Wednesday, April 1, 2009

American Idol - 4.1.09: Results Show

Could the opening have gotten any cheesier? I mean, really... quick dramatic cuts, dramatic music, duh-duh-duhhhhhh. Who's going home?

Alexis Grace is sitting in the audience next to Jason Castro, clapping half-heartedly at the people that made it further than her, mostly undeservedly.

Oh, good lord, Lady Gaga is singing tonight. I use the term singing loosely in her case. Luckily, David Cook will be performing as well, to redeem the music industry.

Kara said that she likes being booed, and Paula is wearing a nightie with sparkly spaghetti straps. Interesting choice. She needs to lay off the fake tan. Simon thinks that Anoop, Matt, and Megan are in trouble tonight.

The Ford Commercial comes before the Group Sing tonight, and it a weirdly non-musical "Mixed Up" rap, and the contestants foreheads, eyes and noses, and mouths and chins are mixed up with one another. A little creepy.

The group sing is Journey's Don't Stop Believing. I don't so much mind the lip syncing, but it was totally blatant tonight. Scott and Megan especially totally fail at it. Their pre-recorded track sounded pretty good. I'm surprised that Randy didn't whip out the bass to play with them, tripping over names all the way. If I didn't look at them too closely, I didn't mind it so much. But if I looked.... just terrifyingly bad.

We get a (pad pad pad) glimpse into the typical week for the contestants. Megan did her little waggle dance on the red carpet. And look, the Idol Mansion! They had to put that in there. Matt did a really good Danny impersonation. Scott got a quadruple chocolate cake upon special request from the chef who comes in three times a week. Upon request, Danny did an impersonation of Matt (and it was pretty good and bleating), Anoop did a live impersonation of Kris Allen, and Allison did a couple impersonations of Danny. They have fun together, and it's cute.

Now, 15 minutes into the show, we get down to business.

Matt, Megan, and Kris are told to cross the stage and stand together. Adam, Lil, and Allison are sent to the center of the stage. Scott, Danny, and Anoop are brought to a third group.

If I had to guess, one in each group is in the bottom 3. Seacrest said "Which one of these could be the bottom 3?"

Before we find out if I'm right, it's David Cook's triumphant return to the Idol Stage. I love this song. I don't know if any of this year's group can hold a candle to him. Even a little birthday candle. He was presented with his platinum album after his performance. That's awesome.

Now, it's again time for some results. Kris is safe. Good. Go back to the couch, cute boy. Matt thought for a moment that when Seacrest said he was going to have to take a seat, he meant to the Stools of Doom, but no, it was to the couches with him. Bad performance, but I agree. And Megan? She just doomed her chances of any judge's save by saying that she doesn't care about what Simon says. In a very odd move, she caw-caw-cawed her way over. She's a nut. Next up, Lil is safe. Allison promised to return to spikey hair in the future, and she's in the bottom 3. Booooo. I mean, bad bad bad outfit, but bottom 3? I don't know about that. Adam is safe. THe judges drool some on him. Looks like my one-in-a-group prediction was right. Danny is safe, too. Good. There was some strangeness on the couches, and I choose to ignore it. Scott is safe, and Anoop is in the bottom 3.

It had better be Megan going home. Allison suffered from a terrible fashion choice, and Anoop tried to be r&b when I think that is a bad decision for him, but they are both talented. Megan? She is so in over her head, and seems to be getting a really big head about it all at the same time, which is off putting. Gorgeous? Yes. Idol? No.

And it's time for Lady Gaga. And she's sticking true to form and is not wearing pants. She actually showed off an actual voice in the beginning of the song, which is better than she's done when I've seen her in the past on live shows. It was a stripped down version of the song, in the beginning, and I kind of liked it. Nothing but Gaga and the violin. Then the pantsless wonder took the stage and turned the tempo up and her vocal talent down. I don't know if the flaily dance she's got going on to the song is going to catch on in clubs. But, I don't go to clubs much, so what would I know? She had a zipper over her eye, and that's interesting. Megan clapped away for her like a mad woman.

Seacrest asked Simon if any of the bottom 3 might be worth saving, and he said one of them would. That would, of course, be Allison.

The first person sent back to safety is Allison. Good.

Now, Anoop screwed up bad last night, but Megan seemed resigned to go home, telling Allison not to forget to call her. She was right, and Megan's time is done. Simon said that when Megan said she didn't care what he said, that means that they don't care either, and he wasn't even going to go through pretext of maybe saving her. He said she should have her swan song and be gone. It was better than last night, by a long shot. Still, a mess. And what was happening with her leg? It had a mind of it's own. I give her credit for singing with a smile on her face after hearing that from Simon. She did forget her words near the end, but I can't blame her. She managed to get through the song, and then professed her love for the judges, the other contestants, and then said that she is coming home to her baby. He's super cute, and in the video kiss off, there were some clips of him, and those made her cry. As a mom, I can understand that. I wonder if we will hear more from her, Megan Joy No Longer Corkrey. I bet she'll be highly studio-ed if we do.

Next week will be songs from the year they were born. That could be interesting. It is bound to make me feel very very old, that's for sure.

Are you as happy as I am that it was Megan eliminated this week?

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