Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol - 4.7.09: Songs from the Year They Were Born

We were treated to Ryan in his Max Headroom jacket, and baby pictures of the judges, and Ryan. They were cute.

And in the front row, the Watcher from Fringe was observing.

Let's get to it!

Danny Gokey (1980 - Stand By Me) I was really hoping for something upbeat. And I was disappointed. For the first time, he hit some really bum notes. Maybe it was the fuschia shirt that threw him off. Or perhaps it was the Muzak arrangement. Oh, Danny. Foolish choice. I am bored and saddened. He picked it up a bit in the end, but it was too late to redeem it for me. Randy didn't love the arrangement, but thinks that Danny is an amazing singer and it made him like it even if he didn't love the arrangement. Kara (wearing a shiny pillowcase), thought that the arrangement was foolish, but ended up loving it. Paula loved it. Simon thought the beginning was good, the middle was lazy, and the end was terrific, so overall great. I beg to disagree. Also, who tied his tie? It was embarassing.

Kris Allen (1985 - All She Wants to Do is Dance) He's out singing in the lady's mosh pit, and I really liked it. The performance, not the placement. I think the stage is there for a reason. He made the song really modern. I loved it. Kara was glad to see him sing an up-tempo number, but she thought it was like Jazz-funk and it lost it's youth. I disagree. Paula mumbled something, and called him likeable. Simon thought it was indulgent, forgettable, and thought it was a stupid song choice. Randy thought the arrangement was overpowering to him. Well, I really liked it. Am I insane?

Lil Rounds (1984 - What's Love Got to Do With It) This is Lil doing a Tina Turner impression, down to the leg movements. It seemed too low for her, and she was off on the chorus. Her voice is not as strong as Tina Turner's voice. Her hair is looking much nicer than the helmet, but this was a karioke performance for me. Paula thought she looked hot, but wanted her to go outside the box, and she did not. Ha! Paula called it karioke. Score one for me! Simon said they are not looking forward to a second or third rate versions of Tina Turner, and HA - he called her on copying Tina's moves in the beginning. Randy said Lil has mad talent, and said what Simon said was really real, and that Tina is not her. Kara wanted her to make the leap from singer to artist, and called her on her weak lower range. Yes, I thought it was bad, too.

Anoop Desai (1986 - True Colors) Who the hell dresses him? A yellow tie under a stripey green cardigan with giant cuffs and a powder blue shirt? He looks kind of Mister Rogers-y. He's not sneering, which is nice, and I like him better when he's not trying to brand himself as r&b. He has a lovely voice. His final falsetto was really great. Randy declared that he can actually sing, and Kara loved it and said that he controlled the song, and didn't let the song control him. Paula mumbled something positive. Simon said he enjoyed it.

Scott MacIntyre (1985 - The Search is Over) He's out from behind the piano, and is instead standing awkwardly in the middle of the stage, holding a guitar and strumming clumsily. My eye is twitching, this is so painful. Truly awful. Truly. I'm breathless about how bad it was. Kara commended him for the guitar, and said there were parts she liked, but thought there were parts that were over-ambitious. Paula thinks he has a great sense of humor, but admitted that he was screachy on the high notes, and then said bravo. Simon thinks he should return to the piano next week, and said it was a bad song. Randy said it was all ok. What were they listening to! Scott talks back way too much and thinks he is much better than he is. Probably because no one gives him honest criticism (because he's blind). Seriously. That was completely dreadful. Go away.

Allison Iraheta (1992 - I Can't Make You Love Me) She's got a really good voice for Bonnie Rait. Though she is wearing a skirt mullet, the song was fantastic for her. I am so happy to hear her sing something a little more emotional, and she pulled it off very well. Now - if only she would work on her ennunciation. Paula said that Allison is always undeniably Allison, and though the arrangement wasn't mixed up, it was still her own. Simon thought it was very good, but wants to make Allison more likeable. Randy drew the Kelly Clarkson comparison, and said that they both can sing their faces off. That's just terrifying. I don't want to see anyone's faces sung off. Kara loved it and wants her to make a record.

Matt Giraud (1985 - Part Time Lover) I hate the hat, but this is one of the only Stevie Wonder Songs I actually like. Matt sounds awesome. I loved it. Absolutley loved it. Randy said it was vocally one of the best of the night. Kara called it incredible on every level. Paula gave him a standing O. Simon said well done. Quick commentary, they must be running out of time.

And then they were running over, and thank goodness I was also recording Fringe - many people are going to be pissed about missing Adam.

Adam Lambert (1982 - Mad World) Hey look, Adam is naturally blond. This is a great song. It let him take the intensity down again. And apparently the mad world is blue. The lights are entirely blue on him. He sounds very good. Even if he was blue. Again, surprised, I really enjoyed him. Still, his super high falsetto is not as natural as Matt and Kris. Simon was the only one who got to talk, because of running over, but Simon gave him a standing O! That never happens!

My favorites of the night were Allison (6), Adam (8) (I know!), and Matt (7), with Kris (2) in there, too. Very terrible was Scott. He NEEDS to go. Lil and maybe Anoop are going to be in the bottom 3. I don't know... I don't think I can vote for Danny this week. It was not great.

So, the latter half of the show was the winning half. And Scott is dreadful. Give him mercy and cut him loose.

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