Thursday, April 16, 2009

Survivor Tocantins: 4.16.09

The DVR was malfunctioning this evening for no apparent reason, and I missed the first 8 minutes of the show... boo. I did see when the tribe seemed to be a bit over Coach's talk about how cool Coach is.

Erinn did a smart thing and went to chat with JT, admitting that she likes the new people more than she likes her old group. JT wonders if the alliance of himself, Taj, and Stephen can bring her into their fold. I think that wouldn't be a bad idea.

Reward Challenge

Each team will be divided in teams of three, and the teams will be trying to toss metal balls at tiles atop boxes to knock the other teams out. The last team left standing wins a whitewater rafting trip down the Rio Novo. Coach looks excited. After the river rafting, there will be a picnic of sandwiches, wings, brownies... and they get to send someone to Exile.

The teams are Debbie, Brenden & JT vs. Tyson, Taj & Coach vs. Stephen, Sierra, & Erinn. When people are ganging up on JT's team, he complained, and someone said their team looked a little stacked. Someone else - Stephen? - said "it isn't like any of us have ever done this before, we are throwing balls underhand to break tiles." Coach of course piped up and said "I have." That jackass. I just can't handle him.

I cheered when Erinn knocked out Coach's team.

The other two teams were tied. Erinn and JT were tossing, and both missed. Debbie and Stephen were up next, and missed entirely. Brenden and Sierra threw next, and Brenden chipped the tile, but missed breaking it. JT missed his throw, and Erinn chipped her tile but did not break it. The next two missed completely. Finally, Brenden knocked the tile out and won reward for his team.

He sent Stephen to Exile, and Coach told him to "Be the Wizard." What? I think Coach is getting weirder. He threw a little tantrum about losing the challenge before heading back to camp, defeated.

Out alone on Exile, Stephen was worried that he wouldn't be able to make fire, since he hasn't managed to make it at camp yet. "And I'll either make fire, or die," he said melodramatically. It wasn't looking positive, but then he got a good spark going and rejoiced in his little fire. At least the skies didn't open up just then and drown it out. That would have been sad. He was so proud. He said it was like "giving birth to my first child." That would be quite something, if boys gave birth... anyhow, some fun sound bites from him this week.

The Reward looked like so much fun (and slightly terrifying). Brenden enjoyed his time with JT, because he is so sincere and real. JT was having the best time ever. Debbie was just excited about the chips, brownies, wings, sandwiches, and watermelon. While Debbie washed herself off, Brenden asked JT if anyone had approached him. JT said no one had, and Brenden admitted (in confessional) that if he were to bring JT into the finals, JT would win, but he would be happy about bringing someone like JT to that point, and it would be like him winning. (Except without the money, but he didn't mention that small tidbit.)

The next morning, Brenden had figured out how to keep JT in the game. He told Sierra that he wants to target Coach, Tyson, and Erinn first. He brought up the same plan to Taj, who said that the old Timbira tribe seemed to be so busy trying to get rid of their own people, she just wanted to sit back and watch it happen.

Immunity Challenge

Each person will be attatched to a rope that is threaded through an obsticle course. They have to get to the end of one course, and then the top 3 will go onto another course which is three levels high.

Debbie, JT, and Tyson started off really well, followed by Brenden and Sierra. Sierra made some time up, and Tyson, JT, and Sierra were in the lead. Tyson flew through the second obsticle and went onto the last one in the first round.

Taj and JT were sucking it up.

JT, Tyson, and Brenden won the first round, with Sierra coming in close, but no cigar. In the end, Tyson looked like a monkey on that three level high obstacle course. Coach was smug in that his plan from last week will come to fruition tonight - Brenden and Sierra splitting the votes. Brenden said that he is hoping to take out Coach with Tyson's immunity win.

Please, let Brenden be victorious.

Tyson talked to people and figured out who should vote for Brenden and who should vote for Sierra. He was pretty cocky. Brenden talked to the others again and hopefully solidified the votes for Coach. I hope.

Stephen and JT went out chatting, and talked about how nuts Coach is. They feel in control of the game. He could also go after Brenden, which would suck, imo, but might be smart, because Brenden is so smart. Coach kept blabbering about being the Dragon Slayer and The Chosen One.

Please let him be gone. Please.

Tribal Council

Probst asked who keeps the tribe laughing, and they say it's Tyson. Taj said that Coach tells the best stories, including a huge drama about being captured by an Amazonian tribe. He said he was telling the PG-13 version. I don't know if anyone believe him. Coach swears it's all true.

(What do you think?)

Stephen said that the target is kind of on JT's back. Coach blabbered on about the seven layers of Valhalla, and says that he wants to be surrounded by warriors at the end. (Except for Brenden, he needs to go in Coach's world). Probst asks the people who have been to Exile if they have the Hidden Idol. Brenden admits to having it, and everyone is surprised he made that statement.

When Coach voted for Brenden, he again waxed poetic about the Samurai and beheading dragons. I don't know who Stephen voted for, but I think the boy has played some D&D, saying "This is my wizard lightening, shooting you back home," complete with sound effect.

Brenden did not play the idol. In the end, it was his downfall. He really should have played that idol. And his plan for getting rid of Coach was thrwarted. It came down to a tie between him and Sierra, with Coach getting two votes, and the final vote was for Brenden. I will miss him.

Now, I just hope that Coach goes down next week. I'm not looking forward to his Dragon Slayer Dance next week. Looks like Sierra is in the crosshairs next week. I'm sad that Brenden's Hidden Immunity Idol went home with him.

At least now I won't have to try to remember how to spell his name, and get it wrong half the time...

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Lars said...

Coach makes me want to hurl. Whether that's hurling my television, or just hurling on it.

No, I don't think he's telling the truth -- I think he's freaking delusional. Them are some mighty fine shroom dreams, buddy.

Ugh. Get him OFF my television.