Sunday, April 26, 2009

Amazing Race - 4.26.09

Oh, how will this tension between Kisha and Jen and Luke and Margie effect this leg?

Teams are heading to Bejing, China, to go to a foot massage spa for their next clue. Kisha and Jen claim to be letting the personal battle go. Tammy and Victor again have an advantage with language (but what was that on Tammy's head in the interview? I think it was a furry hat the same color as her hair, and it was very odd). Margie and Luke plan to just play the game and forget about Kisha and Jen. Cara and Jamie just want to come in first.

Margie and Luke got the airport first. Margie and Luke discovered that the ticketing counter wouldn't take their credit card, and Kisha and Jen heard the problem and scooted over to the place where they could use their cards. Margie and Luke were not happy. Meanwhile, Tammy and Victor (using their language advantage) asked for seats as close to the front as possible. Then, they asked for the seating people to put the other teams as far back in the plane as possible.

While waiting for the plane, Kisha and Jen were wandering off by themselves, and Margie and Luke told the others (mainly Cara and Jamie) about the altercations at the mat. Cara and Jamie were aghast.

Out of the airport in Bejing, Tammy and Victor got the first cab, and their was a race to the cabs between Kisha and Jen and Margie and Luke. Cara and Jamie took up the rear, but passed Kisha and Jen. Their cabbie put on his blinkers and passed Margie and Luke as well.

At the massage parlor, it's a Roadblock. One person must get a foot massage, drinking a cup of medicinal tea, and endure a 10 minutes long kind of torturous massage, drink another cup of tea, and get the clue. If they call uncle, they must restart the massage from the beginning.

Cara and Jamie arrive first. Cara got the massage. Kisha and Jen found it second, and Kisha got the massage, and choked down the tea. They were both fighting through the pain. It looked pretty dreadful honestly. Tammy and Victor arrived, and Tammy got the massage. Kisha said that the massage should be illegal, and Cara said that having a baby must be easier. Tammy was pretty zen in the beginning. Luke decided to do the massage. And does Tammy know some sign language? It looked like she was signing with Luke.

Cara got through it, and headed to the next clue at an auditorium. Kisha headed out next. Luke and Tammy held hands and endured the pain. Cara, getting in the taxi, said "my feet are not feeling very good." Tammy was valiant, only complaining when it was over. Luke was biting his hat, and Margie had problems watching him in pain.

Everyone had troubles finding a cabbie who knew the place they were looking for, so people were heading to the place at about the same time. Tammy and Victor asked a cabbie if he knew where the place was (in Chinese), but Jamie and Cara were at the door of the cab in the first place, so I think they were justified in jumping in the cab. However, Tammy and Victor went to the right door. Cara and Jamie did not, so they took longer.


Sink - Teams try to master synchronized diving off of 3 m springboards, to hit the water at the same time.

Swim - Wear a Laser suit, like Michael Phelps'. Each member must complete 2 laps of the relay.

Tammy can't really swim, and neither can Jen, so they both did sink. Upon seeing the professionals to the diving, Victor announced "this is easy!" and they really messed up on their first one, and their second one, then very badly on their third one again.

Cara and Jamie decided to swim, as did Margie and Luke.

Jen was sure she was going to drown and didn't want to do the task. She was sure she was going to drown. I'm pretty sure that the race people wouldn't let them drown.

Cara and Jen did a pretty good job at the swimming, though the green line showing Michael Phelps' time was ridiculous. Kisha and Jen decided to switch to the swimming. Jen had on a floatation device and was still scared.

The laser suits made it difficult to breath, and Jen got even more freaked out, as Kisha pulled herself across the pool on the ropes.

Cara and Jamie finished first, and headed to the pit stop in the laser suits in order to save changing time.

Kisha and Ken switched back to the other task.

Cara and Jamie did about 9 1/2 minutes. Margie and Luke did about 8. Michael Phelps won the thing in about 4 minutes.

Kisha and Jen tried once, and then Jen freaked out a bit and didn't want to go again. Tammy and Victor were still trying, and ended up switching to the swimming.

Jen broke down crying and said that she wants to go home.

Tammy and Victor ended up finishing the swim in a little under 11 minutes.

Kisha and Jen decided to go back to the swimming, even if it takes forever.

Tammy and Victor headed out to a cab, and Victor got a really bad leg cramp and couldn't sit in the cab for a bit.

Kisha and Jen finished the swim in just over 18 minutes.

Jamie and Cara got the the Pitstop first - BUT the leg was not over, and Phil handed them a clue....

To be continued.

Drat. I was really hoping to see the end of the race for Kisha and Jen... *sigh*

Next week, Jamie and Cara continue to be culturally insensitive. Quote from next week: "This is why I didn't want to come to China. It sucks." Way to be open!

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