Thursday, October 1, 2009

Survivor Samoa: 10.1.09

After getting rid of Betsy (oh, how sad I am), Jaison wanted to get rid of Ben.  He was not happy with Ben's behavior towards YasmeenEvil Russell went to chat with Natalie of his Dumb Ass Girl Alliance, and asked if she had any ideas who to get rid of next.  She wouldn't say, and he told the camera that he thinks this is the dumbest group ever, and he is the best.  Nice ego, buddy.

Mick learned some fire making tips from Ben (presumably so that he could get rid of him without losing the ability to make fire).  Ben thinks he is the best person ever because he knows how to use flint.  Dr. Mick is supremely bad at making fire.  Ben might be useful.  He went and told the girls that they shouldn't even try to make fire, because they would just ruin it all.  He then decided to tell everyone about his giant poop that morning.  Thanks for that.

Galu was doing yoga, and Shambo was not impressed.  I think if they keep zen and that helps them win, that's only a good thing.  That was all the screen time for Galu now.

Back on Foa Foa, Russell told Ben that Ashley was gunning for him.  He claimed that he planted the Russell Seed, and it would grow and help him control everyone.  Ben confronted Ashley and she said that she was just playing the game, and Russell patted himself on the back.

Galu got to show the tree mail, which revealed bathing suits for everyone.  Happiness at clean bathing suits abounded.  Shambo wore her jog bra.

Immunity/Reward Challenge

Two members of each tribe will swim out to retrieve a crate, and they have to get through a battle zone, where a member of the other tribe can attack them.  They have to drag the crates back to the mat and arrange them so that there are no same colors touching each other (The different sides of the crates are different colors).  Reward is pillows and comfort.

Russell sat out for Foa Foa.
Shambo, Yasmeen, Eric, and Brett sat out for Galu.

I am sad that I barely know names on Galu.

The swim portion was not particularly interesting to me.  Galu was quicker at solving the puzzle, and won the Immunity and the Reward.  I guess being zen helped them.

Leader Russell can trade comfort for a bunch of functional supplies, and he chose comfort.  Russell admitted that he wanted to go for supplies, but he wanted to keep the women happy with the comfort.  Dave calls himself Danger Dave.  I can't take him seriously at this point.  Russell then sent Shambo over to hang with Foa Foa.

Shambo introduced herself to Foa Foa, and they want to adopt her.  They love her, especially after the Yasmeen debacle.  She loves them and thinks she fits better with them, and told them how upset she was that her tribe was doing yoga, calling them the 90210 Tribe.  Evil Russell didn't look pleased about Shambo.

Over at Galu, Leader Russell told everyone that he believes in taking care of his women.  I want to hurl.  The other men in the tribe think he's a moron.  There was a tarp in the Function supplies, and they might need that if it rains.  As a girl, I would totally have preferred the Function.

And that's all the air time they get.

Back at Foa Foa, Jaison told Ashley that he wants to walk out if Ben doesn't go, because he can't handle the racist comments Ben was making.

Personally, I am happy that Evil Russell got some board shorts, instead of wandering around in his boxer shorts.  Thank you, Survivor Producers.

Dr. Mick and Russell shook hands and Russell showed Dr. Mick the Immunity Idol he found.  Stupid.  Keep that to yourself.

Shambo showed the girls at Foa Foa how to make torches, and pulled out some brush under a tree and told the girls what good firewood it is.  They appreciated it.  She was looking for the idol (which was not there). 

Jaison brought up his problem with Ben, and Russell worried about girl power taking over.  Jaison told him that the girls are too weak without the men, and he said that he is making peace at Tribal council with Ben.  This ought to be interesting.

Tribal Council

Jaison wants to trade Ben to Galu and keep Shambo.  Probst ignored that proposal, and Ben denies being a negative force, and let it be known that he is planning on voting for AshleyAshley denied being a negative force.  Jaison let it be known that he thinks that Ben is a terrible reactionary character.  Natalie doesn't like being in between the two of them.  Evil Russell admitted that Ben said some bad things that ended the relationship with JaisonJaison said he is drawing a line in the sand, and he isn't going to sit at camp and listen to it anymore.  Ben doesn't think that Ghetto Trash is a racial slur at all.  Jaison thinks he shouldn't speak like that to a lady.  Jaison then pulled a couple cards that I don't think needed to be played, including the history card.  Ashley and Natalie looked highly uncomfortable to be there.  Probst gave Ben the chance to apologize to Jaison, and Ben declined.  Time to vote.

Ben is going home, and I am thrilled.  At least Russell seems to be playing the game in a smart, if extremely underhanded way.  Ben is just a total jerk.  Not sad at all.


Lyra said...

Ummm yeah at this point Ben was pissing me off more than Russell!! So glad he's gone!

Ed said...

Did you point and "shoot" at your TV when Jeff was putting out Ben's torch? 'Cuz I did...