Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Amazing Race: 4.12.09

I was sad that the show was not on last week, so I am happy to see it back with a new episode tonight.

Tammy and Victor start out first, for Bangkok, Thailand. Cara and Jamie are next, and continue to yell at people. I hope that they stop that soon, because I want to like them. Michael and Mark are out next, followed by Margie and Luke. Luke worries about his mom in the heat, but she promises to drink lots of water. Kisha and Jen claim that they are getting along great and learning each other's tendencies. Foreshadowing?

All the teams ended up on the same flight. Margie and Luke got the first taxi out of the airport to get to a boat yard, followed by Kisha and Jen, Cara and Jamie, and Tammy and Victor. Kisha and Jen managed to pass Margie and Luke, but their taxi driver was lost, and asked Margie and Luke's driver for directions. Kisha and Jen's cab took off, but some passers by gave Margie and Luke's driver for different directions, and seemed to be heading in the right directions.

Margie and Luke reached the boat yard first, and got a Roadblock - one person must attach a propeller to a long hulled boat, and once it is working properly, they will get their next clue and be on their way. Margie took the task. Cara and Jamie arrived next, and Jamie took the task. Margie finished it with no problem. Victor chose to do the task when he and Tammy arrived, and so did Mark. Jamie finished it quickly, too, and they remembered to go back and get their bags (which they had unfortunately left in the cab, so it took a little while to retrieve them). Kisha and Jen arrived last, because of their bad directions. Mark and Michael decided that they didn't really need to go back and get their bags, sure that they would be coming back. Kisha and Jen decided the same thing. I think those could be bad ideas. Victor was not very mechanically inclined, and even though their guy told him that he had the propeller on right, it failed the first try, and he had to go back. It worked the second time. They decided to get their bags, which I think was a good idea.

The next clue brings them through the canals, and they have to navigate to their next clue.

(here I missed a few minutes, because of stupid sports)

I missed the directions for the Detour - but it is Broken Teeth (and a dentist) or Broken Record (singing - apparently karioke). Margie and Luke went to the Broken Teeth, and Jamie and Cara went to Broken Record. Mark and Michael (without their bags) were told that the boat yard is "too far, too far" and they can't get there. Kisha and Jen also worried about their bags.

So, it looks like the Broken Teeth is a nasty task of trying to match people with their dentures. At least they got masks and gloves and goggles. They have to match 5 people.

Jamie and Cara continued to be obnoxious about people not speaking English. Mark and Michael managed to get their cabbie to drive to them, but argued about whether they should be meet them at the task.

The karioke task is apparently sinigng with a bunch of Thai "girls" in a party taxi. Looks like fun. Tammy called them Mai Tai Trannies. This is a task that Luke could not have done. It looked like people had a good time, though. And yes, they were singing karioke in Thai.

Margie and Luke finished the Broken Teeth Task and headed to the Pit Stop. With no problems along the way, they got their first. And there was much rejoicing. They won a trip to Puerto Rico. Nice.

Kisha and Jen finished in the Party Taxi, but had no money because they didn't have their bags (or their shoes). They had to run to the pit stop. Cara and Jamie and Victor and Tammy were in a race to the pit stop next. Kisha and Jen managed to convince a cabbie to drive them for free.

Michael and Mark went back to their original cabbie and got their bags, and went to the Detour.

Jamie and Cara reached the Pit Stop second. And there was even more rejoicing. Kisha and Jen (without their bags) and Tammy and Victor (with their bags) ran to the Pit Stop. Kisha and Jen had to go back to get their passports before they could be checked in. Not good.

Mark and Michael managed to bargain with their cabbie when they didn't have enough money, giving him their compass and flashlight. They then went to the karioke bus, and talked about how pretty the "girls" were, but they were most absolutely transvestites. And not the best transvestites, either. They found a cabbie who would bring them to the Pit Stop for less money than they owed, if they included "some gifts" from their packs - including a watch!

Michael and Mark got to the Pit Stop before Kisha and Jen got back. However - they AGAIN broke a race rule, because they used some of their personal belongings to settle bills. For each incursion, of which there were two, they got a 2 hour penalty. That's four hours. Kisha and Jen got back in time, and the cheating twosome were eliminated.

OR Not. DANG IT. It's a non-elimination leg. The remainder of their penalty (since Kisha and Jen arrived not long after they got their and started their penalty) is to be served out before their release time on the next leg, and they also have a Speed Bump in their way.

Ought to be fun. Looks like Luke loses it on Kisha and Jen. Should be some good tv.

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