Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol Thoughts - Songs from the Year They Were Born

Oh, man, Allison is going to make me feel very very old. I just wanted to give my thoughts on songs the idols might sing.

Adam Lambert - January 29, 1982 - I think he might do a decent version of Softcell's Tainted Love. I would actually like to hear him do Journey's Open Arms. Did I just say that I would like to see Adam sing something? We'll see...

Allison Iraheta - April 27, 1992 - I'd love to see Allison bring it down a notch and maybe do something like Madonna's This Used to Be My Playground. However, I think it is more likely that she does something like Nirvana's Smells like Teen Spirit or En Vogue's Free Your Mind. I just hope that she doesn't dress like someone threw her into a trash bin.

Anoop Desai - December 20, 1986 - While I would love to see some Rock Me Amadeus on the Idol stage, I think it more likely that Anoop does something like Simply Red's Holding Back the Years, which could be awesome.

Danny Gokey - April 24, 1980 - Please sing something fun. How about You May Be Right by Billy Joel?

Kris Allen - June 21, 1985 - It would be ironic if he did a version of Simple Mind's Don't You Forget About Me, since I keep forgetting about him...

Lil Rounds - November 14, 1984 - I'd like to see her do something NOT Whitney - How about Here Comes the Rain Again by the Eurythmics?

Matt Giraud - May 11, 1985 - I kind of want him to do Take On Me, by A-Ha, and show his range.

Scott MacIntyre - June 22, 1985 - Unfortunately, I see Scott murdering Wham's Careless Whisper.

Let's see if I get any right...


Anonymous said...

In love with your DVR??? Mine managed to leave Adam completely off the broadcasts. I missed his final performance and was bummed. Whoever is directing this show needs to tone down all the fake Simon/Paula nonsense and let the contestants make their case to the American people.

Astrid said...

I am in love with my dvr, not Fox and their stupid bloating of the beginning of episodes. Adam was amazing, take my word for it. And I usually can't stand him. He was wonderful this week.

And millions of people are going to be pissed at Fox for going over.