Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol - 4.15.09: Results Show

Let's start with the overly dramatic intro, shall we? I really wish they would quit it with Camera Man Next to the Stairs. Kara's got big hair tonight, and it's kind of nice. Randy's wearing a lilac sweater, which is a little... well, it's better than last night. I think Paula forgot her dress. Maybe someone should tell her. I'll be fast forwarding through Miley Cyrus, just so you know.

The Ford Commercial was set to Freeze Frame, with the Idols on Magazine covers. It was kind of boring after last week, which I really liked.

For the group sing, we will be treated (?) to Maniac from Flash Dance. I think it's live singing tonight. Kris started it off and sounded pretty good. Allison seemed off beat, and I think Anoop almost feel down the stairs. Matt was a little shakey on his intro. They gave Adam (with toned down, less Emo Hair), and Danny spots in the turrets for solos, and Lil was boring and forgettable in her solo. It sounds better than last week, that's for sure. Is Matt sick or something? His voice seemed to be cracking all over the place...

The Top 7 went to the Premiere of 17 Again. Enter Blatant Movie Placement. Zac Efron is in the audience, and I wish he would get a danged hair cut. The indoor touque thing doesn't work for me. But, I'm not exactly his target demographic.

Allison is safe in her purple leggings and overly spikey muppet hair. Adam liked the Rocky Horror comparison, and isn't going anywhere. Did he get some blue in his hair, or is that just the lights? Anoop threw several random items in his closet on tonight (I think he might have three jackets on, including one that looks like Janet Jackson would like it), and maybe he thinks he won't be allowed back in the mansion if he's eliminated, and decided to take several outfits with him just in case. He is in the bottom 3.

Jennifer Hudson is back on the Idol Stage, and she looks amazing, and sounds quite good. It isn't my kind of music, but I wish her the absolute best.

Anoop said he was a little surprised to be in the Bottom 3, but understands it's all about the votes. Paula said he doesn't really belong there, but Simon says he does.

Kris and Lil were told to stand next. Simon got to put in his word, saying that Kris was brilliant last night. Good. Hope that the votes agreed. Lil is in the Bottom 3, deservedly. Kris is happily safe. Wonderful. I loved him last night. Matt and Danny are up next. Matt said that he would sing it with less flourish if he had a chance to sing it again. Danny stood up for his harp-tinged arrangement. Randy and Kara (who didn't get to talk last night) loved him. Matt is in the bottom 3. I think it is a deserving bottom 3 this week.

Anoop returns to the couches first, and the Bottom 2 are Lil and Matt. I'd say that's about right. It will be more right if Lil goes home.

This show is much faster to get through when I don't like the performers. I just don't get Miley Cyrus. Not at all. So, fast forward wantonly.

And... Lil is safe. If the judges don't save him, Matt is going home. Can he recover? I kind of hope so. He doesn't have the piano for his encore. I think this is a possible save, because the judges love him. Paula and Kara were up and dancing for Matt during his song, but it was still a mess during the bridge. The end was better than last night, but it was still kind of a mess. Will they save him on the promise that he's done better and is capable of better?

They do! They use the save on Matt! There was much rejoicing. This means that two people will be going home next week, but for now, there are tears of happiness. Simon warned them of the double elimination next week... and announced that next week is Disco Night! Could be fun.

But, next week, can we please get to hear from all the judges? Please?

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