Thursday, April 30, 2009

Survivor Tocantins: 4.30.09

Gahhhhh!!! My dvr (which I still love and don't know how I'd live without) missed the first half of Survivor tonight! I'll have to catch it online. I must not have the "priorities" set right in my recording list. That'll teach me to read to my children when trusting the dvr to record....

(Here is the belated blogging of the beginning of the show:)

Coach actually THANKED JT and Stephen for not telling him that they were voting for Tyson, because that way he didn't have to go against his word. Debbie tried to get in good with JT and Stephen, and is really pissed about the blindside. Debbie brought up bringing back the Timbira Alliance, and Coach said "so we should bring Sierra and Erinn in?"

Reward Challenge

It's one of those "how well do you know your fellow castaways" challenges, and everyone was given questions to answer in private, and then had to guess the group's majority answers.

Each time they get a question right, they get a chop on another castaway's rope. 3 chops knocks a person out.

Winner gets a fantastic Brazillian Cultural experience.

First Question - Who has not lived up to their potential? Coach is the "winner" of that one, and I'd agree with that. (Of course Sierra got a couple of votes) Even Coach voted for himself getting the most votes on that one.

Sierra, JT, Debbie, and another Sierra, and Coach take hits.

Second Question - Who would squander the $1,000,000 the quickest? The majority answer was Sierra.

Sierra is knocked out, and Erinn got a hit. Debby took a second hit.

Third Question - Who would never survive on their own? The majority answer was Debbie. She said it would be because she'd have no one to talk to.

Coach is knocked out with these chops, as is Debbie, and Erinn takes her second hit.

Fourth Question - Who would you trust with your life? Everyone said JT.

Trustworthy JT took his second hit, and Erinn was knocked out. She in turn knocked JT out. Taj got her first hit.

Fifth Question - Who is most likely to stab you in the back? Sierra got the majority on that one again. Ouch.

Taj took another hit.

Sixth Question - Who would you least like to see win? Sierra was also the answer on that one, and with that, Stephen won reward. He begrudgingly send Erinn to exile. He chose Taj to go eat with him, and she was giggly and giddy. He got to choose another person, and he chose JT.

That send Debbie, Sierra, and Coach back to camp. Coach thinks that the possibility of JT and Stephen sticking with their original tribe is indicated by his choices for Reward partners. Possibly.

Stephen, JT, and Taj arrived at their reward, which was a home cooked meal at a Brazilian farm. They were enjoying their meal, and the 3 year old daughter fell, and Taj went into Mommy Mode and was missing her 3 year old son a whole lot. I can understand that, having a 3 year old (and a 6 year old) myself... Can't imagine leaving them.

After dinner, they went down to a spring, and it was really cool looking.

While floating in the spring, the three discussed strategy. They felt that Sierra was a completely erratic player, but they want to get rid of Debbie, too. Taj said that Erinn is with them, because she didn't like her own tribe..

Speaking of Erinn... she's miserable at Exile. She couldn't get a fire started before the rain started, and said that it was the kind of thing that could break a person down, especially someone as admittedly girly and prissy as she is.

And back at camp, Debbie said "You'd go with Coach, right?" and Coach said "You said you'd be loyal," and she said "You wrote my name down." She told them that they have two people, and they are in trouble. Debbie flipped out at her and told her that she was done with her. Coach said that she drew a line in the sand and Sierra has no loyalty and the old Timbira is pretty well dead.

So - since I have seen the end and know that there is controversy about what went down - Debbie and Coach DID bring up the reforming of a Timbira alliance with Sierra FIRST. Debbie was the instigator, but I think that's just because Coach assumed she would be with him. Because he's an arrogant ass.

(End of my recap from the first part watched late.)

I start at Coach trying to get into JT's favor. Is he still under some delusion that he is in charge? He wants Sierra to go next, then Erinn, then Taj. Coach told JT that Sierra was trying to get Tambira back together, and he told JT that he didn't want any of it. (Oh, so that's how it happened in Coach's world.... ok)

From what Sierra is telling Stephen, Coach and Debbie tried to get her to vote with them. Stephen is very scared of a Timbira resurgence. Sierra claims to be the least of anyone's worry, and she certainly looks it, wrapped in a burlap sack.

Stephen went to chat with Coach and JT, and he claims that the Timbira Resurgence was brought up by Debbie and Sierra, and called Sierra a half-wit. (I can't wait to watch the beginning of the show, and see who is telling the truth).

JT and Stephen don't know who to trust. JT said if Coach is lying, all bets are off. Stephen and his crazy eyes want to keep Sierra around "as a viable option."

Immunity Challenge

Stephen very kindly gave Erinn a sweater upon her return from Exile, and of course it's raining for the challenge, or at the least threatening to.

For the challenge, each person will toss a grappling hook to retrieve bags. The first three people to get all three bags goes onto the next round, which is a giant game of that fabulous Labyrinth game. Coach and JT are neck in neck, but others are doing well. Coach finally did something well and got all three bags. JT joined him. Who will take the third spot? Debbie and Stephen both had two, and Stephen nearly had it, but jerked too hard, and Debbie got it.

Onto the Labyrinth. (And to thunder and lightening. Probst mst be loving it) It was very very close between JT and Coach, and I was a little heart broken when JT dropped his ball into a hole right before the finish line, and Coach actually won something by himself.... I'm not happy. I was hoping this would be the week to rid the show of that boob. Oh well. Of course, he had to announce that the "Dragonslayer" was triumphant at the end.

Sierra vowed to try to get people to go after Debbie instead of her. I hope she is victorious.

Sierra told JT (and Stephen and Taj) that Coach and Debbie had approached her. She told Coach that she was going to air the dirty laundry, and he claimed that he was telling the truth and has never lied. Debbie broke down in tears. I really can't wait to see what really happened.... darned dvr.

Stephen and JT seem to believe Sierra. JT wonders if there would just be less drama to send Sierra home. Stephen said that sending Sierra hope would eliminate one big nutty variable. I don't think he's talking about a Snickers Bar. Taj told Sierra that she thinks that she helped catch Coach in a lie.

Tribal Council

Coach again said he would never vote anyone out because he was scared they would beat her later on. Sierra let out an eyeroll so big and impressive that Jeff commented on it. Sierra called Coach out as a liar, and Coach said that he is not a coward or a liar, and magnanimously forgave her, then quoted the bible and said that Sierra was having temper tantrums. Pot? Meet Kettle. Taj cackled that it was better than watching a soap opera. JT said you have to think about threats, and who you want to take to the end, and you have to figure out how to get rid of everyone else without pissing them off too badly.

I have no idea what is going to happen.

Who the heck voted for Stephen??

Drat! Sierra was voted out. In the end, I think she was just a little too vociferous. I think she did very well in the game, after nearly being voted out right in the beginning. I do wish that Debbie had been voted out tonight, because she seems to be not more than Coach's Assistant Assistant Coach.

Next week? Videos from home, and Debbie might tun on Coach. Cooool.

(And Erinn voted for Stephen. With a note on the bottom "never again, I swear." Why, I wonder?)


Ed said...

Not only did he say Dragonslayer, he then asked if they heard him say it. Pompous Ass.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but Tyson's was wearing a number eight on his shirt at Tribal, signifying that he was eighth person left. It didn't click until Jeff said, before the vote, something about it being "just he seven of you..."

Ed said...

SPOILER INFO: If you are going to watch the first half, stop reading. Really, I don’t want to ruin it for you. Quit already. Erinn voted for the person who won reward and sent her to Exile Island, where even Jeff claimed it was the roughest night on exile that he's been witness too. It really grabbed my attention, because she’s really acting like a loose cannon at this point. I would be seriously surprised if she didn’t go next week; JT, Stephen and Taj don’t really need her vote, they just need her not to vote with Deb and Coach.

Astrid said...

Finished watching! Coach totally lied to JT about Sierra approaching him and Debbie. Ass. Total ass.
As for Erinn, I still have hopes for her. She's such an underdog at this point, I have to root for her. And wouldn't you be a little upset if someone put you in a situation as miserable as Exile looked?

Ed said...

Having not seen the first half at first, I'm curious as to which side of the story you believed?