Thursday, April 23, 2009

Survivor Tocantins: 4.23.09

Tyson patted himself on the back, and bragged about his victory to Sierra, who admitted she was probably the next to go, and she said that she at least wanted to make the next few days nice as possible. She admitted to Coach that she voted for him, and he slapped her on the hand (verbally) and basically told her she was naughty. He is such a jackass.

Cut to Coach doing his daily stretching and meditation knee deep in water. I think he sees himself as a movie montage of awesome. I just see a douche. He said that in his meditation, he said everything became clear and the fact that he vanquished the dragon foretold his victory.

Earth to Coach - I think Tyson had way more to do with Brendan's ousting than you, since you couldn't even finish the challenge, let alone win it.

And now, it's everyone against Sierra. Tyson said in confessional that Sierra is of no worth, and her parents probably love her, but he can't imagine her boyfriend's that cool. He accused her of scrambling to try to cover her own ass. She said "I'm not a mastermind," and he said "I don't think you are the mastermind, because you aren't smart enough for it." Ouch. He is so condescending to her, I can't stand it. I hope she wins immunity.

Reward Challenge

Two teams of four will race out, two by two, to get puzzle boards, and then rotate them in holders to show vowels, (revealed through holes in the boards, like swiss cheese) and then unscramble the vowels and among the other letters on the puzzle board to form a phrase. The winning team will get the traditional Local Reward, with a feast and a performance, and get to send someone from the other team to Exile.

Teams are JT, Erinn, Debbie, and Tyson (Red), and Coach, Sierra, Stephen, and Taj (Black).

JT raced out with a HUGE lead on anyone else, and he carried the board back all by himself, pretty much. Taj and Sierra took the lead for black in their round. While JT raced back with the third board (and Erinn ran behind), Probst warned Taj to be careful, because she had put the board over her head, with her head in a hole, and it could have injured her.

Now, it's time for the puzzling.

Red Team got their vowels first. It wasn't even close, and Stephen got send back to Exile.

Probst rubbed Coach's continuous losses in, and said "all that life experience isn't helping you out here," to which Coach replied "I didn't have to align holes in the Amazon," or something similarly stupid.

Erinn was thrilled to go on the reward, since she has never won a reward before. It looked like a good one to win. It was delicious looking. Debbie is missing the kids at her school, and JT enjoyed the "dueling banjos" that accompanied the Capoira (I just spelled that dreadfully). Debbie did backflips when the natives got them to get up and do some dancing. All the full tummies didn't feel so good after doing flips, and Erinn threw up, saying she felt like a little kid who couldn't resist jumping in the ball pit after gorging on pizza.

Stephen headed back to Exile, and was sad to see that there is no new idol, and was not so happy. "Who needs a feast, when I have no food and bleak surroundings for a couple of days?" he said. At least it looks like he had a fire.

Debbie, too, was down on Sierra, blathering on about actions and reactions. They are treating her like they are gods and she is so below them, and it is dreadful. Sierra says she is sick of being kicked in the face, and said that there are other liars in their midst, but she wouldn't tell who they are. Erinn confessed to Mr. Cameraman that she is indeed looking to be one of those liars, and once Sierra is out of the game, she's going to turn on Coach so fast his head will spin. She also called Sierra dumb. I don't think Sierra is as dumb as everyone thinks.

Sierra asked Coach if he would just roll over and accept his fate if he were her? Girl needs to take some charge of her own fate, instead of begging for her salvation. She said she doesn't want to be among a lot of people who she has hurt. He said the honorable thing is to accept her fate, and basically told her to fall on her sword like a Samarai Warrior. God, shut up. She said that she is trying to be a strong person like he's wanted her to be.

It's pouring as they get to the Immunity Challenge.

They have to take part in the Survivor version of shuffle board. The person who's puck ends up closest to the center gets immunity. If you feel confident and don't think you need immunity, there is pizza. Will anyone opt for that? If they want to eat, they show rocks. If they want to play, it's an empty hand. Stephen, JT, and Coach opt to eat. And again, Tyson even mentioned it, Coach is not going to do the work of winning the challenge to ensure "his" plan works. Jackass.

Everyone has three shots. The eater can eat as long as the challenge goes. It looked cold and Taj was shivering like mad. They rotate positions each round. The first round, no one did very well. Taj actually bumped Tyson into a very good position, and the Erinn took the lead. (Poor Stephen was shaking while eating his pizza). Sierra bumped Tyson into the lead again, sadly. And then Tyson hit an amazing puck right next to the X.

WOooooooot!! Sierra knocked out both of Tyson's pucks and was right next to the X. It's up to Debbie, who bumped Sierra's puck (booooooo) and won immunity. She's so tight with Tyson and Coach, it's ridiculous, so Sierra is probably gone.

Poor Stephen had to drop the pizza in his hand and only eat what was in his mouth.

Those women need to get together and have some sort of alliance. Debbie is totally being led, Sierra is apologizing for having any sort of strategy, Erinn is just hanging back and hoping no one notices her slipping under that radar, and Taj is sitting pretty with her hidden idol, and pretty good alliance members. Just saying...

Back at camp, Tyson ridiculed Sierra for celebrating before she'd won.

Ooooh, what's this rumbling? Erinn, Taj, and Stephen discussed possibly taking out Tyson the one time he doesn't have the Immunity necklace around his neck. That would be a very good idea. I'm hoping that this one goes that way. Erinn says she can't let other people make her decisions for her. Stephen chatted with JT about getting rid of Tyson, and JT wasn't sure about that. JT really doesn't like Sierra, so who knows?

And Coach is calling his alliance the Warrior Alliance? Give me a freaking break. He then said that the main reason to keep the "Warrior Alliance" strong was because they gave it a name.

Wait, what?

I had to pause and rewind to make sure I heard that right.

Yup, I did.

Coach is a freaking tool.

JT gave him a handshake, and said it would crush Coach if they go against Tyson. I would love to see Coach crushed.

If they were really smart, and actually wanting to get rid of Tyson, they would have talked to Sierra. Just saying.

Tribal Council

Tyson said he's pretty confident in his security, and said he loved everyone at Council - including Brenden - except for Sierra. ouch. There was some more fighting between Tyson and Sierra. Coach has feathers in his hair. Has he decided to go Native American now? Is Samarai too passe? Probst asked Coach, if he wanted to bring strong people to the end, why did he vote out Brenden? Well, Coach said it was because he won. He wants a battle at the end between the people at the end. I don't believe that really for one second.

I can't wait to see what happens if Tyson is voted out. Coach is all talk and no substance, especially without the brawn behind his "Warrior Alliance."

When voting for Sierra, Coach called Sierra the Dragon's Bride. He just can't let go of that, can he? Sierra voted for Tyson, saying simply "You're a jerk." Let's hope it works, and I guess no one had to talk to her about voting for Tyson.

Tyson looked totally smug when the vote for Sierra was revealed.

How fantastic was it to see his smile fade away as Tyson was voted out??

Coach is going to be peaved. I don't care. I can't wait. Hopefully, he's next.

Next week's going to be so good.


Ed said...

Coach is going to moan and cry about Tyson, and I truly hope that Sierra can stay strong for three days and take him out.

I'm really going to miss Tyson, though.

Good editing this week; putting in the Tyson comments about Sierra celebrating before she'd won immunity and then him telling her that she was next to go and there's nothing she can do about it. I love irony.

I also loved Sierra's line to coach, "How do save the kind enemy?" That's good stuff, there.

Lars said...

So so so so so glad to see Tyson gone - he's such a pure butt. I don't care if he was funny, parading his scrawny gooseflesh all over camp earlier in the game; his confessionals lately have been just pure bile. Good riddance.

I don't know but that I like Sierra so well because I like what she does with her hair. ;-)