Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol - 4.28.09: Rat Pack Night

Paula has returned to the prom dress closet tonight, or perhaps to the very bad Christmas Ball gown closet.

And this week's mystery guest mentor is the Pink Panther. Apparently. Or maybe it's Jamie Foxx. He was very good in Ray, but I pretty much hate his current music.

Kris Allen (The Way You Look Tonight)(01, 06): Ok, so he needs to shave, and I think he's taking the song a little low. I wanted to like this, but it went a little cheesy when the tempo sped up, and it just wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. Randy thought it was his best performance to date. I don't think so much. Kara appreciated his technical abilities. Paula called him a handsome sophisticated gentleman, and called the performance near impeccable. Simon called the performance a little... wet. What? He said it's like taking a well trained spaniel for a walk. Ouch.

Allison Iraheta (Someone to Watch Over Me) (02, 07) I must say, she looks very nice tonight, though. Very classy. Her ennunciation continues to be muddy, but she's giving me chills with her voice tonight. It's very nice and skillful. I am still stunned that this girl is 16. (Did she just turn 17?) I think this is my favorite from her in a long time. Beautiful. Randy was worried that the theme would trip her up, and said that she sounded like Pink with a better range (oh goodness, she does!) and says that she looks like Britney Murphy (oh goodness, she does!). I think it was the first sensible comment from Randy in years. Kara said it was fantastic and she doesn't need to worry after tonight. Paula was excited about hearing Allison sing a ballad. Simon wondered if Allison thinks she can win, and she said she has the chance. Simon thought it was a great performance, but worries that she's been overshadowed because he doesn't think she has the confidence. Kara told him he was crazy.

Matt Giraud (My Funny Valentine) (03,08) The key seems a little too low for him, and Jamie Foxx wanted him to change the key - did he? This is boring, and he doesn't sound like himself. It sounds menacing. Despite Jamie Foxx's advice to hold the last note, he went riffing off of it, and I don't think it was very good. At all. Randy thought it was one of the hardest songs to sing, but thought it was pitchy, and didn't think it coalesced well. Kara said he was not the leader of the pack, but didn't connect. Paula thought by lowering the key, he showed a different side of himself, and she loved it. Simon thought it was believable and authentic, and he could tell that he loved the genre. Eh. Not good in my mind.

Danny Gokey (Come Rain or Come Shine) (04, 09) My friend thinks I should call him Danny Hokey. There was some creepy mentoring from Jamie Foxx, where he got right up in Danny's face, but it seemed to help at least in rehearsals. He's sounding pretty darned good tonight, but I wish he'd done something upbeat. His voice is very pleasant in this kind of genre. He really got into it at the end and I was loving it. Ok, Danny is doing great tonight. Good for him. Randy was worried in the beginning that it was going to be too slow, but loved where it ended up. Kara said he had some serious Rat Pack Swagger, or swag. Paula called it stellar. Simon applauded the confidence and the swagger, and loved the performance, and called it outstanding.

Adam Lambert (Feeling Good) (05, 10) Adam took a nice song and looked for a reason to screech during it. He started the song decending into hell, all in white on red stairs, bathed in blue light. He sounded good, but I still hold to my belief that he is more suited for Broadway than for the radio. I appreciate his art, and I appreciate his skill, but I just didn't enjoy it much. Randy thought it was a little too Broadway, but enjoyed the consistancey. Kara said her mouth dropped open when she heard him, and called it a little sleezey, and I think that she ment that in a good way. Paula said it made her feel better than good, and compared him to Micahel Phelps. Simon said that complaining that Adam was theatrical is like complaining that cows moo. He also loved the entrance.

Danny was my favorite tonight, followed by Allison, and then Kris. Adam was good, but not my favorite. Matt is in trouble. What did you think?

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Anonymous said...

What planet did Paula come off of and did she come with Simon??? Matt was definitely on the low end. Get rid of the hat. Adam is good, but there's something about him I don't like--could it be the screeching?? I don't know. Allison is forgettable--even with the hair color--what color is that anyway? Kris and Danny are my favorites--I like the way Kris can take a song and make it his own--where have I heard that before?