's Solo: Her solo was hot and spunky and I loved it. I think it was better than her solo last night, which was pretty good. I just love her. Hope that she's safe.

Twitch's Solo: He popped up out of the audience and was charming. See, for Twitch to show personality, all he has to do is be himself. For Will, he had to do a James Brown impersonation. That's why I think he should stay.

LL Cool J performed and I fast forwarded. Not a fan. *drat* I've caught up with live tv and couldn't fast forward. My initial dislike is warranted. I hated it. I actually paused it so that I could fast forward through it after it was done.

In an unsurprising moment, Comfort was eliminated (again) and Courtney is safe. Now, it's between Will and Twitch. Twitch looked like he was going to pass out. Luckily, he was saved from that fate when Will got sent packing. I am so happy. Now I love everyone in the top 6. What do you think that Debbie Allen will be a judge in the coming weeks? The judges are going to be so sad without their favorite to moon about.

Were you happy with the results? Who are you rooting for now?

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