Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol - 4.21.09: Disco Night

Paula has left the prom dress closet and has entered the mother-of-the-bride closet. Seriously. At least Randy has left the hideous sweaters behind. Because of the lack of guest mentor tonight, maybe we can actually get through this without going over.

I think Lil's hair is getting longer and longer each week.

Lil Rounds (I'm Every Woman - Chaka Kahn): Why didn't she go home last week? Seriously? Her vocals were super shakey, and she was trying to pump up the crowd to the detriment of her singing. She wanted me to go from Ay to Zahy. I refuse. This was dreadful. Way back in the beginning, I was of the opinion that Lil was highly overrated. I stand by that opinion. And I miss Alexis. Randy said it sounded wild, but wished she had shown some kind of vocal control. Kara said that America has been waiting for her to sing something like Chaka Kahn, but doesn't think it was worth the wait, and said she's been every woman on stage except herself. Paula reveals that Lil was on vocal rest, because she had lost her voice. Simon said that Lil looked sad, and she said she just had fun. Simon said he's glad she had fun, but thinks it's the last time she'll be singing on Idol. He said her vocals were a mess and karioke. Then she talked back some more.

Kris Allen (She Works Hard for the Money - Donna Summers): He brought his guitar back out and had the bongos working, and he turned the song into a Kris Allen song. I love this. It was really original and took a disco song and made it...not suck. I think he such a dark horse. My husband thinks he is the purest musician they have. Kara said he took a real risk, and it paid off big time. I agree. She wants it to go on his record. Paula said it had a classy Santana vibe, and said that not many men will shop in the women's department, but he shopped there and got a perfect fit. Simon says he needs a translator. He said Kris' performance was original, well thought out, and was fantastic. Randy said Kris knows who he is, and this proves he is ready for the big time. Dawg. Just quoting here.

Danny Gokey (September - Earth Wind and Fire) He's brought the glasses back, and was going full on scruff. Unfortunately, I don't think he took the same kinds of chances that Kris took, and it felt a little frantic, but I like his voice. My friend really doesn't like him and says he's making disco cheesier than Velveeta. I wanted him to do something upbeat, but I'm not sure about this choice. Randy thought he worked the song really hard, and thought it worked. Kara was kind of worried, but thought he showed what an incredible vocalist he is, and thinks his pitch is always spot on. Paula is always amazed by his range, and thinks he has a super sexy voice. Simon can't fault the vocals, but didn't get any star power from it. Paula asserted he will be in the finals.

Allison Iraheta (Hot Stuff) She brought the beginning of the song down, and lounged on red stairs, in an outfit that looked like she was a replicant from Blade Runner, but she sounded pretty good. She's turning a disco song into a rock song. I don't know how she could have chosen a better disco era song, but I don't know if this is enough to keep her safe. And does her crop white leather jacket have tails? Randy thought the arrangement was a little overindulgent, but loves her vocals. Kara said she wasn't happy with the arrangement, and liked the song choice, and the vocal performance. Paula said she never compromises herself, and loved it. Simon thought it was a brilliant performance from the underdog of the night.

Adam Lambert (If I Can't Have You) - Rocking a faux hawk and a rather dapper suit, he brought it down. I still think that others in the competition (Kris especially) have more pleasant sounding voices. You can tell he's had musical theatre training, that's for sure. I thought the arrangement was verging on boring, personally. If it had been just a tad faster I would have liked it better. Randy said he is always showing his range of ability, and says he's ready right now. Kara proclaimed his brilliance, calling this the most memorable performance, and inspiring. Paula has a visceral response when he sings, and felt his vulnerability. Simon loved that it was an original perfomance, and memorable, with immaculate vocals. Ryan said that Paula was melted into a pool of Abdul. I like it.

Matt Giraud (Stayin' Alive) So hilarious to see him doing this song. He's making this song his own, which is really hard with a Beegees song, and he's hitting all the right notes. I really loved it. I'm glad they saved him. Randy didn't love the song choice or the arrangement, but loved his voice, saying this Top 7 is one of the most talented groups ever. Kara said he brought disco back. She likes to see him dance, and called it a solid performance. Paula said that he chooses songs the way she bowls, sometimes it's a gutter ball, and sometimes a strike. She predicts he will be staying. Simon didn't like it so much, and urged him to leave Idol Land, and thought it was a bit desperate. I really enjoyed it and think I will vote for him.

Anoop Desai (Dim all the Lights) He's trying out the facial hair, and it could work for him eventually, but this week, it looks a bit odd because he's got so little. His fashion choices continue to be questionable, with a pale pink sweater, a pink and baby blue striped tie, and a pale suit. Did he wear this to Easter? Not good. I won't bother mentioning the song too much. It started well enough, but the song was really dreadful. Randy said the arrangement was dicey, but again, loves his vocals (except for the bum last note). Kara loved the song choice, and thought it should be on the radio. No, please. Paula loved the scuff, and the suit. Simon thought it was mediocre at best. Thank you, Simon. He thought it was a horrible version of that song, and thought it was his worst performance by a mile. I would tend to agree.

Kris (02) and Matt (05) are my favorites and get my votes tonight. Lil needs to go, and Anoop is probably going with her. Danny could be in the bottom 3 this week... and Allison could also be in trouble. I think I'll throw a few votes at her (04) because I don't want her going anywhere. I know Adam is going to get miles of votes without my help, and I didn't love it, so I'm not going to vote for him.

Who's excited for Archie tomorrow?

. . .

No one?

. . .

Right. Who do you think's going home?

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Sharon said...

Somebody really ought to tell Paula that Adam is gay, don't you think? I mean, he's awesome, but she needs to pick a different boy-toy this year.

I am so tired of screamy Lil...I hope she goes soon. Fortunately, I missed her last night, so I didn't have to deal with the talking back to the judges.