Wednesday, April 29, 2009

American Idol - 4.29.09: Results Show

Why must Randy always boo Simon? It's really old. Simon admitted that when he watched the show back, he had to hand it to ... everyone! He said the competition's wide open and everyone was good. And Randy's shirt? I think he raided Paula's reject pile and had the tailors whip something up for him...

Ooooh, three performances by the "pros" tonight. Taylor Hicks, Natalie Cole, AND Jamie Foxx? Geez, it's an extravaganza. An extravaganza of what? That remains to be seen.

Pimping Ford this week in black and white with streaks of color, I realize that Allison would look pretty cool with black hair. Other than that, yeah, it kind of sucked.. The Circus one was the best yet.

The group sing started out with Allison doing a danged good job, and then Matt made faces and looked like he was trying to hard. "It Don't Mean a Thing," and I am not sure it was lip synched. It was pretty good. Danny really has a great voice for this kind of music. Matt sounds like he's trying to sound like he thinks he should sound. Adam, I just don't think this music suits him. Kris does pretty well with the style. I think this is one of the better group sings in a really long time. I enjoyed it. Wow. Color me impressed. (Like they were, apparently, in their Ford Video).

They have three guest performers tonight, and they still had time to show a baking bit devolving into a really nasty looking food fight in the Idol Mansion. Danny's birthday was last Friday, and Allison's was Tuesday or something. Since Danny was said to have started the food fight, Seacrest presented him with a $6000 cleaning bill. Danny said, "You think American Idol isn't paying for this? All the money you make?" They cut him off and went onto the results, dropping that issue.

Great. It's the "stand here, then here, and guess for the final" results. Matt was told to stand on one end of the stage, and Danny was told to stand on the other side (after admitting that he'd done a lot of watching other performances to see what he could improve on - he neglected to say who he's been watching.). Allison was told to stand next to Danny. I hope they are safe. Kris is told to stand with Matt. Gah. I bet they are the bottom 2. Matt had better be going home. Adam, of course, gets the "which group do you think you belong with" choice. What will he do? He went to stand with Allison and Danny, after much hem-hawing....


I think it is about time, and honestly, I think that Danny and Allison were much better than him last night, so I think it's deserved. Paula was flabbergasted, and I worried that her very low cut dress would cause troubles. That, or her giant barrette. Simon said, wisely, it's not crazy - someone has to go home. Randy name dropped about chatting with Jamie Foxx (and got called on his name dropping. Fantastic.)

Natalie Cole will be reminding people that she is Nat King Cole's daughter forever. Her new album is called "Still Unforgettable." Really? Well, she looks fantastic, and cleaned up, which is nice, and the bronze dress is pretty cool. Her voice is fantastic, and very well suited to the genre. Honestly, even though she talked through half the song, I was just pleased to not relive the Disco fiasco of last week.

Ok, the end of the song was really shrill and kind of unpleasant...

... but still better than KC without his Sunshine band.

And time for Taylor Hicks. And I'm on live tv with no buffer. He does have a very good voice (Danny's is similar), and he's got a guitar, so maybe he can't do crazy dance moves so much. And he's really impressing me with his voice. He did bust out the harmonica, and ... ok, so I still like him. I admit it. I liked him in his season, and I still like him. Would I buy his album? Not so much. But I like him when I hear him. It was a pretty darned good song. Good for Taylor. What did you think? He was happy to get a standing O from the judges.

Who is safe from the bottom 3? It's....


And I am thrilled. I really truly believe Matt is going home (because he was dreadful last night). If it is Adam, the judges are going to go drink themselves into stupors for using up their save on Matt. Except for Paula. Because, you know, she doesn't drink. So she says.

Ok, so I have no buffer to fast forward through Jamie Foxx's tonally corrected performance, but I muted it and read my book for a few minutes. Ahhh. That was a nice break. Jamie contested that every one of the five was awesome, and they all said they want to be artists instead of just singers, because that's been drilled into their heads for weeks by Kara, and then he pimped his new movie The Soloist, which I really want to see, because the story looks great, and on top of that, Robert Downey, Jr. is all sorts of awesome.

Before we find out who is going home, Seacrest brought up the fact that Randy and Kara were more on their game in critiques than Simon. But, in the end, it is Matt going home, and Adam is safe to sing another week. That's good, because there could have been riots if Adam had been sent home at this point. Matt was more uneven than the others who are in the competition, and his cast off song was no exception. It was plodding and strange, with odd flourishes that didn't fit. Good bye, Matt. May your career be long and successful.

And what's this? They are UNDER time with three performances and fluff bits and all? Well, isn't that something. Ryan asked the judges to give Matt their goodbyes, and advice. Nothing earth shattering.

And next week is Rock & Roll. It's going to be a great week, I think. Looking forward to it. With Slash! Nice. A pretty broad theme, so it ought to be interesting. What do you think they should sing?

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Marianna said...

Great overview of the night! i do not see the Wednesday show because i cannot miss Lost! Thanks so much! I feel very satisfied with your critique. Well Done.


Marianna Funk