Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol - Results Show 4.8.09

Same cheesey half-recap opening as last week. It's really painful. Do the producers sit in meetings thinking about how to give this show that extra bit of camp? How about a meeting about how to keep a life show on time? That would be useful.

Flow Rida, and Kellie Pickler are on tonight. And Paula is wearing her extra shiny, extra long exam gloves for the occasion. And of course her piles of jewelry (available on QVC!). Before we get down to it, there was a stupidly photoshopped picture of when Simon was babysitting Paula. Gooooood lorrrrrrd. They then put a dig in at how old Simon is, with special appearance by Frankie Avalon singing a song from the year Simon was born. (From 1959)

For the Group Sing, they are doing a song from the year Idol was Born, so the group is lip syncing to Can't Get You Out of My Head. Allison has quite the mullet going on. This was the worst they have sounded together. It's a good song, but not for a group, I think. The cameraman thought it would be a good idea to shoot the Idols as if they are giants, from below. It was not a good idea, and the lights above their heads (and now directly in the camera) nearly blinded me. Absolutely the worst group song in a long time. They've been pretty decent this season so far, but that streak came to an end tonight.

Next, it's behind the scenes of the Ford Music Video. The concept is a magic show at a vaudeville theatre. There was some pretty slick makeup going on. Adam is excited because it's very theatrical. Kris' forte is not acting, so he's got to do a couple takes.

The actual commercial is to Britney's Circus, and it is pretty cool. Very theatrical, and very very good. Except for Scott. He looked very awkward. Anyhow, it looked like fun.

Ryan asked what Adam felt when Simon gave him a standing O, and Adam was nice and humble about it, so that was nice. And the mayor of Kalamazoo is in the audience to see Matt.

Adam, Kris and Anoop stood first. Ryan let the others give feedback on Adam's performance. They all loved it. Though he performed after the show was supposed to be over, Adam is happily safe. Kris is safe, and Anoop is in the bottom 3.

Before we find out any more, we get to see Flo Rida doing his Right Round. And I kind of like the song. Hate to admit it. It's not my normal kind of music. It's catchy, thanks in no small part to the use of Dead or Alive's Right Round melody. I think that's the only part of the song I like, though... the rap does nothing for me. He's an energetic performer at least. Does he have scotch tape on his forehead? Between that and the confetti, I'm left slightly confused.

Time to find out who else is in the Bottom 3. Danny? Nope. Matt? He looked about to cry, and Ryan tried to mess with him, but he is safe. Scott? (Please, please, please) He's happily in the bottom 3. Happy for me, not for him. Ryan brought Scott to Anoop, who helped him to the stool.

Which girl will join them? Allison or Lil? It's Lil and Allison escapes the Bottom 3.

This is the right Bottom 3. Please let it be Scott going home. Simon said that they would consider saving one person in particular. I bet it would be Anoop. Or maybe Scott, because they love him for no known reason.

Before we find out who is going home, it's time for Kellie Pickler. Her dress is pretty, but I can't handle her voice. Or her terrible Carrie Underwood Lite hair. Fast forward time! I don't miss her.

Who is going back to safety? Lil is safe. So, it's going to be Anoop or Scott. Please let it be Scott.

After the obligatory break, the bottom 2 have only 30,000 votes separating them.

A cheer was heard in my household as Scott was giving his walking papers. Unless the judges lose their collective minds and save him. He is still terrible, though it was worse last night when he was distacted by the guitar. There was one particularly painful high note. And please leave the stage now, Scott. Please.

Apparently, two judges think he should stay, and two people think he should go. It has to be unanimous, so I hope the no's are not swayed. Happily, they were not. Scott is out. Goodbye. Will not miss him. Sorry.

Before he left, Paula called him an inspiration, and started crying. Of course she did.

I missed what next week's theme is. Anyone catch it?

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BIG DADDY said...

According to Wikipedia, it's "Idols at the Movies" with Mentor Quentin Tarantino...(Who always uses cool music, but as a Mentor?)